A/N: This is my first fic for National Treasure... and since I've spent the better part of four days reading as many NT fics as possible, I noticed that a lot of people were saying that there weren't more Emily/Patrick fics... well I love this ship, so I thought I'd give it a go at a drabble to start me off. :)

Terror ripped through Emily's body as her desperate hold on Patrick took her feet off solid ground. She could hear her own scream cover Patrick's deeper one – she couldn't take her eyes off the plunge below to an overgrown stream filled with rocks. One of Patrick's hands left the vine, and wrapped around her, a movement that brought little comfort.

The moment was soon over, and Patrick let go of the vine just in time. Emily landed hard on her back, with Patrick's arm under her neck. Her breathing slowed, and she found herself laughing along with him. She was alive, he was alive; they had made it. She stared up at the rocky ceiling, trying to regain her self-composure. But suddenly, there he was, looking down at her. She leaned up on her elbow, staring into his eyes. A smile played on her lips, as she thought, despite the fact that he never did anything right; she had never wanted him so badly. She was debating on rocking his world with a simple kiss, when his eyes changed, giving her the look that made her weak in the knees. His eyes told her everything she needed; they told her that she was the most amazing thing on the planet. She had never seen him look at a map, clue, or even treasure, the way he looked at her now.

So she reached up, shaking her head, and kiss him, revelling the fact that his hand reached up and was caught up in her hair as he kissed her back. He pulled her back when she pulled away, something he hadn't done since before the last few months of their marriage, and he kissed her again.