Hey guys, guess what, my most popular story (that probably won't be as popular now) is back. I'm in the process of editing the chps. I'm not adding a lot, just some things here and there maybe... but mostly its just spelling errors.

Also, if you notice at any point this story doesn't make sense, that's because it was written months ago to get rid of my writers block and what happened was I just put my hands on the keyboard and typed, and I guess I posted and the best time or got lucky because somehow my fic got popular... and the funny thing is it had mistakes and wasn't well written, nor did it have a plot. I think I wrote about 7 chps before a plot even started forming. Because I kinda had writers block so I just wrote whatever. So, I'm re-posting it and hopefully continuing it from where I left off 20-something chps away (did I mention this was my longest one too? the ONLY one I'd actually managed to keep writing and writing) It's not really rewritten because I don't have the time or patience to reread it, find the boring bad parts, re write it and repost, so I'm fixing the errors and re-posting... okay stratch that, I also rephrased and stuff here...

So if you find this again and you've already read it, feel free to refresh your memory on it (though why anyone would read it is beyond me) and if you're just now stumbling onto it, have fun reading it.. if fun can be described as a feeling when reading it...

It's been three months since my one night stand with Edward Cullen. I've tried to tell myself logical explinations for why I haven't had my "time of month" yet, but none come. I'm only in highschool. Edward was a Freshman in College, and I was just a senior in High School.

Edward had a brother Emmett and a Sister Alice. Alice was my age and in my grade, and was my best friend. She was who had introduced me to Edward. Alice was going out with Jasper, and Emmett was going out with Jasper's sister, Rosalie. I was there to fill in that circle.

Or at least I was that night. Before that night, whenever Edward saw me I was just an acquaintance, someone in passing, nothing love. I've known him and his sisters since I was 2. When they first moved here. Edward and I were really close, closer then me and Alice, always hanging out and playing games. Then we split farther and farther apart, as I got closer and closer to Alice, when we hit high school. Or when he did. I've always been a grade behind. Nope, nothing romantically interesting for me. I'm just Bella.

No, I saw Alice pay him to take me out, and I didn't even want to go out wit him. He'd been such a jerk to me lately.

And then the whole one night stand thing happened. And he started giving me the cold shoulder the next day. In actuality, I think it was right after it happened. And I mean RIGHT after, he just got out of bed, and dressed and walked away. Hasn't talked to me since.

I had been living with the Cullens since I was 14 and my parents died in a plane crash. So, Alice and I are REALLY close! We call each other sisters.

So here I was sitting in my room next to Alice's, when my future just got brighter. Only it was more darker then brighter. How could I do this? I mean, not even Alice or Rose has! But me, oh I'm a different story. Sigh.

"Knock, knock" said Alice, already peaking through the door before actually asking my permission to come in and check on me.

"Come in" I rolled my eyes.

"What's up." Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, I told myself.

But how was I supposed to tell her? "Oh hey you know when you made me go out with Edward I slept with him, and now I'm looking at this positive sign?" No, I couldn't tell her that.

Unfortunately, my mouth said it for me. It said that exact sentence.

"What!? Bella Marie Swan!" Alice scolded me just like I was a child.

"Um... yeah... so... um..." I couldn't form a coherent sentence.

"Tell him. Now." Alice said pointing.

"Um Alice... usually in stories like these, the girl either never tells the guy or keeps it for him from a long time... or doesn't tell anyone. We're going a little quickly here..." I babbled.

"Well, this is a quick family. That's about to get a bit bigger. Or else." I gulped, I knew what she meant.

"Alice I would never..."

"I know you. You would to run away. Give him a chance." She was still dragging me to his room.

"How do you even know..." I said, putting my hands to the walls and holding on for dear life, hoping to delay her.

"Spare me. We all know he's the only one." She said, with an almost glaring face.

"It's your fault for setting me up with him" I mumbled.

"It's YOUR fault for sleeping with him!" She said with a raised voice, which turned into a whisper at the last part.

"He wont care Alice. And then what will I do? I'm going to have to leave here and never show my face again. Lucky me school ended, and I'm off to college."

"And your still going."

"I don't have the money!" I countered. "Especially not now!"

"Tell it to someone who cares!" Which meant in rough translation: Who do you think you're living with? A farmer and his wife?

They would try and give me money for college I thought darkly. I suppose its not a surprise. I'm almost like their 2nd daughter. Or I was until now.

"Edward! The love of your life has something to tell you!"

"Stop! You know he doesn't care!" I hissed at Alice.

"Oh sister dear, he's loved you since high school. Why do you think he stayed at the closet college? For you, sister dearest!"

"He did not! Besides, he's ignored me since ... well... you know"

"What are we talking about ladies?" Edward said joining us, a smug grin on his face. He had no idea...

"Oh nothing, just about..." I tried to distract him and Alice, which didn't work. She cut me off again.

"Bella has something she needs to tell you!" And with that Alice skipped off, leaving me alone with Edward. Traitor.

"Come in Bella." Edward said detached. Looks like he kept up his happy tone for Alice and his family only.

"Edward, why are you so cold to me all of a sudden. I exist you know." I sighed.

"I know, believe me, I know." He wasn't looking at me. "So what did you want to talk about?"

"Oh... I was just thinking about going to the nearest school, and then Alice told me you were there, I think she's going to take me shopping soon, Jasper and Alice are really cute together, I haven't seen Emmett and Rose in a while, I don't know what college they're at, I think you hate me since high school and I don't know why you slept with me, why you aren't talking to me now, I'm still a straight A student, I'm pregnant with your child, I want to write a book but I don't know where to begin, my favorite book, well you know what that is, I want to go see a horror movie-" I wanted to say all this at top speed, which I did, so when I told him, he didn't hear me right and I could tell Alice I told him. She never said how specifically I had to tell him. But when I said those words he somehow heard me, and froze. My continuing on was pointless.

"You're-" I cut him off I couldn't hear him say the words.

"Why Edward. Why did you have to agree with Alice and take me out and end the night like that?" I said exasperated.

"Because I thought it would be fun. I'd always known you were easy." Edwards expression turned hard as rock and his eyes flamed with anger.

"You... you're a jerk. I didn't know what I was doing. You got me drunk." I was loosing my argument and tears were starting to fall from my eyes. How can he go from okay to angry in one second, and make me so upset that easy?

"At least I'm not the pregnant one." he spat.

"What's wrong with you." My eyes narrowed, and I was suddenly angry at him for not accepting me. I should have known.

"You're going to mess up everything I have planned here." he said through his teeth, almost making it sound like he had a threat to add to the end.

"What do you want me to do about that." I guess Alice was wrong, he didn't stay here for me.

"Abortion. So neither of us have to deal with that child." he said matter of fact, like it was obvious. I should have known.

"What, so you're going to kick me out of the house if I don't?"

He never answered.

"Fine." I turned to walk away and as I left, I thought I saw a tear in his eyes. Was his reputation really that much to him?

"You don't have to leave you know. You can stay. And don't listen to Edward, you can keep the baby." Esme said in her best persuasive voice.

"You heard us?" I sniffled.

"Parts. Alice told me though." my almost-mother smiled softly.

I smiled back at her as best I could, and went to my room. Silently I packed my stuff, what little clothes I wanted, and climbed out the window onto the 2nd story balcony.

"Bella come back! Please don't go! Don't go have an abortion." Alice pleaded.

I saw Jasper standing in the background, grimacing. Obviously seeing Alice unhappy really, truly, genuinely bothered him. I was happy for her. She had a man that would stay with her forever, for better or for worse, whether it annoyed her or not.

"I don't know what I'm going to do." I shook my head, preparing to jump down.

"Bella PROMISE me you'll come back. PROMISE me I'll have a niece or nephew." She looked like she was about to cry, with her bottom lip trembling and moisture already forming in her eyes.

I said watching as the tears overflowed when I remained quiet and I sighed.

"I promise Alice. But I can only promise the first." Alice looked a little happier.

"Should we expect you back for dinner?" She asked, hopefulness filling her face.

"I don't know" And with that I jumped down.

As I passed the kitchen, I saw Rosalie. For once, she wasn't glaring at me.

I turned and I ran. Into the forest, and to the hospital. Then I stopped just outside the door, remembering Carlisle, and I called a taxi and went all the way to California. When I got to a hospital, I told the doctors my name and what I wanted to do. They told me I had to wait, and for two hours I did.

"Bella Swan!" A nurse called.

I walked up to her and she smiled sadly. "Hello honey. Well, you sure are young. Are you sure you want to do this? You could always put your kid up for adoption." She told me.

"I'm sure" I told her weakly.

She left me in a room, her last words being "Look, I know it was an accident, and I see so many young girls, all too young for this, come here. I know where you're coming from, too young to be a mother. But don't make the same mistake I did. Who knows, it could be good for you." And with a small smile she left me waiting for the doctor who would talk with me about the procedure.