Hello! Let me explain a few things, before we get started...2 years ago, my school performed the play You Can't Take It With You, and it was a spectacular show. I myself was in it...and I wrote these stories not long after the show ended, out of nostalgia for the cast, the chemistry, and the show itself. Each of these stories are one-shots, providing a bit of backstory on the characters involved, and giving a bit of an epilogue; or rather, what I imagine what might have happened after the curtains closed, but at the same time, they do poke fun at the characters a bit; the play itself is so funny, sometimes it's hard to take something like this seriously. Also, it is based on specific people - cast I worked with- but I also feel that it's generally vague enough that you can read it and the details aren't too overbearing. For example, in this chapter I played up quite a bit the flirtatious relationship between Paul and Penny. Thanks for reading this little bit, and enjoy the story!

"Oooh, Paul!"

A giggle.

"Paul, stop it!"

More giggles as Paul replied, "Oh, come on, Penny; Grandpa's at a commencement, Rheba and Donald have gone to some sermon or another, Essie and Ed have gone to the movies, and Alice and Tony are out with DePinna and the Duchess. We have the whole house to ourselves..."The intonation in his voice reeked of suggestion.

"Paul, no! I want to finish this page! Put that ship DOWN!"

Sadly, Paul sighed. Looks like tonight he wouldn't be able to entice Penny into helping him build another model boat. Oh well. He began to tinker with it himself, out of habit.

A few minutes later, Penny spoke. "Do you think Ed and Essie have tried to have a baby yet?" "I dunno, Penny. You know how it is: most nights, this time of year, I'm downstairs working on orders..."

"Well, I do hope so. It's been so long since we've heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet on these floors!"

"Well, Penny, you may just have to wait. It's what Essie and Ed want, not you. You do have a tendency to put what you want ahead of what others want, even if it isn't really your decision. You need to learn patience."

Subdued, she began to type again. "Oh, Paul. You know how I am. I don't mean to be selfish, it's just..."

Paul pulled her into a tight hug. "There, there, Penny. I know, I know..." A quick silence, and then he said softly, "So, what're you working on now?"

"Still Poison Gas, but I thought that- that maybe just now I might like to build a model ship."

They beamed at each other as they assembled the boat.

Thank you for reading! Please review! Special thanks go to GracieFacie! I know this is a rather short chapter, even for me...but one of my favorites. the next one is my longest, though, so...Stay tuned for ch. 5: The Carmichaels