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Suze's Point of View

Am I a complete freak? I know I'm odd, and yes kind of crazy, but completely out of my mind? I don't know. Eh, I honestly don't care though. Honestly I don't. Just, sometimes I wonder. Being able to see and talk to ghost, I know I'm not normal, but I don't know if I really am a complete phsyco. At least I try to act normal. Ever since I moved here to California, I've tried really hard not to talk to walls, or throw chairs and rackets out the windows. I'm pretty sure that I haven't even been a suspect to the damage the school suffered awhile back or anything of that sort. So why? Why can't I have a boyfriend? I haven't done anything to scare the boys of! Nothing, seriously...It isn't exactly fair. The only guy's in my life right now are either:

a) Simply Friends (Adam, Father D.,)

b)Family(Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Andy)

c) dead friends.(Jesse)

And half those people aren't even my AGE. Oh well...ugh life stinks. It really does.

Jake's Point of View

Another boring day. School, check. Study? ? Check. Nap...triple check. Work? Tomorrow. I SERIOUSLY need a girl. I've been out of it recently, though I'm pretty sure Kelly Prescott's interested. But, I have seriously had enough of her type. They only come onto you for your looks. I'm 18, I need a SERIOUS relationship now!(lol, sorry if the age is of people, I forgot his actual age, so I'm just gonna use18) The only girl that I have been even mildly interested in is Suze...um-mm...wait NO that's not true! She's just my sister, my step-sister at that! Sure, she's really pretty, and she seems...smart, not timid and not that little princess type that's waiting for a boy to come over and play superhero. She actually is incredibly independent. Except, I worry about her. The gang thing? I haven't necessarily ruled that possibility out yet. I mean there was:

1. The smoke

2. The leather jacket.

3. The whole being at school for no apparent reason at midnight thing (What else could that be besides a gang initiation?)

4. The trouble she got into at her old school.

It seems pretty obvious to me that she's in a gang. I actually worry about her now. I feel like if I turn my back, next thing I know she'll be part of some mafia and getting involved with the wrong guys. I mean, the whole Tad Beaumont thing? The guys uncle was a serial killer! Who knows what that B- could have done to her! The mere thought of it makes me...the anger is unbearable. Of course, she has no idea I worry about her. She is way to involved with whatever she does. I know she has probably snuck out a thousand times. One things for sure though. She's not like other girls...she's brave...and...unpredictable. She's one to look out for. I just hope this small obsession is just innocent curiosity. Because it would be crazy to fall in love with my sister...step-sister I mean.

Jesse's Point of View.

I find today's teenagers very strange. Increasingly actually. Especially since the Ackerman moved in, and even more when Susannah Simon moved in. She seems to enjoy putting herself in the path of danger. She doesn't think things through, she jumps to conclusions, and she usually lies to people. I don't know why she won't just tell her mother that she is a mediator. Though she has tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to me why. She says her mother would never believe her, that she would lock her up in a mental institute almost instantly. I do not argue much on that matter, it is clear that Susannah and her mother's minds are on different pages. Even, I admit to being pleased by this, on dating. Susannah doesn't get out with men much, except for Bryce Martinson and Tad Beaumont she has not dated much. I have noticed something though, and this bothers me increasingly: Her brother, Jake, is beginning to stare. At Susannah. From a distance. And not in a way that a brother should be staring at his sister. I have begun to see the protectiveness in his eyes when Susannah mentions another boy, or when she tries to go out late. Then there is the subject that concerns me the most: Susannah is beginning to notice, and, unconsciously, responding to it. I believe they call that flirting?

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