Hello, guys! It's moi again! Alright...My story? I honestly have no idea where it's going to lead to. I was just listening to the BESTEST song ever-Hide and Seek, which'll be a chapter song later-which makes no sense, the lyrics don't, but it's really sad and AWESOME at the same time-and I felt the sudden urge to write some angsty wonderful crap. Cool, huh? Yuh, I know. Now, shall I clue you in on the details?

Summary: MY New Moon...with lots of twists. Edward does leave for Bella's safety. The thing is, nothing good comes out of it. But when does it ever? What with Bella's sudden visions...The most vivid, horrid nightmares imaginable-things start happening. Bella's life is turned upside down. A chain of events come forth...People are after Bella; and just who are they? They appear to know something...about the sudden disasters that are occuring. And with Bella becoming more and more powerful everyday...What will happen? Is there anyone that can help her...Or will it become too much to handle?

Time Frame: During New Moon. No-freakin'-duh.

Song: Star Mile by Joshua Radin (MY FAVV SONG EVER! And don't steal it! -Pouts like five-year-old- It's MY favorite song! Keep your paws off, boy!)

Rating: Teen. I don't think that children could really stand it; beware, this will be depressing, but good. I promise. And if you don't like? I give my sincerest apologies. -Uses vamp dazzling powers- Ha! Can't resist, can you?

Look, I would be flattered if you thought I was Steph Meyer...but I'm not. I do not own Twilight. Once again: NO. FREAKIN. DUH.

Prologue/Chapter One: It's Only the Beginning

I saw Charlie's lips moving. I think he was speaking to me. But I hadn't a clue what he was saying. All I could do was think of him, as much as it pained me. How it hurt my heart...But I didn't care. It was terrible remembering, but I couldn't forget. The thought was laughable...Not that I would be doing so anytime soon.

I hadn't reacted to anything ever since he left me in the forest, leaving me with my arms wrapped around myself, as if I would fall apart any second. I felt as if I would, to be honest. My heart was tearing at itself; I could just see the hole that had formed itself over the past few months.

I was moping, and I knew it. But I couldn't do anything more; I wasn't capable. It was impossible. Every time my thoughts would venture off to something else-which was rare-like homework or Renee, he would pop into the subject. Even the simplest things reminded me of him...It affected me so greatly that one day, I had lost it and broke all of my CDs and stopped reading completely.

At school, my past friends avoided me, even ignored me so, as if I didn't exist. Not that I blamed them; I most likely looked like a zombie, which made sense, considering that first week when I was practically comatose. I wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat. Since he had left, I had lost a lot of weight and now had dark rings under my eyes. I was nearly as pale as a vampire, just a shade or two and I was there.

My eyes were vacant; when I looked at the mirror, what I saw frightened me.

I looked...dead.

Not that I cared what others thought; I just had to keep my promise. I had said that I wouldn't do anything dangerous...And yet, what did he expect? Sometimes, when I didn't have any control of my mind, I figured, When had he kept a promise? If he never does, then why do I have to?

I couldn't feel pain. Couldn't feel anything...Just emptiness. Sometimes, I thought I was just about to the point of dark depression; but it was whisked away by...nothing.

How? Don't ask.

Charlie's lips were still moving. How long had it been? I didn't keep track of time anymore...In my world, there wasn't any time. It was all a blur around me...It was like everyone around me was moving in fast motion while I just sat in the midst of it.

"BELLA!" I reluctantly tore my gaze from my uneaten cereal-which didn't look very appealing, I had to admit-to look at Charlie. I didn't want to; it took nearly all of my being to look that man I call my father in the eye after what I had done to him. It was hard; I don't know how I would ever forgive myself...

Expressionless, I waited for him to say something.

"Bella, have you not heard a word I've been saying?" His tone was sharp. I just looked at him, still unresponsive.

He sighed. I cringed mentally at the pain I must've been putting him through, but couldn't bring myself to apologize. I just didn't have it in me.

"What I've been saying is," he continued on, "that I believe you need some help. It could work, it really could. I promise. Just give it a try, please Bella." He was...pleading? Begging?

But I couldn't think anymore about just how hopeless his voice sounded, how sad and tired. Instead, I was overcame by an unexpected wave of anger...Wow. I was actually...feeling?

"You're suggesting I need to see a shrink?" I growled.

Relief flitted across his face for a moment that I was really, truly speaking, but it was quickly replaced by fury. His face took on a light shade of purple.

"Isabella, you don't have the right to speak to me that way." He sounded on edge, as if he would explode at any moment. I didn't blame him; after all, the first words that I say are those that are bitter and directed at my father? Smooth, Bella. Real smooth. And the fact that he was calling me Isabella...

"Oh, really? Well, once I really think about it"-my tone sharpened-"I believe that I do have a right to be at least a little angry because of the fact that my own father thinks that I'm nuts and wants me to go get help! Gee, I think that I have a reason, don't you?" My voice sounded menacing. I could only wonder what I'd become; since when had I ever talked to Charlie that way? Even before, if he would have suggested it, I wouldn't have been behaving as bad as this.

And that was when I felt it.

You know how once you stop and think about it, you can feel yourself smiling?

Except for I wasn't smiling.

I was snarling.

-Whoa! Bella, snarling? What's up with that? Well, I'm going to pause it right there. This'll just be a little later in the day, 'kay? And beware, it'll get SAD at the end of this chapter. But that's why I wrote two chapters in one day, because it gets better, I PROMISE. Don't give up on me after this chapter, because it'll get AWESOME later in the story!-

I sighed. It was time to go home, then do homework, cook dinner, eat dinner, take a shower, and go to bed. Same routine everyday.

Steering clear of the rest of my classmates, I stalked off to the Thing and climbed in slowly. My stomach was churning for no reason...Or maybe it was the meatloaf I ate at school today? That did look pretty questionable...

I sighed at my vain attempt to cheer myself up. It just wasn't working.

I cranked my old truck, oblivious to the loud roaring engine that I usually would have flinched about and blushed like an idiot. Now? Now, it was different. Infinitely so.

I arrived home a little over ten minutes later, due to my frustratingly slow truck.

I hopped out and grabbed my backpack, slinging it over my shoulder absentmindedly. Unlocking the door to my small house, I made my way up the stairs and into my room-tripping quite a few times but not feeling any of the pain; I could've sprained my ankle and I wouldn't know-to do my homework.

When I was about halfway finished, my head started hurting. I passed it off as a simple headache, and took some Motrin. After, I went straight back to working on my homework. I needed something to keep my mind off of him for at least a little bit.

A little while later, as I was cooking dinner for Charlie-I didn't have that much of an appetite these days-it hit me like a freight train.

My stomach flipped. I felt nauseous, and my head...My head felt as if it were going to explode, and I clutched it in agony and screamed bloody murder. I take the earlier statement back; this was so much more than a headache.

My whole body was tingling. I had dropped the sizzling pan I had been stirring, and the contents of it-onions-went every which way. Grease splattered on my flesh, causing it to burn. But it was absolutely nothing compared to the increasingly horrid pain that kept my head pounding. It just wouldn't let up.

One hand clutching the counter, the other still attached to my head, I was pulled into something that even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't be able to stop.

Chief Swan had been called in; something about a robbery at Newton's. He had his hand resting on his belt, gun handy, willing to do anything for the good town of Forks. It was, after all, his job.

He was in the store now, doing his best to be stealthy as he made his way down the aisles of the store. He stopped at the end of the third, and peaked around the corner.

Mike Newton was tied up. Duct tape was plastered against his mouth, forbidding him to speak. His eyes were wide as saucer plates as he stared at the man who stood before the cash register, collecting all the money he could and stuffing it into a bag.

That was when Chief Swan made his move. He stepped up, and was whipping his gun out to shoot the man if necessary...But before he could do so, the man turned around and spoke.

"Don't try, Charlie. Just think of Bella."

Charlie himself was caught off guard; how did this disgrace know his daughter? But apparently, one second was all the robber needed.

And with that, he produced his own gun, held it up with incredible speed, and fired.

I was pulled out then, panting and sobbing and screaming at the same time.

I had just watched my father being killed.

I had felt it, too.

I had witnessed the very way Charlie was murdered...Watched him bleed to death, watched as he struggled to stay alive. Watched, and heard, his last thoughts.

They were about me.

Little did I know, this was only the beginning.

Sad? Yes, I know. But I PROMISE it'll get better; well, kind of. In my story there will be angst filled moments, humor, adventure and horror at the same time. Sad story, happy/weird ending. (There'll probably be a sequel, so yeah) It'll get very interesting; a plan is forming in my head now.

And yes, I nearly cried when I wrote about Charlie's death...I love that man...

OK, I know you're wondering about the 'felt' part. Well, the thing is, she could actually feel the pain he went through, which was awful, but she also heard his thoughts, his last ones; they were about her, which made her feel WAY guilty. And there was a part in the vision/nightmare that I didn't include but she saw-the EXACT death of Charlie Swan. She watched as he bled it out. :( Sorry...But this HAD to happen; it'll link to the rest of the story, and it had to occur...:)

This is just the beginning, may I remind you? I promise, you'll come to like it when it gets better. Just hang on with me...:) Thanks. I love you all.

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