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Here is the ending to the previous Chapter (#6) to refresh your memory before reading this new chapter:

The white light, the same as the one from the alleyway, flashed once again, filling the small room with it's powerful brilliance. A few minutes into the process, Cordy could sense the tensing of Angel's hands and her ears were overcome by the guttural scream that escaped from his throat!

An Angel In The FBI

Chapter 7

As the process continued, Cordelia was relieved to no end when Angel's screaming abruptly stopped. But her relief was short lived as he then then started to sway slightly on his feet and then fell straight backwards onto the soft king size bed, losing all consciousness. Cordelia felt like her heart was stuck in her throat as she tried not to panic with worry that Angel's own heart may have failed again from the process.

She reached out with a shaking hand to place it against the side of his neck, checking for the pulse of a beating heart. She let out an audible sigh of relief when she felt the vital pulse throbbing lightly underneath his warm skin and she knew that this time, the process had been successful!

Although she still had to leave which was when the Powers would finish the one task that did still remain – that of eliminating all of Angel's memories of his life in both Sunnydale and LA and most importantly, those of his life as, Angelus.

Then Angel showed signs that he was starting to come back around – blinking his eyes rapidly trying to

clear the fogginess that still remained. He looked up to see the angelic face of his exquisite soul mate.

"Did it work? Is it over and done?" he asked her with hope in his eyes.

"Yes Angel, it did work!" She said smiling brightly. "But - " she added,

"Whyyy - does - there - always have to be a 'but'?" Angel asked - rolling his eyes, his sarcasm still in tact.

"I know." she replied, "I'm sorry - but well . . . it's not 100% donehowever." she assured him. "The only thing left is . . . probably going to be the toughest part in some ways. It's the memory part."

For both of them, that was definitely going to be the most difficult part. Knowing that what they had together – would most likely never be again. All that they did have, everything they had gone through, and felt for each other - would now be locked away in some mystic memory box that would remain securely hidden away by the Powers That Be – forever.

"Can't we postpone that part?" Angel asked her, "just for a little longer?"

Cordelia smiled, she knew she felt the same way and she too wished to postpone the inevitable. But she knew the Powers would never allow them that luxury. The PTB would proceed regardless of what either of them wanted.

"Angel, I know the Powers intend to fully complete the prophecy for good this time, so we should say whatever we have to say to each other before we don't have the chance. I will go first." she announced.

Angel sat up and turned so that he was now sitting up with his back against the pillows and the headboard, given her his full attention and grabbing onto both of her hands, pulling her down to sit next to him on the bed.

"Angel, I had been on my way that night that you were captured by your Son, the same night I became an even higher being – I was on my way to tell you I love you and I want you to know that now since we were never given the chance to discuss our feelings fully. All I care about is your happiness now. I know we are going to be okay, both of us. I can't explain how I know, I just know."

"Cordy – I felt high as a kite that night as I drove towards the Point to meet with you. I had a feeling that is what you wanted to discuss but I didn't know for sure. Just hearing you confirm that I was right in my assumption, and knowing that I also loved you equally if not more, is why this is so hard for me now. I am tired of losing everything and everyone I love.

But I also feel what you are feeling and I don't know if it's something the PTB passed through to me when they made me human, but it's there. Deep in my heart I also know that we will be okay. I also feel that somehow, someway, each of us will retain the tiniest bit of memory of out lives together and whether that feeling of our love together, be regained in the heart of whomever we do end up with in our new lives, or how it happens – I too just know that it will. I love you Cordelia and I always will.

I just need you to trust me when I say that."

"I do believe you Angel, and I love you too." their faces inched towards each other and as they moved closer and closer, their lips being drawn towards each other, closing the gap until they melted into each other and into a deep and amazing kiss that seemed to go on, and on.

Then it was almost as if the Powers sensed the two Champion's hesitation and apprehension, or knew that the heroes had said their good byes. Suddenly Angel's lips slowly went lax as did the rest of him as well. It was almost as if he had dosed off into a peaceful slumber. But Cordelia knew what was happening. She knew, it was time.

She then stood up from the side of the bed and leaning down, she gently kissed his forehead for the last time, "Goodbye Angel, my love." Then she began to glow brightly, beams of white light exuding from every cell of her being. As she slowly vaporized into a white glowing mist, a mist that which shot up towards the heavens.

6 Hours Later . . .

The next morning the man now officially known as Booth, woke up from the weirdest dream. He dreamed about a beautiful blond woman with short hair who almost seemed familiar to him somehow. She showed him a photo of another young blond woman, one with longer hair and though not as stunning as the one holding the picture, she was still quite beautiful in her own right. The woman in the photo was standing next to an adorable young boy with a fluffy head of light brown curly hair.

He was informed by the woman who was showing him the picture, that this was his new life. A life that included a Wife and Son, then she handed him the photo. Seeley Booth, meet Rebecca and Parker Booth - this is your family now she told him.

Then he recalled another part of the dream where the attractive blond with the shorter hair, held onto him while he screamed out in pain.

But that was when he thankfully woke up - before the dream had a chance to become any worse. He was awakened by the shrill sound of an alarm sounding. He looked to his side and spotted the auditory intruder – an alarm clock flashing 6:00 AM on the bedside table.

Booth moved in an effort to get up out of bed to head for the shower, but he suddenly felt weak for some reason, his muscles stiff and sore but he wasn't sure why. After finally managing to get up from the bed he managed to gingerly walk over to the bathroom where the first thing he did was to reach into the shower stall to turn on the hot spray of the shower head, stepping out of his pajama bottoms which was all that he slept in if he wore anything at all – though he had no memory of changing out of his work suit, and putting those on last night for some reason.

He then climbed into the shower and just stood there for a few minutes, letting the stream of hot, soothing water – flow evenly over his tired and sore muscles, waiting until the pulsating fluid melted his aching body and his energy started to perk back up. After washing his amazingly fit body and shampooing his thick head of hair, the soreness of his muscles and the stiffness in his joints that he had felt only a few minutes ago, had all but dissipated - leaving him feeling completely refreshed.

Stepping out of the shower he dried himself off and sauntered back into his bedroom to get dressed in yet another of the fine suits that lined his large closet. He found he was more alert now and happy because he could feel his usual strength slowly returning.

Grabbing his keys and other items from the bedside table, he started putting them in his pockets, when he picked up his wallet he could see the edge of a photo sticking out slightly, pulling it out he saw that it was the same picture of the woman and young boy that he had been given in his dream. ~That's odd ~ he thought, then turning the picture over he noticed an hand written message on the back: "To Seeley Booth - With Love, Rebecca and Parker.

Tucking the photo carefully back into his wallet, then sliding he wallet into his back pocket he began to head for the kitchen to make some coffee. He wanted to get moving so he could get to his office and get a jump on the new case that he and Dr. Brennan were now working on.

Booth was so focused on starting his day that he didn't even realize that the memory he had of that dream he had had during the night, was slowly vanishing from his mind forever as the final part of the process of replacing his old memories, with all new ones. He was soon left only with every memory of his life as one Seeley Booth, no other memories remained of any other life prior to this new one.

Booth was now on the way to work through the usual rush hour traffic, finding it rather annoying to say the least! When he arrived, he parked his SUV in his usual spot and made his way to his office – where the first thing he knew he did every morning was to check his voice messages. He knew this because all of the memories of Booth's life thus far, were now finally and officially implanted in his mind.

Then looking down on his desk he spotted a File folder with a hand written note from Dr. Brennan. The note directed him to meet her at the Jeffersonian the first chance he could get so she could give him an update on her evidence pertaining to the case.

As soon as he got out of a short meeting with his Superior, Deputy Director Cullen, he drove directly over to the Jeffersonian to meet with Dr. Brennan. But upon walking in through the double glass electric doors, he walked around trying to find her, or anyone for that matter. No one was in the hallway, no one was on the Platform. He realized he could hear voices as he walked further down the hallway, following the conversation he entered into another section of the Lab where he found her.

Dr. Brennan was standing next to what appeared to be some kind of sophisticated holographic display. He also spotted others around the display as well and could only assume that they were part of Dr. Brennan's team.

"Oh good morning Agent Booth." Dr. Brennan announced, to which he nodded in response while looking around the room and taking in each of the team members faces. He remembered her telling him their names, but he needed to be introduced to them before he could be expected to remember each of them.

Brennan picked up on the look of awkward confusion on his face so she took it upon herself to rectify the situation by introducing him to each of them. "Booth, you have already met Zack, and this is Jack Hodgins, our self proclaimed 'Bug n Slime' guy." Jack reaches out to firmly shake the Agent's hand.

"This is Angela Montenegro, she helps with discovering and recreating the unknown victim's identities, pictures and all – she is quite talented. Everyone, I would like you to meet Special Agent Seeley Booth, he is our newly assigned liaison to the FBI."

Angela explained to Booth how the Holographic display that she herself had created, worked. Also mentioning how she had even pegged it the "Angelator". Then she brought him up to speed by filling him in on what they had all been looking at when he had first come into the room. She pointed out that the image he was looking at, was that of a young girl, the same young girl whose skeletal remains they had found at the bottom of the pond.

Dr. Brennan then spoke up asking the team, "Do any of you recognize her?"

"Yes, I think I do." Hodgins quickly replied, "Isn't that the girl who was working for Senator Bethlehem as an Intern? I think her name is Chloe Heller." With that information Brennan pulled Booth over to a computer they had nearby, one that allowed them access to certain specific FBI Databases moved over to a nearby computer that had access to the FBI Missing Person's Database and after typing in her name - the screen quickly produced the full color image of Chloe Heller that matched Angela's computer rendition so perfectly that it was uncanny.

Booth began scanning through the basic information that was included with her photograph, "According to this," he said aloud, "It seems that Miss Heller had been missing for the past three years and was last seen leaving a gym she belonged to that was near her place of residence. Apparently the FBI has been looking for her since she was first reported missing three years ago."

"Well then, congratulations on finding her Agent Booth." Hodgins said as he patted the tall Agent on the back. Booth merely stopped and glared at him, shooting him his 'don't ever touch me again or I'll break your arm' look.

Hodgins cautiously backed off, feeling very intimidated and almost afraid of their new FBI Liaison.

"Yeah well, I just don't think this is the way they were hoping to find her. Of course we would rather find missing persons alive, but unfortunately the longer they are missing, the less likely it becomes that they will be found alive." Booth solemnly added – obviously bothered more by these younger victims.

The information on the monitor also showed the name and address of Chloe's parents. Booth and Brennan looked at each other, they knew they needed to get moving so they could go deliver the tragic news to the parents, informing them of the gruesome discovery before they found out by watching some cold news report later in the day.

They would gently inform them that some human remains had been located and the identity was confirmed to be that of their daughter. Then expressing their sorrow over the parent's tragic loss they would follow that up with reassurance that they were intent on not only providing the grieving Parents with the exact cause of their Daughter's death as soon as possible, but also determine who was responsible for the murder. Another priority would be to inform the parents that they would do everything in their power to provide the parents with their Daughter's remains as soon as they could as well.

A couple of hours later, Booth and Brennan went back to her office at the Jeffersonian to discuss the case further. They discovered that Chloe had a stalker, his name was Oliver Loriyay and they learned that she had eventually gotten to the point of getting a Retraining Order as well as a Court Injunction against him. This new information gave Booth and Brennan the break they needed by providing them with two possible suspects to Chloe's murder, the Stalker and the Senator.

Both men had the means as well as the motive, to commit the murder.

Booth needed to eventually head back to his own office in the Hoover building and while he was there getting caught up in his own work, he noticed he had missed some calls. I checking his voice mail he found out that Brennan had called him, telling him she was going to fit in some target practice at the FBI Shooting Range.

He decided to take a break to sneak in and use the opportunity to watch her and see how well she handled a gun. In arriving there he quickly spotted her focused on her task of shooting the target multiple times. He moved to where he was almost directly behind her and as Brennan pushed the button that allowed the target to move towards her on a fancy pulley system, so she could see how good or bad she was at hitting the target at precise locations.

As soon as it was in Booth's line of sight he immediately commented out loud. "Wow hey, not too bad there Bones! So now what do you say we take off from here, call it a day and go have a drink at Sid's?" He asked her, "It's been a very long day to say the least!" he complained, suddenly looking a bit worn out. Brennan took him up on his suggestion and while they sat at the bar having their drink,

Booth looked over towards his partner "So we have some information pertaining to the case and I though I can't explain it in the kind of terms that you would like to hear, my instincts are telling me that Oliver is the one who killed Chloe, not the Senator. I know it's just a gut feeling and you don't believe in those, but it is what it is." he stated.

To which Brennan replied, "Yes, but my evidence tells me that IS the Senator. So I guess we will need to wait and see who is right. Your . . . unscientific gut, or my factual evidence." she challenged.

"Well – fine," replied Booth with a mischievous grin "Then I guess we will do just that."

"You know what I think?" Brennan asked him, "I think you are just scared Booth. Yeah, I think you are just afraid to go up against a Senator, that's what I think!".

"Ohhoo no, I don't think so Bones. You are wrong, I am not afraid of anything!" he stated, defending himself. "You know what I think? I think you and your 'Squints' should just stick to your . . . Squint-ing . . . and not try to solve crimes. Only the FBI and Cops should solve the crimes, and that, is what I think!" he bickered back at her.

"Okay then Booth, if that's what you think – so why don't you go ahead then - BE a Cop! Solve this crime without any genius input from my team." she said with the slightest hint of a grin on her porcelain face knowing that Booth would eventually come running back to her for their help.

"Fine!" Booth shot back

"Fine!" Brennan added, simply to get the last word.

To be continued . . .