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"Tell me what you know about Riley's family."

Anna swallowed hard; suddenly feeling like every move she made was going to be analyzed and critiqued. Her hands gripped the fabric that was her knee-length skirt, her fingers playing with it nervously. The air had suddenly become unbearably stuffy, as the last man in the room left her sitting there, with the one woman she was unsure of.

Across from the auburn haired girl, sat Dr. Emily Appleton, who was the spitting image of being collected. Her blonde hair curled perfectly, her hands folded neatly in her lap, and perfect posture – everything about Emily Appleton suddenly scared the previous confidence right out of Anna. Her hand went to her hair – another nervous habit she had – and played with a lock of it.

"His parents died when he was little... and he was an only child." Anne replied, knowing that this was the answer – but the look in Emily's grey eyes made her rethink it.

Emily nodded curtly. "Yes, and one might think that he has no family left, correct?"

Anna didn't know what to say. She held her breath, unable to look away from Emily.

Emily continued. "One might think that, but they would be wrong." Emily reached to the coffee table, and took a sip of her tea. "What do you plan on doing with your degree?"

"Well... I was thinking of teaching primary school..." Anna hoped this answer would impress Emily, as it did most of people who she told.

Emily nodded. For a split second, Anna thought she saw a smile, but it was gone as quickly as it came. Was Emily pulling her chain?

"I suppose I'll get right to the point," Emily set her tea back down, and folded her hands back in her lap. "Riley does have family, Anna. He has us." Emily paused, and Anna presumed it was to let her point sink in. "He is as much a son to me as Ben is. I want to make sure he's happy."

Anna nodded, "I love him very much Dr. Appleton."

Emily smiled the first genuine smile Anna had received from her. Anna could feel her heart swell with happiness. "That's all I need to hear." Emily stood from the couch. "Shall we go see what the boys have gotten themselves into? I hope Abigail was able to keep them out of too much trouble."

Anna stared at the hand Emily offered her. Taking it cautiously, Emily helped Anna out of her seat, and patted the back of her hand, almost affectionately.

"You're going to have your hands full with Riley, my dear."