One day Naruto was walkin' and fell he died, now he's a bleach Hollow who goes around saying BOO and calling himself the box ghost when asked why he says he saw it on a cartoon... CRAP that sounds dumb

Later the Box Ghost was walking around and saw... Ichigo and Hinata! He and Ichigo TOTALLY got in a fight over who's more stubborn then went and became Vizard's and Arrancar's respectively got harems *Naruto's included Hinata* *Ichigo's included Orihime* and they killed without cleansing by Quncying it up, all the hollows except Nel and that one other girl because they joined Ichigo's.

Afterward Harry Potta went walkin' round and got blasted in the face by a random DE it SOMEHOW killed Moldyfart in the process along with a random Demi-God named Percy Jackson. They became hollows later known as Alvin and the Chipmunks who proceeded in ruining several good songs by singing them in unbelieveably high pitch. They too got killed by the Box Ghost and his Orange haired partner Link because Ichigo decided The Legend Of Zelda was an awesome possum game.

I was bored so here's a random crack with no purpose.