Hey guys! We need to talk. Obviously, this is just an author's note. I'm posting a new chapter along with it as a peace offering, but I'm pretty bothered right now. I have stated this before, but the notes that I put in before and after chapters tend to get ignored a lot so let's spend some time here chatting. I am bored with writing NaruHina fluff. It was one thing when the two were barely talking in the anime, but now they are canon. There's a whole movie dedicated to their romance now. So getting through the last chapter was actually pretty hard. Writing in general is getting hard for me with all the time constraints and lack of enthusiasm. Literally, the only reason I am still writing is my wife. My wife loved my story and wanted to add to it in her own way and started a unique spin off, which I'm sure most of you know by now.

The thing is, that story has been so much more fun to write and talk about than Love Hinata. There is romance and action and real plot events that took her and me months to think of and develop. It's a fantastic original story in the Love Hinata universe. And honestly, the idea of making original content and using other plot plots is extremely inviting to me right now. Its why I started my newest story, Song of the Sound. I know its not fair to all of you who have been reading this story all these years, but I'm quite frustrated with it. Its why I choose to merge the universe SLIGHTLY with my wife's story. It makes it more fun for me to be able to pitch ideas with her. We can spend an afternoon laughing about Hyuuga family game night and silly normal people games that they might be amazing at. That's why I write.

The actual Naruto canon has so many fantastic characters that the main story just drops after Shippuden. Lee has one big fight with Gaara and the story just drops him after that. There is also so many plot elements that are never explored or don't make any sense. The universe is very special to me and I like exploring those ideas while keeping things loyal to the nature of the show and characters. Anyway, I would like to summarize my feelings right now with 4 points.

#1 Writing pointless fluff is boring to me. The romance isn't, but the whole 'do I like him' crap is actually painful to write. If I continue this story, its going to be adult themed. Not just sexual stuff, but real life stuff that couples go though when they move in together. The process is not easy and I think this is a good opportunity to explore those issues for readers that maybe haven't experienced it. I can't force myself to write a story where they fall in love and nothing bad ever happens. Real relationships aren't like that. Plus they are already MARRIED with TWO kids! I can't add a happier ending to that story. So my only desire would be to explore the ups and downs of a serious relationship. I get that many of you just want to read romance fluff and I am truly sorry to disappoint you.

#2 I have been trying to add original content to Love Hinata since the beginning. I made efforts to bring western food and ideas as well as trying to add more characters. The Hanabi thing was a mistake that I continue to hear about even today. I wanted to make a story where Naruto had actual choices in women. Its easy to fall in the love with the only girl who likes you. It makes for a boring plot. I'm over that now and want to just focus on the NaruHina, but at the same time, THEY HAVE NO FREAKING FRIENDS. I struggled to make real life lessons for them when the only people they are close to is each other.

No other characters have rich backgrounds. Everyone's development was left behind in the early stages of Shippuden or even sooner. Sooo either I bring in an existing character like Hanabi, which wasn't fun, or I add one of my own, like Beki. I know most people on this site avoid OC's like the black death. But I seriously don't care. If you like my writing, then you are going to like my characters. It's not like I would butcher my story with fake or boring Mary Sue characters. Naruto already has a pretty lackluster female cast and most characters can be defined by single character trait so if you think the existing characters are better as is than OC's than you just have a high amount of bias.

Hinata's only REAL canon attribute is that she likes Naruto. That's it. Seriously, think about it. The Neji struggle is long past and now she is completely one sided. She is the only other character that, like Naruto and Sasuke, has a rich family blood line. Like the whole show is based upon genetics and how strong your potential is as a ninja is based upon your family blood. And Hinata is the heir to the whole freaking Hyuuga family which is supposedly the highest ocular clan. And we have seen the high level bs that ocular jutsu can do. So…. yeah, the canon just uses her as a love interest and I find that boring. She is even worse in Boruto. Her new character traits are Generic wife and Generic mother, minus her boobs. Not saying that she is a bad character, but its incredibly difficult to write an interesting story with someone like that as a main character. Static characters make for great side characters, but they aren't good for stories that revolve around them.

Which is why I needed Beki. Beki is Hinata's best friend in my universe. Beki adds rich development and interests to Hinata's character. They have been through so much together during Naruto's two year absence and even after he returns. With Beki, I can add to Hinata's personality and life experiences. And its not just Beki. There are a large amount of well-developed and interesting characters in my wife's story that would increase the amount of things I could do in mine.

If my story is only going to have Naruto and Hinata in it, then I would rather just stop writing it. I would rather spend time developing a rich universe and events than spend time making two people kiss. I'm a 26-year-old married adult with a medical degree. The amount of interesting plot elements I could add to a story from my experiences is quite high. Its why writing my new story is so much fun for me (Kabuto is a medical nin, I have a medical background, you see where I'm going). I know 99% of fanfiction readers are here to read stories about character A and character B falling in love. That's why I started, that's why most people start. But I'm done with that point in my life. It's a struggle to sit down and spend an afternoon writing when I have so many other things I could do that benefit me in some way.

#3 Many Fanfiction readers are lazy and the writer gets very little for his work. Let's compare the two sides of the story. I spend hours and hours developing and writing these stories and chapters for you guys to read. It takes you maybe 5 to 10 minutes to read a chapter that took me hours to plan, write, and edit. And I get 1 comment or review out of every 100 to 200 readers, AT BEST. And a good review, one that talks about events/plot points they enjoyed or moments that made them laugh is a great feeling for a writer. Knowing that someone appreciated the way I did something or an idea I thought of is great and is my only reward for the hours I put in. It's not like I can publish this or show it off to friends or family. I'm lucky that my wife is into these kinds of things. And what's worse is some of you can't even be bothered to make accounts. Like, it takes 45 seconds.

But the worst part, is when those same people ask me questions or want to know things about the story. How am I supposed to get back to you? How can I establish a talking point with someone who has the time to read my whole story but not the 45 seconds to make an account? So many of you complained about Beki or Hanabi or whatever else and I can't talk with you about it because you just leave an anonymous review. To me, that's disrespect, plain and simple. To consume and consume and give nothing back to the creator. I've spent thousands of hours of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars to earn my degree and the best part of my job is to hear a patient tell me that they appreciate me. But you'd be surprised how rare that is as well.

There are many of you that take the time to talk with me and review things that I've created, even if you didn't like them. Those people are the people that I keep in mind when I sit down to write. Some of you guys have even been here since my first chapter of sunflowers, 11 years ago. I've come a really long way since then and looking back at it makes me somewhat fond of the stories I've created. Not everything has been good, but its still important to me. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you who takes the time to speak with me as a person and not some robot who spouts out words you want to hear. The few of you who have taken the time to join me and my wife in our created universe have brought a large piece of real and tangible happiness to our marriage and I couldn't be more appreciative. It's the ONLY reason I'm still writing, for my wife and readers like you. But on the flip side, if you are a long term reader and you can't be bothered to leave some feedback or make a profile or read any of the sister stories, then I'm sorry to say this but this is the point in which my writing is no longer for you. You don't have to leave a hateful review or tell me to kill my story and its characters, just stop reading. I don't have time nor patience to respond to anonymous hate. But as a gesture of good faith, I would like to defend that statement with my final point.

#4 I changed the ending of my last chapter. I hope that most of you will go back and read it and forgive for changing the canon of my own story. It was something I fought with for a long time and eventually decided that it was my failure. I did not betray the ideals of my characters, but I did fail to explain them properly to the readers. Beki is not a tease or slut or a homewrecker as many of you think. She is a richly developed character that me and my wife based very much off real human traits. I did not want to spoil her backstory for those people who have not read The Tale of the Three Maidens, (TOTM). My desire to inspire curiousness in the reader seems to have backfired and for that I do apologize and I went back to the last chapter to edit it. I did not change much, and I don't plan to change anything else after this.

Spoiler warning: I am going to try to explain a bit of Beki's back story to help those people who don't know her understand her actions. If you want to read TOTM yourself, please skip the next paragraph.

Beki is an earnest and unashamed character. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to break social standards. Rather, she is often unaware of social standards. Her mother died when she was young and she was raised by a single father who was a strict, but loving father. They were constantly on the move and so Beki never really had friends and her father was much too protective to allow her to wander. So, that is the person Beki is now. Through several events that happen in TOTM, Beki is very attached to and protective of Hinata. Since she is out of her father's watchful eye, Beki can be quite curious and mischievous. But, specifically to the disregard of her clothes, Beki has a clan-based birthright that causes her to spontaneously combust. One of the things that I injected into her life is that her fire burns her clothes off. Her entire body erupts in fire and it made no sense for any of her clothes to survive that. As expected, this causes her to be nude in many circumstances, so she has adjusted and stopped noticing nudity. She didn't really mind it in the first place. Her skin is hers and she sees it just as much of a tool as her hand. This character trait gets her into trouble a lot, but it creates some really fun writing points and it develops her as an interesting character. She isn't a slut just because she is comfortable being nude. So when Naruto walks into the bathroom that night, she was not bothered by her naked state. She was much more interested in directly engaging Naruto to see what kind of person he was. That is the kind of person Beki is, someone who can puff up her chest and walk tall even when in the most awkward situations. But she isn't that way just because we said so, TOTM develops her character so that she is interesting AND believable in the Naruto universe.


If you don't like OC stories then I CHALLENGE you to read TOTM. It is my wife's pride and joy and is well worth an honest read. If you honestly don't want original content then my stories aren't for you, and I am sorry for that.

My rant is over and I do apologize for taking so much of your time. Even if no one wants to read my work anymore, I am thankful for this opportunity I've been given. It has made me grow as a person and it is a source of honest fun with my wife so I won't ever think of these stories as a waste of time. I am posting a new chapter after this, but if you guys could throw me a bone and review THIS chapter to share your feelings, I would greatly appreciate it. We started a discord to talk with anyone who wants to get to know us or ask questions. There is a wonderful and developing community here with my wife, me, and our readers. I honestly invite each and every one of you guys to join us and be a part of the conversation. Thank you all so much. The link is discord . gg / PsMqatu (take out the spaces).