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An Angel In The FBI
Chapter 1

As the fight in the alley was increasing Angel, Spike & Illyria were the only
one's left standing. Gunn however, was not so fortunate, he went down early in the fight having already lost a lot of blood from a previous battle he was involved in.

As Angel was about to yell to Spike for help, the Dragon he had been battling with, swooped down all of a sudden – trying to grab him from above! But then, as the Dragon gets closer to him, Angel grabs a hold of one of the flying dragon's talon's - pulling himself up on the back of the fierce Beast, his sword in hand, he then maneuvers it so that it heads back towards the dark alley. Angel yells down to Spike and Illyria. "Get down!" he hollers from above.

Spike and Illyria, both unsure of what Angel was doing, both followed his warning and got down, out of the way.

All of a sudden, the dragon swoops down once again, Angel still on his back holding tightly to the fin-like wings. The Dragon let's loose with his fiery breath and takes out nearly all of the demons in the alley. Then, as the Dragon swooped down once again, near the littered ground of the alley, Angel finally jumped off, his sword still in hand – as the Dragon disappears into the black night – where the air was thick with death.

As the battle continued, Spike became involved in a new fight, this time against 6 or more Vampires and at least 2 Demons!

Angel on the other hand, was getting involved in yet another fight of his own at the very same time, further down the alley. His fight was also with at least 6 vampires but in Angel's case, his fight included just as many Demons as there were Vamps!

Illyria who was fighting near Spike, quickly conquered all of the Villains that she had been fighting with and immediately went to assist Spike so that she could ensure that he was successful in his battles, just as she had been.

"Illyria, where's Angel?!" Spike yelled to her as together, they had slayed the very last demon they had been fighting with. Through the thick darkness of the night, Spike was unable to see Angel and with the stench of blood that was lingering in the air, and the massive number of Vampires that had been turned to dust, he was unable to even detect the scent of the brooding hero.

Illyria being a Demon in her own right, was easily able to spot Angel through the darkness, "Spike, I have found him and I sense that he is weakened by fatigue – I believe that we need to help him or I fear he will no longer be able to hold on." she stated in her monotone, non emotional tone of voice.

"I fear he may suffer the same fate as Wesley and Charles Gunn succumbed to." she finished.

As Spike and Illyria ran to help Angel, they were surprised when they found the Vampire with a Soul, he was barely able to remain on his feet and had suffered numerous wounds. Even though Angel typically healed quickly, the wounds he had sustained, were so continuous and massive that as others began to heal, new wounds were taking their place.

As Angel finally killed the last of the Demons, the trio stood in the alley, exhausted and staring in disbelief at the carnage that was all around them.

"We need to get out of here before any more Demons show up!" yelled Angel to the others, "The 'Power's That Be'- will surely be sending more of their biggest and baddest after us!"

"You guys need to meet me back at the Hyperion Hotel – if it's still standing." Angel ordered. "I have a couple of things I need to do and I will be there shortly. Now go!" he yelled to the two battered Champions. He knew they were hurting when neither one of them argued and quickly disappeared.

Angel turned around and began to walk through the alley in the opposite direction when all of a sudden, he could see a light just ahead of him, the closer he got to it, the more he realized that an image was forming there – the image of a female form.

As he got right up to it he realized it was her, it was Cordelia! She was as beautiful as ever and was wearing a flowing white dress with a silky overwrap around her slender shoulders. As soon as Angel was as close as he could get, she simply smiled, and then she spoke to him.

"Angel, my love. I am here to give you something, something that you have been waiting for but that you thought you had signed away your rights to. It is your Shanshu Angel"

"But, that's impossible!" Angel said happy to see his beloved Cordie, but shocked as to what she was telling him now. "I signed that in my blood" Angel said, "They told me it was permanent and could not be reversed – no Cordelia, you're wrong." he yelled, distraught over the fact that he had to sign that away just to defeat the Circle of the Black Thorn.

"No Angel, I am not wrong, you didn't sign it away – they only made you think you did! It was always your destiny from the very beginning and neither the Senior Partners, nor the Circle of The Black Thorn – had the authority to take that which is rightfully yours!" Cordelia assured him.

Then she continued before Angel had a chance to absorb what was happening, "But Angel, since what you have done, in destroying the Circle of the Black Thorn, wasn't something that was ever expected or anticipated by the Powers That Be, they have written in a change to the scroll, the Shanshu is now, not as it once was."

She then continued, "Angel, you may no longer exist in the form in which you have been."

"But what does that mean Cordelia?" Angel asked her, "What are you saying, I don't understand," he said with despair.

"That means, that the life of which you have lived, as Angel, the Vampire with a Soul, living in Los Angeles and fighting the Demons that existed throughout the City – you will no longer be allowed to live that same life. Your life must be lived in a different place and if you choose to accept this fate, the fate of the Shanshu – and become a Mortal being, you will no longer be known as - Angel."

"Your memory of this life will be completely erased and you will be required to live a new life, a life that is chosen and decided upon by the Powers That Be. But Angel, you will have time to decide what you want to do." she stated.

"What?" Angel inquired, "How much time do I have? This is all so sudden - so unexpected." he exclaimed.

"You will be given 24 hours to decide what you want your fate to be. Then you must return to this very spot in this alley, and inform me of your decision." Cordelia responded in an almost professional tone.

"Cordelia, come with me! I miss you and I need you. I need you to help me to decide and figure what I should do!" Angel said, with sadness and desperation in his voice.

"I am a Higher being again my love, I am not able to help you, this decision is one you must make alone. No one may sway you one way or another. You and you alone will choose your fate." With that she faded slowly until she was no longer there.

As Angel lurched out in an attempt to grab her and hold her to this moment and tie her to this World, he fell forward having swung his arm into nothing but thin air as Cordelia vanished, leaving him to determine his fate alone.

As he stumbled and then caught himself, he straightened and began walking down the alley to make his way toward the Hotel - taking in all of the destruction along the way. He was in awe and utter amazement over how much death and damage had been left in the wake of the massive fights.

One would hardly recognize the City of Los Angeles as it now stood, obliterated and silent, overwhelmed by the stench of death.

To Be Continued . . .