Hello! Let me explain a few things, before we get started...2 years ago, my school performed the play You Can't Take It With You, and it was a spectacular show. I myself was in it...and I wrote these stories not long after the show ended, out of nostalgia for the cast, the chemistry, and the show itself. Each of these stories are one-shots, providing a bit of backstory on the characters involved, and giving a bit of an epilogue; or rather, what I imagine what might have happened after the curtains closed, but at the same time, they do poke fun at the characters a bit; the play itself is so funny, sometimes it's hard to take something like this seriously. Also, it is based on specific people - cast I worked with- but I also feel that it's generally vague enough that you can read it and the details aren't too overbearing. For example, in this chapter I state that Penny had "honey brown curls", and while that's never actually stated in the script, I think that it's just a detail for detail's sake; I hope it's alright that I took that liberty. Thanks for reading this little bit, and enjoy the story!

DePinna. That's all he'd ever been called. Did they even know his first name? Not likely. But it didn't really bother him.

This morning, like most mornings, he shook himself from a sound sleep. He washed, shaved, dressed, and went downstairs to grab a bite to eat. Then he headed down to the basement. Paul was surely already there. The duo spent the rest of the day in a flower garden of fire, smoke, and gunpowder. Every once in a while, they would come up to show off something they had made.

Things were great in the Sycamore household. But best-or perhaps, worst-of all was that no one asked where he came from, or really, why he was even there. But every quiet day, once in a blue moon, it weighed upon his mind.

Flashback to Italy, where he had a first name, and it was known by all. Guillermo DePinna, the up and coming young actor. He'd be world famous in a year or two; he was the heartthrob of all the young girls. And then, before it had seemed it had really had a chance to begin, it was over.

A boy DePinna had grown up knowing had become a big mob leader in America, and he had forced DePinna into hiding. He was then brought to America, apparently to settle some long forgotten debt between himself and the Boss-apparently an issue of lunch money, or some such thing.

Once in America, debt free, he decided to hide out for a while, just to be sure he was safe. During this period in his life, he made friends. His best friend was Paul Sycamore, who was interested in assembling car parts at the time. There was also Paul's girlfriend, Penny Vanderhof. DePinna had come to love her. She was rather petite with pretty, honey brown curls. Penny was funny, eccentric, and absolutely adorable in every aspect. How surprised had DePinna been when Penny and Paul got married, and invited him to come and live with them in Penny's father's house! He had refused...for five long years, he refused, until bad fortune caused him to lose his home. And then he accepted.

He moved in with a still-mourning Sycamore-Vanderhof family. Their good friend, a milkman, had passed away. But in time, they and DePinna were cheered and charmed by Penny and Paul's daughters, Alice May who was around five when DePinna joined them, and baby Essie Irene.

As the girls grew up, everyone else grew older. Paul and DePinna changed hobbies, finally settling on fireworks, and Penny also found her own outlets. She even went through an artist phase, where she painted DePinna. Essie got married fairly young to one Ed Carmichael-not exactly her high school sweetheart, but something close.

DePinna longed for the same love he saw blossoming around him.

And then, on the day of Alice's engagement to Tony Kirby, Jr., she waltzed into his life. Olga Katrina Romanov, The Grand Duchess. But she was not as regal as she once was-now she was a waitress. For him, it had been love at first sight.

After a few weeks of shy flirting, they fell into a happy courtship. DePinna would visit at her new job at Schraft's (She had been promoted!) and she in turn would come and make fabulous blintzes for the family when she had time.

One night, he had worked around the clock to fix a fireworks display for her. Composed of hearts and stars, it would be better than Paul and Penny at "The Last Days of Pompeii".

And it was exactly that.

As they sat under the stars on the lone hill behind the house, DePinna sat off the first fiery display. And under the shining red hearts and shimmering explosions, DePinna and The Grand Duchess shared their first kiss.

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