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Chapter 1


Never would I think, I would be living at La Push. I had just moved from Jersey to the complete other side of the country. My dad had just died, and I miss him so much. I wish he was still here. I kept thinking about my father, as I played my guitar. It was my only way of expressing myself. My music was my way of speaking. I started playing and singing the song "Daddy's Little Girl" by Frankie J.

[Pre Chorus:]
Daddy Daddy don't leave
I'll do anything to keep you
Right here with me
Can't you see how much I need you

Daddy Daddy don't leave
The doctors are saying things they don't mean
They don't know what they talking about
Somebody hear me out

Father (father) listen (listen)
Tell him that he's got a home and he don't have to go (don't have to go)
Father (father) save him
I would do anything in return
I'll clean my room
Try hard in school
I'll be good
I promise you
Father, Father
I pray to you

Please don't let him go (don't let him go)
I'm begging you so (I'm begging you so)
There open his eyes
There ain't no more time
To tell him that I love him more
Than anything in the world
Is Daddy's little girl

I got tired of playing so I grabbed my scrap book that was laying on top of my bureau and began reminiscing about all the memories with my friends and family in Jersey. Its true, pictures really do worth a thousand words. There were pictures of me and my father and I when I was a little girl. I looked just like my father, except that I had my mom's long hair, tan skin, and her big brown eyes. Everything else was him. I can't believe he's gone. Sometimes I feel like my mom's sad to see me, because I remind her so much of him. I didn't want to cry so I turned the pages.

I came across a picture of my best friends, Jose, Sebastian, and Shaina. It was when we were about 6 years old. We all had cake on our faces because I thought since it was my birthday, I deserved to smash cake on their faces.

I laid on my stomach and put the book on my bed and continued to turn the pages. I stopped in the middle of the book to stare at pictures of me and my ex-boyfriend Aaron. There was a picture of our lips pressed together and under it, was "I will always love you" in his hand writing.

Too bad it was all a lie. He hurt me so bad. I fell for him so hard, I didn't think I could get up again. Actually I don't think I have. I don't think I could ever trust anyone. I didn't want to fall in love again. It hurt too much. I turned the page quickly to stop myself from thinking about him any longer.

As I kept looking on, there was a picture similar to the other one. Just 10 years later, for my 16th birthday this year. We all had morphed into young adults. We still had the same smiles, but without missing teeth. And yet again, cake on all of our faces. Some things just never change, I chuckled to myself.

I felt the tears filling up my big puppy dog chocolate brown eyes, as my Dad described them. Gosh, I miss them so much. I remember perfectly when I told them I was moving. It was heart wrenching.

We were hanging out at Shaina's house playing guitar hero. Sebastian and Jose were playing against each other. Shaina and I were sitting on her big, comfy, couch in her living room. Shaina knew me too well and knew something was up with me.

"What's up Kiki?" said Shaina as she looked me straight in the face. That was my nickname. Everyone called me Kiki, but my real name was Kanti.

Shit! I wish she didn't know when something was wrong. I had thought to myself. "Guys I have something to tell you. Its really…uhmm important."

"Yeah, what's the big important news, I need to continue kicking Jose's ass over here." smiled Sebastian.

"Kickin' my ass! HA! Good joke Sebaz. The only reason why you're god is because you're good with you hands if you know what I mean." An evil, mischievous smile crept upon Jose's face. He's so pervertedly funny.

We all laughed and then my hands began to shake because I was so nervous of what their reaction might be. I didn't know how to tell them so I shut my eyes and just blurted it out.

"I'M MOVING TO LA PUSH!" I shouted. They knew where La Push was located, because I've told them where my mom was from. I didn't want to open my eyes, but I did. They all looked at me with eyes wide open and their jaws dropping.

The guys had dropped the guitars and Shaina had tears in her eyes. That's when I broke down. I threw myself and hugged her and we cried. The guys then hugged us. A few minutes later of tear dropping and hugging.

Shaina grabbed me by the shoulders so we could look at each other. I wiped the last couple of tears that escaped my eyes.

"Kanti Rodriguez, can you promise us one thing?" Shaina asked. I nodded to her question because of the pain I had in my throat didn't allow me to speak.

Jose had his arm around my shoulder; Shaina was holding my right hand and Sebaz my left hand.

"No matter the distance, the miles, the stop signs, and red lights. Nothing will break our friendship apart and we'll always be best friends." I looked at all of their sad faces with tears regaining their places in my eyes.

"I promise." was all I could manage to say which was a promise I would never break.

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