I see Shiki as a cat person and i got this idea from when i was thinking of how long i had to bug my mom to let me get a cat so it kinda just popped out.

Disclaimer: i own nothing but Simba and Fluffy

"Alright perfect! Hold the cat up near you faces and give us kitty eyes, make it look natural great! Alright I think we are done for the day good job Shiki Rima." the director called as the rapid clicks of the camera slowed to a stop.

Currently the two vampires were at a photo shoot for an animal shelter and Shiki seemed to be enjoying himself. Shiki and a small orange striped kitten were playing together. Shiki was crawling on all fours and the cat was on his back swatting at his reddish-brown hair. the orange cat's name was Simba. Simba hopped down as Shiki rolled over so that he was on his back, his head on Rima's knees, the cat crawled on his stomach and licked his nose while Rima ran a hand through Shiki's messy hair. The camera took a few more shots which were 'perfect' as the director said.

Once the shoot ended the cat was taken back to the shelter much to the dismay of Shiki. He glanced at Rima a few times before asking his question.

"Rima can I have a kitty?" Shiki asked in a sweet childish voice.

"No." Rima answered with no emotion.

"Please!" he whined. Rima shook her head her pigtails swishing as she did so.

"Why not?" he continued as they climbed into the limo to get back to Cross Academy.

"President Kuran would never allow it." she said simply. Shiki started to whimper and his eyes filled up with tears. Rima looked away trying not to give in. When the limo stopped the two got out and went back to the Moon dormitory. When the walked in everyone looked up to see who was coming in. When they saw Shiki their eyes widened and Ichijo jumped up and ran over to Shiki.

"Shiki? What's wrong? Are you ok?" Ichijo began to panic.

"*Sniff* R-rima won't l-let me get a kit-ty!" Shiki began to cry again. Ichijo was confused a minute before trying to reason with him.

"Shiki you can't have a kitty ok I'm sorry but you can't."

"Nooooo! Waaaaahhhhh!" He began to sob even harder.

"Come sit on the couch and we will talk about it." Instead Shiki plopped down on the floor and began to cry. Kaname walked in the room rubbing his head. He looked at Shiki a minute then turned to Rima.

"He wants a cat." she said simply. Kaname blinked and rubbed his head he felt a headache coming on.

"Shiki stop this now!" Kaname demanded using the pureblood's authority. Shiki sent the strength back and Kaname stood there wide eyed as Shiki continued to cry.

"I'll go talk to the headmaster." Kaname said and left in the direction of the office. Once Kaname was out of hearing distance Shiki's tears disappeared and he smiled.

"You want to know if you can keep a what?" the headmaster asked in disbelief.

"A cat." Kaname repeated. Yuki who was standing by the door piped up,

"Why do you want a cat?"

"It's for Shiki he keeps crying because he wants one." Kaname sighed pinching the bridge of is nose.

"Really? Shiki he is always so well behaved." the headmaster said.

"Well I suppose you could but no bitting the cat." Headmaster Cross decided.

Kaname nodded and walked back to tell Shiki the news. When he opened the door he saw Shiki laughing playing with a small fluffy kitten with mostly white fur with a bit of black and gold eyes. Shiki sat the kitten on his head and walked over to Kaname. Shiki named the kitty Fluffy.

"Can I have a bunny?"

i know that it was short but it was all i could think of so yea. i intended for this to be a one-shot but if you want then i could make it into more chapters. anywase R&R