Escaping Trains

Chapter 5


When they met back up two days later, nothing was said. Alice dragged Bella away from the boys to discuss 'girl things'. That effectively assured the boys didn't follow them.

"I'm so proud of you Bella!" Alice hugged her. "I saw you running away from the humans."

Bella grinned. "It surprised Edward," she admitted quietly. "He explained that usually newborn don't have any control over their thirst. What I did is supposed to be impossible."

Alice shrugged. "It's also supposed to be impossible for Edward to have been able to resist your blood when you were human. You smelled amazing appetizing Bella," Alice told her, "that's why Jasper couldn't get close to you. It was hard for me even, and I've not had human blood except for once."

"What happened?" Bella asked, concerned.

"The idiot boy got to close to me," Alice explained. She had always been Jasper's, even if she hadn't met him at the time. "His hand was bleeding at the time. I couldn't stop myself."

Bella hugged her. "Part of what helped me runaway was because while those humans smelled tasty, I could still smell rust and salt the most. It made me feel sick."

Alice laughed. "Bella, you're probably the only vampire that doesn't like the scent of human blood."

Bella shrugged. "I was a strange human. Why should I be a normal vampire?" She grinned. "Race you back to the boys?"

Alice had already run ahead. Bella caught up and raced ahead. She was faster for the time being. Bella won, leaping at Edward and causing them to crash to the ground.

Jasper stared at them before Alice crashed into him. He managed to keep them both standing, mainly because of their size difference. He grinned as she kissed him, kissing her back.

"I like not having to breath anymore," they heard Bella comment when she had Edward broke their kiss. Then they were kissing again.

Jasper cleared his throat. "If you two don't mind, shouldn't we be going?"

"Yes," Alice agreed, "we still have to find the others."

Edward and Bella sighed, getting up. It was time to go. Everyone gathered their things. Then they all took off running. Alice had had several visions of the Cullen family's current location. She didn't recognize where they were, but Edward did.

There was no hurry however. They agreed to continue as they had been. They avoided the overly sunny places unless no humans were around. They discovered that Bella really was a mental shield when she managed to shield Alice's thoughts from Edward one day. Jasper was slightly annoyed when Bella continued to go against the norms for newborn vampires, but then she hadn't been a normal human so why did he expect her to be a normal vampire?

They basically spent the next year and a half going from coast to coast. They did stop long enough to get married and even separated for about a month for their honeymoons. They met back up on a train.

Bella became accustomed to being a vampire. All three of the older vampires were impressed with the amount of control she showed. Then they decided to head home. By now, Edward was convinced that his family would love his mate and their siblings just as much as he did.

"Esme?" Edward stepped into the house by himself. The other three were waiting on the edge of the woods that bordered the property.

Esme looked up from the plans she had been looking over. "Edward!" She leapt up and hugged her son. He'd been gone for almost six years. She stepped back to look at him. He was different. His eyes were as gold as ever, but he was smiling and happy. She had never seen Edward like this.

"You're never leaving again," she told him, "why haven't you kept in contact with us?"

Edward sighed, ashamed as he heard his mother's worried thoughts. He nearly growled when he heard Jasper's thoughts and new his brother had a hand in how he was feeling.

"I'm sorry Esme," he apologized. "I was ashamed of my actions. I didn't want to come home until I knew I could handle that shame."

"You know we still love you Edward," Esme hugged him again. "We've all missed you, even Rosalie."

Edward rolled his eyes. "I'm sure." He was smiling again.

"What are you so happy about?" Esme asked. He was never this happy. Had her son found someone to be with?

"Yes, Esme I have," he was grinning even wider now. "Would you like to meet her? And our friends?"

"Edward I would be delighted." Esme was smiling as well. She was certain that she would love anyone who could make Edward this happy.

Edward led her outside. Bella smiled nervously as she stepped forward towards Edward and the who must have been his mother Esme. Alice was pushing her to make sure she kept moving while she tugged Jasper's hand to make sure he came with them.

Esme watched as a slim brunette beauty entered the yard, her gold eyes dancing over everything in her nervousness. She looked at the tiny she-vampire pushing the brunette and tugging along a tall blonde male.

"Esme," Edward stepped away from his mother and took the brunette's hand, "this is my mate Bella."

"Hello," Bella managed to say, wanting desperately for the woman to like her.

Esme hugged her. "Hello Bella, it's wonderful to meet you." This caused the girl to relax.

She looked at the now bouncing she-vampire, waiting to know who she and the male were. Edward chuckled.

"Esme, this is Alice. She's been waiting to meet you for a while now." He grinned as Alice shot him a look. "The blonde is her mate Jasper."

"Hello," Jasper greeted the woman. He could feel her curiosity and the love she was already feeling for all of them.

"Hi!" Alice greeted, allowing Jasper to pull her to him. "You can stop laughing Edward, and that doesn't mean you can start Bella!"

"Alice can see the future," Edward explained, "it surprised us to when she showed up and told us she was going to be our sister." He smiled at Bella as he spoke.

Esme smiled as well. "You're all welcomed to my home. Please, come inside. Carlisle will be home soon."

"Emmet and Rosalie will be home tomorrow at twelve fifteen," Alice spoke up. She was noticeably calmer now.

Esme looked at the girl. This was going to be interesting. A mind reader and a physic. She wondered if Bella and Jasper had a gift.

"Both of them do," Edward answered her thought. "Jasper can feel and manipulate emotions and Bella can shield her own mind and the minds of those around her."

Esme blinked, surprised. Four gifted vampires. Carlisle was going to enjoy this.

Carlisle did enjoy it. His curiosity was piqued and he asked several questions. Edward told his parents what he'd been doing in the six years since they had last seen him. Carlisle was surprised and proud of Edward for having the control to be around Bella when she had been human and having the strength to change her. He was highly interested in Bella's distaste for human blood and her shielding ability. Jasper and Alice were both interesting and he had no problems with them becoming a part of the family.

Rosalie wasn't so impressed. Alice annoyed her and Bella did something she had never managed to do, which was gain Edward's attention. Still, neither of them were afraid of her so that was something.

Emmet was overjoyed in not only having Edward back (Carlisle wasn't interested in sparring), but having someone new to wrestle with as well. Alice was so small compared to him that it was comical. Bella had been in awe of his size, but could give as good as she got when it came to pranks.

"What are you thinking of Love?" Edward and Bella were lying in their bed, relaxing before having to face a new years as high school students yet again.

"Just our past," Bella replied, perfectly content to not having to move from this spot. "How we got here, jumping trains, learning that vampires aren't all bad." She kissed him. Crimson-eyed vampires still made her uneasy. Whenever Aro came to visit, she and Edward would stay around only long enough to be polite before disappearing. Alice and Jasper usually followed.

"Do you ever regret any of it?" Edward asked, already knowing the answer.

"You know I don't." Bella rolled her eyes. It had taken several decades, but Edward had finally stopped seeing himself as a soulless monster.

"It's time to get ready for school," Alice's bubbly nature hadn't changed in the least. "Come on Bella, you're getting dressed with Rose and I today."

Bella groaned. She hated being Alice's life-sized Barbie. Still, it made Alice happy and she didn't do it to often. Alice was much better at fashion then Bella would ever care to be.

"I'll be right there Alice," Bella assured her pixie-sized sister.

"Edward," Alice called again, "your outfit is hanging in your closet. I have your clothing Bella."

"I guess we need to get up," Edward grinned. Bella returned it.

"I guess we do," she kissed him hard, settling herself on top of him.

"We don't have time for that this morning!" Alice's interrupted them, thankfully not entering their bedroom.

"Go make out with Jasper!" Bella called thru the door.

"Don't drag me into this!" Jasper called back. Emmet was rolling on the floor laughing. Not that he would mind in the least, but Alice was anxious to get ready. He knew better then to get in his mate's way.

"Spoil-sport!" Bella called back, getting off of Edward after kissing him again. "School won't go by fast enough."

"It never does," Edward sighed. "Come on love, Alice will actually come in if you don't come out."

"I know," she pouted, but got out of bed anyway.

Forks High, here come the Cullens.