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Why do I always wake up feeling crappy on Monday mornings? I rolled out of bed and wondered over to my bathroom. I did all my necessities and walked back to my wardrobe. Tapping my chin with my finger I was scanning my clothes to decide was I could wear for my "Official first day". I ended up with black skinny jeans, a dark blue flowing top and black ballet pumps. I tied my hair up into a sleek ponytail and applied a little bit of make-up but not too much. I looked at my watch and realised it was 8.00am classes but luckily my classes didn't start till 9. I walked out of my bedroom down into the living area, where I soon realised I was the first up. I decided I would make chocolate chip pancakes for Alice and Rosalie. 15 minutes later I was knocking on Rosalie's door.

"Uh, Come in" she called out groggily.

"Morning Rose, I thought you would like some breakfast" I wandered over toward her bed. Her room was similar to mine but instead of blue walls her was a subtle green. Rose lifted her eye mask from her face and stared at the tray in my hands.

"Oh you didn't have to make breakfast Bella, what time is it?"

I handed her the plate of pancakes and cutlery and set the tray down on her lap after she had sat up.

"About 8.20, and its okay I got up to early but I'm thinking about heading down to the school building anyway to look around a bit and get a feel for it"

"Oh okay, Oh My God Bella, these pancakes are amazing. You make them better than my mum" I couldn't help but chuckle at that comment. Once I finished the other batch of pancakes and gave them to Alice I gathered my school bag and keys and walked out to my car. I couldn't help but smile whenever I saw this car, its just so beautiful. I parked in a spot close to the building, once I got all of my belongings and locked the car I walked through the double doors and was amazed by the size of the hall way. You could at least fit a truck in this place. I took the map of the school out of my bag and started wondering around to look for where my first class was going to be. I noticed I passed a couple of recording studios and that's when I heard it. A beautiful melody was coming out of one of the studios. I walked back up to the door and pressed my ear slightly against it.

I should never think
What's in your heart

What's in our home
But it's all I want

You'll learn to hate me
Should never call me baby
Oh Lord
So call me by my name

The guy that was singing this song had a velvet like voice, it was very soothing. I was starting to wonder why he was in here so early recording but my thoughts were interrupted by the bell. I almost fell over but caught myself last minute. I walked away from the door quickly and headed towards the class room where my first lesson will be. After finally finding my classroom room I saw Rose and Alice stood next to it holding Starbucks in their hands. I couldn't help but smile. Rose held out one of the cups towards me and I took it wrapping my hands around it and smelling the rich aroma.

"We thought because you made breakfast, we'll give you the coffee" Rose stated with a smile while Alice nodded agreeing. We walked into the class room and my new teacher Mr Banner asked me to come to the desk.

"Hello, I'm guessing you're the new student Isabella Swan?" His voice was deep but you could tell he used to be a singer most likely blues.

"Yes, but I prefer to go by Bella"

"Bella, okay, I have been informed about you and your abilities and have already assigned you to a group, they seem to have trouble with harmonising"

"Ah okay, so you want me to try and get them into order? Will I be singing as well?"

"Of course silly, otherwise you would just be an assistant in this class" His laugh was throaty. "You can take a seat wherever you want and I will introduce you to the class then the group you will be joining".

As he said that another bell went and people started walking into the class. I sat with Alice and Rose and told them what Mr Banner said. They knew I wasn't going to be in their group and they were slightly disappointed by that.

"Dude, have you seen that black sports car that's in the car park. I bet Cullen owns it" I wanted to smile at this comment but he thought it was someone else's. I looked at Alice for an explanation for the last name reference.

"Edward" was all that she said I just nodded. Just at that point a girl walked in and I couldn't help but let my jaw drop. What the hell is she wearing? She was wearing a mini skirt, knee high boots and pink frilly top that showed was too much cleavage. Her fake blonde extensions were dead straight which didn't suit her face shape. She was pretty in a way, her deep blue eyes and her straight nose. Obvious nose job. She walked straight past my desk to a seat on the other side in the room, just as she sat down I swear her clone walked in but with dark brown hair instead.

"That's Lauren and Jessica" Rose sneered. I could tell they didn't like them just by the looks they were giving them. "They think they're "popular". That everyone wants to be with them or be like them" She made a gagging sound which caused Lauren turn around a glare, I quickly looked away, I didn't want to make an enemy already but I knew I wasn't going to like her.

"Ah Mr Cullen and Miss Denali you decided to turn up then and only 5 minutes late this time" I looked up from my Starbucks and my jaw dropped once again. The girl stood before me had long strawberry blonde hair that was in curls, high cheekbones and light blue eyes. She was wearing something similar to Lauren and Jessica but a bit more…hmm flamboyant? But I couldn't help but notice who she had her arm around. He had well defined features but what stood out the most was his copper like hair which seemed all over the place for the "just got out of bed look" which I'm assuming is true. He was wearing baggy jeans so you could just see the waistband of his CK boxers, a tight fitting black t-shirt and a leather jacket on top. His eyes were a emerald green that seemed to shine with amusement. He did look hot but also arrogant. I then realised he was called Mr Cullen, so that meant he was Alice's brother Edward.

He walked past my desk and I got a smell of his 121 Sexy aftershave. He sat down by the three lookalikes and put his arms on the backs of their chairs and they all giggled like small children and he just got a cocky grin. Ass.

"Good morning class, We have a new student today, her name is Bella and she just moved here from England" He pointed towards me and I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks. "Today your going to get into your groups and start planning your styles of music. Miss Denali, Miss Mallory, Miss Stanley and Miss Swan can you come to my desk please".

We all stood up and headed to the desk. All three of them looked me up and down as to see if I'm decent enough.

"Alright girls, Miss Swan will be joining your group" Mr Banner stated calming with crossing his fingers over this desk.

"What!" All the girls screamed at the same time. I couldn't help but feel a bit insulted. I noticed the rest of the class stopped doing what they were doing to listen to what Mr Banner was going to say to the girls.

"Miss Swan here is going to help to get you girls into harmony cause at the moment your all over the place. And before you ask she knows what she is going cause she was transferred here from an England Performing Arts school so no arguments. You may use the room next door to get acquainted"

All three girls sighed and turned to give me glares I couldn't help but flinch. I haven't even said one word to them yet but seems like they hate me. Why does this always happen? We walked to the other room and they all looked at me, judging me.

"We don't need your help" Lauren almost shouted.

"We don't know what she can do yet Lauren" the girl that was attached to Edwards arm said.

"Oh Tanya you can't be serious. Just look at her, she's so plain and British."

"Hey, I'm standing right here! And there isn't anything being wrong being British, I'm not complaining that I have to work with Americans am I?" I don't think they expected my outburst but I hated when people judged me. They all showed anger across their plastic faces and slowly started to circle me. What the hell is happening? After turning a semi circle I could see Rose and Alice peering through the window of the door. As Tanya said something to the other two I mouthed "help me" at Alice and Rose. They quickly nodded and headed back the class room.

"I bet she can't even sing that's why they sent her here which is pointless because she'll be like just kicked out.


"Excuse me. We've having a conversation"

"Well Excuse me for standing in this room with you while your talking about me like I'm not here."

Tanya approached me. "Listen kid, you don't know what your getting yourself into. Us three run this school and we can make you or break you, you got that?" She poked me in the chest.

"That's enough Miss Denali" She froze on the spot and slowly turned round to see the red faced of Mr Banner. I could tell he wasn't impressed.

"So this is how you treat new students? Hmm? Miss Swan you wont have to be involved in this group anymore, Rose and Alice asked if you could be in their group instead. I completely agree with them". With that I walked out of the room back to the normal class. Rose and Alice were smiling wildly at me I walked up to them and gave them both a hug and thanked them continuously. For the next hour they updated me on the stuff that they have already done and would love some new material. I'm willing to give them the material but I'm worried about where they would place me in the group, I would love to be equals but most of the time the teachers want me to be lead. That is not going to be the same. Once the bell rang all three of us stood up and put our stuff away.

"Hi Girlies" a booming voice came out of no where, making me jump.

"Oh Emmett don't scare Bella like that". I turned around to see Emmett, he looked like what exactly I imagined him to be like. The first thing that you notice is his size. He's huge! All muscle, any guy would be threatened by him but then when you look at his face he has the cutest dimples on each cheek therefore showing he is actually a complete softy. His brown eyes held more depth than mine but they set his features of. His short black hair looked the same as Alice's but his is curly.

"Hi I'm Jasper" A cute blonde boy stuck his hand out for me to shake. He did look a lot like Rose but obviously more masculine. He has short blonde hair, the same blue eyes as Rose's. He was well built but not as big as Emmett.

"Hi nice to finally meet both of you" Next thing you know my feet weren't on the ground anymore as I was picked up into a big bear hug by Emmett.

"HI BELLA!" He bellowed. I think my eardrum burst.

"Emmett put Bella down. I think we should all go to lunch, what time do you have to be back Bells?" She raised her eyebrow at me.

"One I think"

She nodded and we headed out the door and towards the car park. We decided to go to a little restaurant that was just off campus and about 5 minute drive.

"Rosie baby, we have a problem not everyone can fit in my jeep cause I got my equipment in there" He frowned while looking apologetically at me.

Rose and Alice didn't know I owned a car because I kept it well out the way cause I didn't want anyone stealing it. Just before Rose answered I jumped in.

"Oh don't worry about it Em, I've got my car." Rose and Alice looked at me with confusion. We carried on walking down the hall while I explained why I didn't say anything about my car. When we walked outside there was a crowd of people around my car staring in awe.

"What are they looking at" Jasper asked while trying to stand on his toes to get a look.

"That would be my car" I answered with a grin. All four of them looked at me like I'm crazy. "Oh come and look". It took me ages to push past the crowd but when I finally did I heard four gasps and turned round to see Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper staring at me. "What?"

"You own a Koenigsegg CCX?" Rose jaw dropped.

"Yes I do" I don't think the crowd heard our conversation as I could still hear them asking each other who owned the car. "I would offer you all a lift but its only a two seated, so how about it Rose?" I raised my eye brows and she squealed causing the crowd to look at her.

"Are you serious?"

"Hell yeah" With that I got the keys out my bag and unlocked the car. All the boys that surrounded the car gasped as they realised that I was the one driving one of world's most expensive cars. Rose ran round to the passenger seat and climbed in. I turned back to Emmett and told him to meet us at the restaurant, all he did was nod I really could help the smile that spread across my face. As I climbed into the car the chatter started back up in the crowd and I could hear chorus's of: "Who's that?"

I've been noticed now.

I pulled away from the parking lot and glanced over at Rose. I couldn't help but laugh at her awed expression while she softly stroked the interior. I turned to face the front and pressed my foot down harder on the accelerator causing Rose to squeal a bit at the sound. We soon pulled into the restaurants car park with Emmett's jeep behind us. I climbed out of the driver's seat to meet everyone else. Rose seemed reluctant to remove herself from my car that was until Alice grabbed her arm.

"How was it?" She was bouncing on the spot still holding onto Rose.

"Magnificent, I still can't believe you own this car Bella" Rose turned towards me looking past me to the car. I couldn't help but giggle.

"You want to drive it later?" I don't usually like people driving my car but I knew I could trust Rose with my baby.

"Are you kidding? That would be awesome!" She ran towards me and next thing you know I was laying on the floor with Rose on top of me. I couldn't help the blush that crept to my cheeks because it really did look like something wrong.

"Emmett wipe that smirk off your face" Rose said while helping me off the ground. I looked around her to look at Emmett and indeed he had a smirk but it was soon replaced with a frown. I had to laugh at how well Rose knows him.

Alice then once again grabbed our arms dragging us into the restaurant. She chose a round table so that the conversation could keep flowing. When it was time to order, Alice and Rose ordered salads, Emmett a double cheeseburger, Jasper a small pizza and I got a steak, almost rare. All four of them looked at me with their mouths hanging open.

"What?" I didn't feel comfortable with their stares and shifted in my seat.

"You're eating steak? But you're a girl!" Emmett couldn't help but boom out.

"So, that doesn't mean I have to eat healthy, you should of seen what I ate in England. I was known as the walking trash can because I would eat almost anything"

"But you're eating it almost rare how can you do that?" Jasper was puzzled.

"Easy, cut it up, put it in your mouth, chew it and swallow. Ta Da you've eaten steak" I threw my hands up in the air dramatically which caused everyone to burst out with laughter. The conversation flowed while we were all eating our meals. Only when we had finished did we hear the girlish giggles. Turning around in my chair and looking into the corner I could see that there was a booth which was surrounded by girls in mini skirts. They all slowly moved to show who they were with. Ah of course the mighty Edward Cullen that all the girls keep going on about. The rest of the table was looking with me and made disgusted noises.

"I'm guessing he's a fan of the ladies?"

"Well Duh!" Emmett announced and we all burst into laughter again while looking at the other booth. Suddenly Edward looked up probably to see what the noise was about. He looked back down to carry on his conversation but then did a double take like he had seen something. That's when I noticed he was staring at me with a crooked grin. He was probably thinking I was interested as I was looking at him. I made a disgusted face and turned back round to the group. After we all paid we headed back to the cars and going are our separate ways. I headed back to the school for my next class. The lesson was dragging but I did meet a lovely girl called Angela.

When class was finally finished I walked out into the parking lot with Angela and said our goodbyes when we passed her car. My car didn't seem to have many admirers this afternoon. I pressed the button to unlock my car and opened the door to step in when I felt someone behind me.

"Hey Bella right?" I turned to see Edward Cullen leaning against my car in front of me with his stupid grin. Now that I was up close I could easily admit that he is pretty hot.

"Yeah" I curtly replied. I really wasn't in the mood to handle with guys like him. I've already been down that road. Don't bring up memories now.

"You wanna go for a coffee or something" That's a bit forward, I've only met him like two seconds ago.

"Nah I'm good thanks"

"What do you mean no? Don't you know who I am?" Yeah a cocky arrogant git.


"Well why wont you come for coffee?" He raised his eyebrows and then shuffled a little bit closer to me making me step back.

"Because I don't want to, and I know what your like"

"What you don't even know me"

"Oh but you see I do, the popular guy, the one that gets all the girls and drops them once he's had enough, thinks he's the king of the world, doesn't care for other people's feelings. See I do know you" With that I climbed in the car and left a stunned Edward looking at where I stood. I let out a long breath.

Well that was fun.

When I finally got home I explained to Rose and Alice why I was running behind, causing them both to laugh when I was finished. We spent the rest of the night watching chick flicks and throwing popcorn into each others hair. It's nice to have girlfriends.

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