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Falling To Pieces

He was walking her down to the Quidditch pitch. He could tell she was nervous, from the way her face was set and she was chewing on her lower lip.

"You're gonna be great." He gave what he hoped was an encouraging smile. "Even if you are playing Ravenclaw."

She merely nodded absently, still pressing down her teeth so that she would in all probability soon start to bleed.

"Hey," he said softly, moving his finger gently over her lips, releasing them. "Stop that. You'll be awesome. I've seen you play. You're so good it's hot, and frankly, kinda intimidating."

She nodded again, giving him a small smile. "Thanks," she mumbled, her smile fading as she gave a soft sigh. "I better get down to the changing rooms."

"Yeah. Good luck, then." He shot her a grin that she didn't return.

During the game, he was a traitor. He actually hoped with all his heart that she'd be the first to catch the Snitch. His Ginny. He wished for that for her, that happiness. Plus, if she won, she might actually be happy. If she lost, he shuddered to think what levels her temper might sink down to, with the way she'd been acting lately; distant, and when not, mostly just irritated at him while refusing to tell him what he'd done wrong.

When she won, he cheered, ignoring the indignant looks of Ravenclaws (including Terry and Anthony) around him. Because she looked so happy, so radiantly happy, like he hadn't seen her in a long time. He hurried through the crowd to get to her.

It took a few minutes to work his way through the herd of roaring Gryffindors, but as they thinned, starting to move back up to the castle, he reached her, grinning from ear to ear.

"I told you you'd be awesome," he said, leaning in for a kiss.

She responded, but pulled away quickly, glancing over his shoulder after the rest of the team who were being carried off. He also saw her gaze linger a too long moment over a certain Dean, who waved and shouted "You're the best, Gin!". She grinned and winked at him, before turning back to Michael.

(Michael had never called her Gin. He had only heard her brothers call her that before.)

"You gotta admit now, our team's way better than yours," she said brightly, while again letting her eyes stray over his head.

"I don't." He hadn't planned to say it. He hadn't. It was stupid and childish and pointless, but Dean had called his girlfriend Gin, and she wasn't even pretending to prefer him to her precious Gryffindors… "You got lucky."

"Excuse me?" Her eyes narrowed dangerously, now offering him their full attention. "Lucky? Is that how you compliment your bloody girlfriend after she rocks the game? Just because it was up against your House? If you're that bad of a loser when you're not even playing…"

"Then what?" he spat. "You'd take the chance you've been waiting for to chuck me so you can go snog your Gryffindor pals instead, celebrating your fantastic victory. Go ahead. I know you're dying to."

Her eyes were cold as she stared at him, giving him the chance to apologize. When he didn't, her expression hardened even more. "We're done, Corner."

He suppressed a flinch at the sudden use of his last name. "Fine by me."

It wasn't fine. He watched her red hair bopping on her shoulders as she ran to catch up with the other Gryffindors. It wasn't fine.

Somewhere inside, though, he realized that if it had been this easy for her to let go, without even fighting for him, it probably wouldn't have been fine to keep hanging on either.

A/N: I know that some of you have pointed out that the way I write Ginny with Dean here, she comes off a bit unsympathetic. While I can see that, I would like to respond that all girls aren't perfect saints who never flirt when they're in a relationship (even fictional characters!). Especially young girls can be confused and not really realize that their actions might hurt someone. She's just trying to have fun, and figure out what she wants, and it's not that easy. I would never have her actually cheat on Michael with Dean, but a bit of flirting – well, she must've gotten together with Dean really fast after she ended things with Michael, which would imply that they had been growing closer even before that was over. In my head, she did like Michael a lot, in the beginning, but as that faded she let it drag on too long, because she had started to like the idea of him, and because she did still like him as a friend. She will, in my fics, later resume that friendship, when they have both moved on and realized they were never meant to be.

Plus, even if my Michael isn't a perfect saint either, and their failed relationship obviously wasn't one person's fault, I needed her to be a bit un-perfect so that he'd later have a reason to act like what she referred to as "a bad loser". In my world, it wasn't about that, at all. It was just a lot of stuff that had been building up.

So, if you don't think I write Ginny right, that is absolutely fine with me. I just wanted to let you know my views. But please don't see this as if I'm encouraging you not to be honest with me, because I love that you are. I just wanted to speak my piece as well.

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