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Chapter Four: The Ocean's Blue


My breath was coming out in ragged pants. I looked down at my arms, which were both being help tightly in a firm, painful grasp by two men...Two ridiculously, strong men. I was trying not to show my fear, but wasn't succeeding. These men didn't look like they would show me any mercy-judging by the wicked gleam in their eyes, I knew that what would happen wouldn't be good.

Despite my silent protests, two tears rolled slowly down my face. My chances of escaping were very slim-there had to be at least almost one hundred people surrounding me.

I snuck another glance at the men behind me.

Their freakishly pale skin and just about inhuman beauty were puzzling, but it wasn't what made a shudder ripple through me. No, not even their evil smirks could tip me off as much as this-their eyes. They were ruby red, a color never before seen by me...on anyone that was even remotely human.

That was when the one on my right spoke, his musical voice ringing throughout the large room.

"Master," he said, dipping his head in greeting. "The first one goes to you. She smells particularly appetizing, if I do say so myself. The others will be arriving shortly."

I looked up to see who he was talking to, and the sight itself made me tremble uncontrollably.

An older man was walking slowly towards me, carrying himself with a grace that seemed unlikely. He was smiling in a twisted way, and strangely seemed...excited?

"Well, hello," he said. His voice was enchanting, yet held a sharp edge that made a fresh flash of fear pierce through me. "My name is Aro. Do you mind telling me yours?"

My mouth seemed to be having a hard time forming words, but I finally managed to stutter, "I-it's C-C-assidy. Cassidy H-Hudgens." His smile widened, and he advanced even closer towards me.

I sensed what he was about to do right before he actually did it-not exactly, but I had a vague idea that didn't seem so inviting. Trying to stall him, I voiced my thoughts.

"P-please," I begged him. Yes, I did beg. "I-I'm only f-fourteen years old! I have a whole life ahead of me...p-please don't do this! Please!" My pleas were useless. His face didn't turn sympathetic, his smile just widened even more.

"I'm so sorry, Miss Cassidy," he whispered, before pouncing.

I gasped at the sudden pain in my neck. I could feel my blood trickling down my body, stinging even more with each move.

My vision was tinged with red, that is, before I was consumed by it. I felt myself being drained of life, all of my opportunities suddenly washing away in the blink of an eye.

The pain only turned stronger. I was gasping for air, having a tough time breathing. The pain in my neck only seemed to get worse.

I turned limp in Aro's arms. My whole body was in such a painful state now, I couldn't see straight. I couldn't see, period.

Pain was the last thing I thought about as I fell into the long, unforgiving depths of darkness...

The mysterious vision slowly faded, leaving me on the ground, clutching my neck in agony. My whole body shook with the pain.

The harder I thought about it, the more it made sense. He had mentioned something about a Volturi...And from the looks of it, the location in my vision could be it.

But what really disturbed me was their eyes. Vampires. I recognized those eyes-James, the nomad, Victoria and Laurent...

In that vision, I had been the victim of a vamp attack. And it had hurt more than almost anything I had ever felt-more than James's torture, more than when he sucked the venom out of my system. But I could bear it-I had been through one worse ordeal: the only love of my life leaving me. What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

As I replayed the vision (more like nightmare) in my head again, a new thought occured to me about vampires, about the...my old family.


What if that was what they really were? They said they went by the vegetarian lifestyle...but they had killed before, right? And if, in their rebellious days, their attacks were like those that the Volturi performed...?


The concept made me tremble, guilt automatically overtaking me. But then again...

A war in my head began...all over a family who were probably off having a splendid time without me. The family that had left without another word, and I was thinking about giving them forgiveness. Oh well. It wasn't as if I'd ever see them again...

To take my mind off of the path it was taking, I wallowed in pity. Pity for Cassidy Hudgens, for my father, for me. For all of the people in the world who had such sucky things going on in their life as I did.

My neck was still throbbing. I was still dreading and dwelling over my dream. I missed Jake, I missed Edward.

And I could do nothing about it.

I wiped sleep from my eyes.

I had taken a nap right after my vision (or whatever it was), and felt better already...but only a tad bit. The images from earlier still haunted my mind, burning before my eyes. I didn't have any control over it, either.

My bag was ready, packed neatly and set beside my head. I still had most of my food, I hadn't changed into any other set of clothes (which I would have to do quite soon), and I hadn't used any of the money that the mysterious people had given me. So, that left me with a reasonable amount of things to live off of. Of course, once I shaped up a little...(If you know what I mean...) I would have to get a job to make my own money, because all of these supplies were ridiculously too much...

I needed to wash bad. That was why I was moving out of the forest temporarily; of course, I would come back. I thought of the woods as, practically, my home now.

I walked until I saw some sunlight filtering through the trees. Instinctively, I advanced towards it.

Fortunately, it was an opening...to the other side of the world. (Figuratively speaking!) The populated place. The one with all the shops...and houses...and people...

Could I face them?

I knew the answer already.

I had to.

I had put the hood on my hoody (ha!) up so I could hide what was on my face. I wasn't ready for that. I couldn't be.

Thankfully, I blended in. But that was only because they couldn't see me for the black that I was wearing and the blanket draped over my shoulders. I bet that if they were to see the real me, they would freak.

I would too.

I did.

I had my hand fit protectively over my bag. I couldn't afford to lose it to some thieves; it was all I had.

When I saw what was outside my home, I immediately knew just why I had been picked for rape at the particular place.

It was a bar. And I had been seen at the darkest hour-of course. It was obvious. How could I not come to that conclusion before?

I carefully took to avoiding that particular place and settled for some family restaurant that didn't look too busy. I could only hope that I didn't run into any trouble. You danger magnet you!

The door made a bell-like sound when I opened it, and I mentally cursed when the hostess turned towards me with a fake smile, which quickly turned into a scowl. My eyes narrowed, but I said nothing.

Her mouth opened, and she started, "You're just a stupid te-" I wasn't in the mood. Without my permission, without warning, my own mouth turned into a hardened line.

I didn't talk. I knew I couldn't. But I glared at her with all of my might, and it had an even better effect what with my black eyes. She cowered under my gaze. After a few moments, I abruptly turned on my heel and made my way to the restroom.

But as I continued on to the bathroom, with each step more guilt overtook me. I didn't even know the woman! Who was I to be doing what I just did?

Maybe it's because she reminded you of Lauren, an inner voice of mine said. I just ignored it. I didn't need that now.

I automatically took up the large stall so I'd have more room. I needed it.

Quickly, I stripped off all of my clothing and withdrew the appropriate cleansing items I needed. I took a pre-shower, my own personal sink taking part in that. I also dressed in a new set of clothing, once again topping it off with my black hoody.

I brushed my teeth, but nearly broke my comb while brushing my hair, which was a downside. And although I didn't look any better on the outside (I was still green), I felt tons better. Even though the pain was still evident, at least I didn't feel quite as dirty as before.

I gave a lopsided, messed-up half-hearted smile on my way out.

Once I was outside, I dashed back to my...home. I felt strange without the newly-familiar greenness surrounding me.

I had planned to start moving again. I felt like a vampire, moving from one place to another in a short matter of time. Oh well. I had better get used to it...

Right as I stepped on the boundary between forest and concrete, I felt something...strange.

The force of the impact sucked the air out of my lungs and made my breath come out in a whoosh.

And I looked up, only to see two brilliant blue eyes staring back at me.

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