Stand My Ground

There's only darkness all around you if you're brighter
I guess that's why they call me a fighter
I won't let you take anymore,
They say you've won the battle, but you haven't won the war

I might look small compared to you
But that's 'cos the dark plays tricks on you
I've got an army on my side
And we'll take you on, anytime

Anytime seems to be now
And soon before my army you'll bow
Darkness can never defeat the light
The day must leave before the night

You've had your night, your time of doom
You knew this day was coming soon
You're banished to your eternal hell,
Followed by those others who fell

Happy, are you, for bringing them to their knees?
For feeding their pride then ignoring their pleas?
Now your evil tears will be disdained,
Your deserters will be wiped of their stains

So as I said, I'll stand my ground
There is always hope to be found
And I won't let you take anymore
You may have won a battle, but we'll win the war!