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My Feet Won't Touch the Ground


Ichigo, Karin, Yuzu - Fever

"I'll be right back, Ichigo, I have to go make some house calls," said Isshin, the father of the Kurosaki siblings. He ran the Kurosaki medical clinic and occasionally he made house calls. Ichigo waved goodbye to his father as he left. Ichigo stayed home a lot since his days as a shinigami were over for the time being.

Yuzu and Karin both have a fever, so they are in their room sleeping. Apparently, fevers were going around the city with children around Ichigo's sisters' age.

Ichigo watched television, listening for his sisters just in case they called for more water or something. He was amazed of how much they acted like babies when they were sick, but then of course with fevers, they are not really supposed to do much of anything.

"Nii-san," yelled Karin, "We need some more water!" Ichigo kind of laughed and went to deliver the water. His sisters were too adorable sometimes.