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1225 Kamakura, Japan

The Daimo sat in his courtyard upon a bench looking blankly across the grass and trees the tastefully decorated the courtyard. He was lost in his thoughts of who would be coming to join him in his estate soon, whether he or his family wished him to. He'd watched the pale youth grow up into the fine young man he was today, watched from afar not wishing to have to converse with the boys family. He was fully aware of the distaste the mother and elder brother held for him and how very much they wished to not hand over the boy.

But the father and other clansmen were unhesistant at the time when he told them he would continue to bestow upon them his generosity should they ensure that the boy were given to him as his servant and personal body guard when he came of age. The Daimo was no fool, he knew that the young man was proud, strong, and possessed an inner strength that would not be dominated or overlooked. He was skilled, talented, and the older he got the more the clansmen seemed to regret their decision to let him go. Though they never voiced how truly magnificent the training warrior was, it was obvious in the intensity of which they would watch him train.

Such a graceful warrior, he could dance the dance of death flawlessly as though he was born to be a warrior; every movement he made had purpose and was not wasted or overexerted. Every curve of the weapon in the air whispered longingly as though his ancestors whispered through them. He was precise and only his elder brother stood a chance at sparring against him. He had seen the two ravens sparing, they both seemed to be in a world of their own, a world no one could break through or reach them at.

Their movements were quick, steady, confident, calculating and fluid. He'd been in awe as he watched the two spar once before while he was paying visit to the village to see the young mans' progression. The boys father had told him that his elder son and one of their servants were the ones to train him. As he watched the two spar in silence he noticed that there was something more to the younger ones' movements, a different technique and such intensity in those burning black eyes. He'd been only twelve years old then and since that moment, the very brief time that the younger ravens' eyes had looked up from having sensed the Daimo's intense gaze he wanted him even more. He wanted those intense eyes upon him, wanted that gorgeous, perfect boy; nearly celestial in his level of skill, his measure of beauty and grace, and the intelligence that showed in everything he did.

He wanted to own something so rare and powerful, and he would, at all costs. If he had to burn that damned village the boy lived in to the ground, destroy his family and clan to keep them from stopping him getting his prize for the peace, comfort, and wealth he provided them with, then that would be a small price to pay. He did not worry over tarnishing the young man, over twisting his heart, mind, and soul. He longed to over power such a person, someone so strong would be a glorious person to overpower, to own.

The Daimo stood, it was only one week from the young mans' thirteenth birthday, the summer heat would be hard to travel in and they would have to wait until the time was best should they leave early. But he had a feeling that the mother and brother were at least planning something, the silver haired servant that worked for the family was also one to be concerned with. He turned and saw that his personal servant stood at the end of the courtyard waiting patiently for him.

"Yakushi prepare the horses, we leave for Kurume at once."

Yakushi nodded, "Hai, Orochimaru-sama." Yakushi was a pale young man, he was only in his late teens and had silver hair and navy blue eyes that looked black most of the time. As his personal servant he was usually dressed in a dark purple haori and dark gray hakama's and wore his shoulder length hair tied back in a low pony tail. He was loyal to the Daimo due to the fact that the paler, older man had saved his life and offered to help him become useful once his entire family was wiped out by the ruling Emperor's forces. The Daimo had long black hair, dark yellow eyes, ghostly pale skin, and many would consider him to appear more feminine than masculine considering his lengthy slim build. But it was often seen that regardless of having servants and guards, he could defend himself and was quite the dangerous man to have as an enemy.

It was his reputation for having only young men as personal servants and that he often displayed a possessive watch over his personal servants that earned him a suspicion among others. No one could prove any of their suspicions as his home was heavily guarded by disguised warriors and shinobi to protect his privacy as well as his fortune. One thing was for certain to all the citizens within the village, the Daimo was a vile, twisted, and powerful man and it was foolish to cross him should you wish to continue living or not become nothing more than a street dweller. Though many detested him, none could say anything about him because he was a close friend of the Emperor's and it was known that he was an accomplished doctor and scientists and had served the Emperor on many occasions to earn his trust as well as to get on the Emperor's good side. His transgressions were overlooked because of his service and his wealth often bought anyone of the authority so that they would turn a blind eye to anything he did that anyone else found distasteful or disgraceful.

Many would never admit, but the rumors of him bringing one of the Uchiha clan was something everyone was curious about. It was said that the Uchiha clan possessed rare and unique abilities and were a powerful, skilled, and illustrious clan. Their beauty, their skill, and their intellect was said to be breathtaking, astounding, and stunning. Many of the women were anxious to see the young man the Daimo was bringing back as payment for his services to the clan, the men wished to see if the clan was truly as powerful as everyone said. So when Orochimaru set out with a number of the warriors and shinobi employed to him, many started to talk and gossip about what the young man looked like.