Degrassi OH YES I got addicted to it,I was always in love with the pairing SeanxEmma,Nd EmmaxJay,I never thought i would fall fer any other pairing intill..I met Allie nd came into my head.I want to make it,I know i dont have to make any other story cause iam not even done with my others but iam thinking maybe somthing will hit me

Allie she was removing the horrid skirt into some jeans in the bathroom,She fixed her hair and was the happyest girl around,She had a secret boyfriend that she adored Johnny..yet she wish they could be open with there relationship.

Then it hit her

''Iam going to make our relationship known'' Allie smiled in the mirror talking to her self.

''Really and who are you dating?''Holly J smiled walking into the bathroom.

''Jo-johnny''Allie said crossing her arms,Finally Holly J could do nothing she wasnt impowerd at all.

''Johnny? yeah right! i belieave it when I see it'' Holly J grabbed Allie's arm nd pulled her out of the bathroom,Clair,K.C saw Holly J pulling there friend and followed.

Johnny,There he was with his friends bulling a kid for there lunch money,He saw Allie nd he felt his heart skip abeat intill he saw Holly J nd his heart dropped'Shit this isnt going to go well'Johnny pulled out his trusty book nd Started to read,his friends croweded him blocking the niners out talking about stupied stuff.

Holly J let go of Allie's arm''Lets see if your lieing'' Holly J walked up to the group of bullies that were in a higher grade then them''Move''She pushed Bruce to the side nd Bruce was about to push her to the ground till Johnny stopped him''What is it?''

Holly J smiled slyly''You are you dating Allie?''

Johnny's friends were laughing and teasing Holly J nd Johnny nd pointing at Allie,Johnny bit his lip'Damnit..I i wont'''Look..I cant date a niner never will never have.''

Holly J nodded''Thats all I need to know'' She walked back to Allie patting her shoulder''Now you can move on''

Allie bit her lip nd punched the locker K.C nd Clair never seen Allie like this before,Allie eyes had a firey look init''I hate her...she's..she's UGH she's going down..'' K.C tried to touch her shoulder,Johnny looked Allie with a sad look even tho he thought she looked hot when she was mad but..ever heard of a saying if looks could kill?He nd holly j would be dead.

Allie walked away from Johnny and his friends nd K.C and leaned against K.C's chest nd K.C held her close''Just give her time..''Clair looked at him''We know the truth..but why cant Johnny admited it?'' K.C then looked a Johnny nd Johnny turned his gaze from the book nd looked back at him''Because he's weaker then he looks''

And with that

K.C and Clair went to there advance decided to skip to get his thoughts togeather his friends went to class,Johnny sat on a bench outside nexts to the tree and pulled out his book..

Johnny couldnt pay attention to what he was reading''why..''Johnny felt irritated Allie's smile,and her laugh was in his head and it wouldnt girls to him were just fleet..but he knew..he knew he loved her..But he wouldnt let it happen

Allie saw Johnny from behind the window she placed her hands up against the glass,and stared down longingly at Johnny'I have to let em go..'Allie forced her self to let go of the glass just as she did so her ring hit the window tapping it slightly,Johnny heard it and turned around and saw Allie walking away.

Johnny jumped up leaving his book nd opened the door,he saw Allie walking''ALLIE'' He called out to her,Allie turned around and tried to smile but couldnt..Johnny ran up to her and looked her up and down letting a small smile hit his face''Look iam sorry..bout what i said earlyer its just..I couldnt and you know my-''

Allie cut him off rolling her eyes''Your friends..I get it there more important''Allie reached up and kissed Johnny,Johnny kissed her back,Allie wanted the kiss to be brief..but it was easyer said then done Johnny kissed her deeper backing her up against a locker'This is what i want..its..its perfect'Johnny ran his hand down her thigh gripping it tightly.

Allie put her hand on his chest pushign him off lightly''No..''Johnny looked at her confused''I dont wanna a secret boyfriend..I dont want to creep..Its bad enough my brother,and family cant know iam dating someone..i atleast want my friends to know OUR friends to know..but you dont..''

''Allie dont..''Johnny shook his head slowly his blonde hair waving back and forth,Allie touched his cheek softly''Iam breaking up with you''Johnny gritted his teeth as the words shot in him painfully slow,Allie felt a pang in her heart,it felt so wrong to leave him she didnt want to but she had touched her hand that was on his cheek''I dont want to break up Allie I I''he couldnt say it,Allie knew he couldnt he could never say it.''Its alright..iam sorry''

Allie pulled away from him,Just as the last bell rang.K.C and Clair came out with K.C holding clair by her waist,they saw Allie walking away from Johnny and Johnny standing there watching her''Leave it''K.C whispered to Clair and she nodded leaving with him.

Johnny tore his eyes away from Allie 'Damnit why cant I'Johnny sighed as his friends came up acting like looked at Johnny''Uh wheres Uh your book?''

Johnny shooked his head and walked away.

Allie was walking home with Sav,Sav saw Allie looking gloomy''Whats wrong?''

Allie quirked out''Not like your care'' And she walked ahead faster.

Sav remember that reaction but he couldnt figure out where..