This was done as an English assignment. I do not own 1984, that honour is taken by George Orwall

Dearest Julia,

I write this to tell you of my growing love for you and my dreams of the future with you. I know you live in the moment, but I want to live past this moment, with you by my side.

I have never loved anyone like I have loved you, not even my wife. The first time I saw you I wanted to rape you and kill you but things have changed now. I now know you are not part of the thought police and you truly love me, even though you grew up in a world that does not know love. At first I was in this relationship to spite Big Brother. As time moved on, it became more to me. I want to spend more time with you but I know it is not possible. When I'm with you I feel younger, healthier, and more human. I want to make every second with you count for something. In a world full of fear and hate you are my salvation.

You know I have committed thought crime against the Party. I rebel because I do not want a future like the never ending present. The Party controls everything, even our feelings. Our generations are already lost, but maybe I can save the next. I am willing to be vanished if it means that I have helped in some way to take down the Party. I know that the Brotherhood may not be real, but if it is I will join them and take down Big Brother.

It is my hope that there will be a future and not and everlasting present: that there will be a past again for both of us to remember. Things will get brighter for mankind and us. We will live in a world where we can live together without fear of death.

Love, Winston