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I woke up to sunshine shining through a gap in my curtains. I could help but smile at the fact I had finally moved and was living in a completely different place. I rolled out bed and smiled as I looked around my new room. I finally padded my way out of my room towards the kitchen where I could smell coffee. Alice and Rosalie were both still dressed in their pyjamas while reading magazines and drinking coffee. I walked in grabbing myself a cup before plopping down in one of the spare seats.

"Morning" I muttered around my cup.

"Morning to you too," – Alice smiled – "What are you up to today?" – She asked while placing her cup back down.

"I need to sort through my schedule and what not," I nodded my head to myself.

"Do you know anything about the campus yet?" Rose asked while leaning forward on her arms.

"Nope" Rosalie then went on to describe all the different classes they provide. Including Band classes, solos, composition, song writing and also dance classes. She then went on to explain what she and Alice takes, including the fact they are a band, missing a third member. Apparently their teacher didn't think people were up to their standard so wouldn't assign another member. Hearing them both talk about the classes, I finally decided on which lessons I would like to take. With them in mind I jumped up and said my goodbyes to my new room mates and I went to get ready for the day. While I was in the shower I thought about what Rosalie had said about finding another band member. As much as I would love to fill that spot I was uncertain due to past experiences.

Back in England my teachers found my talent impressive therefore put me in lots of different classes to see what I could handle, one of them being involved in a girl group. At first I wanted to just be in the background and write a couple songs to sing just so the other girls get noticed. However my teachers saw me differently, they wanted me to be the lead singer of the group, to take control of the songs and basically use the girls as back up. Even though I tried to get them to change their minds they wouldn't budge and that's when the bitching and hating began. The girls in the group got extremely pissed off at the fact I got all the attention. They stopped turning up to rehearsals and starting spreading rumours about me. My teachers noticed and immediately said that they were jealous, therefore that explains why I had no friends back there. I slowly started to loose steam so my teachers suggested to my parents for me to try a new experience and here I am today. I wanted so badly to be in a band to share the experience with someone but teachers always wanted me to do more than I wanted. In the end I decided to just take the solo class, least that way I can do one part harmony.

After I finished getting ready I was already on my way to office, enjoying the sunshine. I walked into the all too bright building to see Miss Cope already smiling as I walked through the door.

"Good Morning Miss Cope" I smiled as I approached the bench.

"Good Morning Bella, I know you're here to talk about your classes but I have some news"- My face dropped as I didn't know what to expect- "Oh it's nothing bad dear but your old teacher Mr Wild wrote to us about your classes. He selected them for you". I automatically groaned. Not again.

"We usually don't let a student take more than 3 classes at most but he insists you take 5" – My face fell even more.

"Why can't I pick my own classes? Can't I ignore what Mr Wild says?" I pleaded.

"I'm sorry dear but the Principle agrees with him as he knows of you"

"I can't believe this"

"I'm sorry Bella; it won't be as bad as you think it will. They aren't all on the same day, they are spread throughout the week" – She smiled at me.

"Can I read the letter?"

"Sure Dear" She handed me a letter that was neatly folded into three.

Dear Mr Green,

Thank you very much for accepting Bella Swan into your school. As you have seen she is extremely talented and I would like her to take the current lessons that you offer as she should be able to handle it with ease. However there is something you should know about Bella, she's not extremely confident about herself therefore may take an extra push to do these lessons. But I'm sure you agree that she is going to go far if she completes the next two years. Out of the lessons you offer I suggest putting Bella in; Solo Singers, Song writing, Composing, Chorography and Group singers. I know she will probably reject the idea of being in a group but that is understandable with what happened back here but please let her do as she pleases with that lesson. Once again I thank you and would like to keep in touch with Bella's progress.

Yours Sincerely

Mr A. Wild

Oh how I want to fly back to England just to slap that man. Why does he have to interfere? I looked back at Miss Cope, she looked slightly sad probably reading my expression of annoyance. I sighed and pushed a strand of hair behind my ear. I know I can handle the work load it's the fact that I have to do all of this again. This time it's going to be different. I nodded to myself.

"Can I have my timetable please?"

"Sure sweetheart, I'm sure you will be able to cope" She smiled again and I could only muster up enough energy for half a smile. I took the timetable and had a quick glance.

Monday – Group singers and Composing

Tuesday – Solo singers and Chorography

Wednesday – Free day

Thursday – Song Writing and Solo Singers

Friday - Chorography and Group Singers

It didn't seem to be that bad, all the classes varied in length but on average I would be finishing around 4. I nodded to Miss Cope and headed back outside. I kept staring at the time table muttering to myself. When I finally reached the apartment I really just wanted to eat some chocolate. I walked up to the door and was about to turn the handle when the door flew open making me squeak. Alice stood there slightly bouncing on her toes, grinning ear to ear. She held out her arm and key dangled from her fingers.

"You new key Roomy" She smiled and started bouncing up and down again, making her hair swish side to side. I grabbed the key and walked in.

"Thanks, so what's up?"

"You know the usual," – She walked through the lounge before she dropped down on the sofa next to Rose who was concentrating on the Xbox. – "Did you get your classes sorted? What days do you have off?"

"Breathe Alice,"- I laughed- "I have Wednesdays off"

"Same as me and Rose, we can do loads of things, shopping and…" I held my hands up signalling for her to stop.

"Whoa Alice, I'm going to be catching up on work for a bit as it is, you have to remember I have missed the proper start of the year"

"Well you can do it on your afternoons off"

"I don't really have afternoons off"

"Well what the earliest you finish?" She asked tilting her head to the side.

"I finish every day at 4"

"Hmm, you do afternoon classes then?" Her head tilting even more the side.

"No, I'm there all day, don't worry about it I've got it all sorted" I smiled willing for her to drop it.

"Oh okay, so what your first class?" She started bouncing again.

"Group singers with Mr Banners" Just as the words left my mouth she jumped from her seat onto me squealing.

"You're with me and Rose! I wonder whose group he will put you in. Hopefully mine and Rose's because we really need another part of our harmony. That reminds me we haven't heard what kind of voice you've got"

"Well you obviously do because I'm talking right now" I smiled smugly at her. She just frowned at e as she knitted her eyebrows together. – "Don't worry that pretty little head of yours you'll hear it soon enough" That seem to calm her down some.

"Let's watch some movies" I smiled as the three of us settled down for a chick flick marathon including popcorn and the chocolate I was craving. After hours upon hours of films I finally crawled into my new bed and snuggled right down into the middle. I stared at the ceiling wondering what tomorrow will bring.

I hope this time I will fit in.

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