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-$$$ The Game $$$-

They were in a little town somewhere in Texas. She had already forgotten the name of this godforsaken place. It didn't matter anywhere. It had never mattered.

All that mattered was that they were in the same room.

Although it was day the whole room was dark. The blinds had been shut down. There were only a few sunbeams that allowed her to make out the scheme of a human being in front of her.

The moment she'd entered, she'd known that it was him.

What she hadn't known was the reason why he'd stayed. Why he hadn't run.

He was still sitting on his chair in the corner of the room when she took a few steps forward.

She was irritated.

He had to run. She had to chase.

"Jarod?" Why are you here?

"Miss Parker." That was the moment she realized why they were in the same room. Why he wasn't running. Why she wasn't chasing.

Game over ...

The End

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