Dark Impossible Love


Zero stood on the wall between the day and night class in Cross Academy guarding so no one would enter the night class building. He looked around and suddenly caught sight of Yuki taking out her gun. He jumped down from the wall and ran towards where he saw Yuki. He heard a shot and ran faster. As he came to the clearing he saw Yuki still standing, shaking.

"Yuki what happen?" Zero asked not looking at the person Yuki had shot.

"She… came… and I…" Yuki said shaking. Zero then looked at the body on the floor and his eyes widen when he noticed it was someone from the outside. A girl he had ran into two days ago.

"Calm down Yuki, we will see how to fix this" Zero said as he begin to think what to do. He suddenly heard something and someone else came out of the shadows at that moment and Zero noticed the one on the ground looked like the one standing.

"What have you done?" the girl asked but Zero noticed the girl was looking at the girl on the ground and not at Yuki.

"I didn't mean to… I told her to stop… but…" Yuki begin to answered while shaking not realizing the girl wasn't talking to her.

"I hate when this happens?" an other voice came suddenly. Zero looked down at the ground to see the girl laying there sitting up.

"Sister how many times will I tell you to be more careful on what you are doing?" the girl standing sounded annoyed. Neither seemed to noticed Zero and Yuki as they talked.

"Sorry, I was looking for you and suddenly this girl just shoots me" the girl, on the floor, said standing up. Zero noticed than that there was no blood on the grass, it was than that the newcomer looked at Yuki.

"You must be Yuki Cross, adoptive daughter of Hunter Cross" the girl, standing said calmly. Zero tried to see the girls, but it seemed that it was a mystery even when he was able to see clearly in the dark. It was as if the girls weren't there at all.

"Well lets go, we must meet up with Hunter Cross before he changes his mind. Later losers" the girl that had been sitting down said and left before Zero said anything. Zero noticed as the girl that had arrived second looked at him before turning and disappearing in thin air. Zero stood frozen as did Yuki who was still looking at the spot the girl she had shot had been lying.

Hunter Cross was sitting in his office after he had heard a shot he had only sigh. The doors of his office suddenly open. He looked up and was surprise it was not Kaname or Zero right in front of him. "Rosalie? Kisa?" Hunter Cross said surprise.

"Hello father" Rosalie said. Her eyes had been a dark blue with silver specks for a moment before going to a light blue with blackish specks. Her eyes looked warm but on guard, she was average height and she was wearing a black skirt down to her knees with a white shirt that went alone with it. She was wearing black boots that went half way up to her knees. Her long black hair down to knees.

"How? When?" Hunter Cross asked unable to say anything else.

"We got here by car, we are in a motel right in the outskirts of the village. Two days ago" Kisa said with a slight smile that disappeared fast. Her eyes were black with some red specks, they had some warm and coldness in them; her eyes were also on guard. She was average height, a little shorter than Rosalie. She was wearing a black skirt down to her heels and a dark red shirt. She was wearing black boots as well. Her long black hair reach her waist.

"I see" Hunter Cross said still surprise. The two girls smirk and chuckle darkly making Hunter Cross get out of his shock. "So what are you two girls doing here?" Hunter Cross asked wanting to know everything about the two girls that had been like daughters to him. Two girls that h ad gone through so much and still seemed that they weren't done.

"We came to join your school" Rosalie said as if it was the most obvious thing.

"No" Hunter Cross said without thinking.

Rosalie's warm eyes went from light blue with blackish specks to cold dark blue with silver specks making Hunter Cross looked away for a second.

"I came to join your school because its not safe to stay were you sent us." Rosalie paused for a second. "Now if you don't mind father, explain why you adopted another girl behind our backs?" Rosalie asked coldly, no longer with warmth.

"Her parents were killed and she was all alone. I didn't say anything because I wanted you two to stay were you were. You won't join Cross Academy period" Hunter Cross said evenly.

"I told you Rosalie, that this man doesn't want us anymore" Kisa said softly.

Rosalie nodded and both girls began to walk towards the door slowly.

"That's not it!" Hunter Cross found himself yelling making the two retreating girls turned to look at him. "Touga is here and I don't want him to see you" Hunter Cross said more softly and in defeat.

"He won't recognize us because we aren't taking the same classes" Rosalie said, as both girls walked back to the desk.

"What do you mean?" Hunter Cross asked confused.

"I refuse to be in a class with all those monsters, not you sis" Kisa said adding the last part after looking at her sister.

Rosalie nodded as her eyes changed back to the light blue with blackish specks. She knew her sister, and she knew that she was afraid of accepting what they had become two year ago.

"I understand. So you will be taking the day class with the mortals, but wouldn't you go crazy Kisa?" Hunter Cross said scratching his head in confusion.

"I won't, I learn to take more precautions than what you give me credit for. I love to annoy mortals but that's only for fun" Kisa said with a smirk.

"Besides father, I would like to meet this guy that thinks is the only pure… one" Rosalie said. Hunter Cross nodded once again as he took out some papers.

"Okay, you two will began Monday morning, which is tomorrow, so bring all your things today" Hunter Cross said as he fill up the papers in his hands.

The two girls turned about to leave but stopped at the door and turned to look at him once again. Hunter Cross looked up at them and waited for them to talk, he knew them well enough to know when to ask a question and when they would say something that he might not like. At that moment he knew he wasn't going to like what the older of the two was about to say.

"We can't use the last name Cross, we must use a different last name."

Yup he didn't like that one beat and it hurt to know that they didn't want his last name be known to the academy.


"Unless you want Yuki Cross to know who we are we will keep the last name," Rosalie softly pausing for a moment. "Besides you said that Hunter Touga was here, we can't let him suspect about us."

"Okay, what last name would you like?" Hunter Cross asked once again in defeat and understanding. He didn't mind Yuki knowing, but Hunter Touga was a different story. He was looking for them, wanting to destroy was he thought the most dangerous creatures on earth. Two creatures that he had created, and one they found their other halves, those two men would also be as powerful as them. Powerful enough to protect the vampire race, to protect the hunters, and destroy Level-E vampires.

"Kisa Snow and Rosalie Night" Rosalie answered without hesitation.

"Why different last names?" Hunter Cross asked curiosity clear in his tone and forgetting what was the original plan.

"What do you think Hunter Touga and those vampires think if I had the same last name as Rosalie. Everything planned would be ruined and they would find out who we really are. We don't want that… not yet anyways," Kisa said annoyed.

"Clear" Hunter Cross said and both girls left without another word. He finished filling up the papers and put them in a folder full of students information. He than wrote down the names in the day and night classes list and waited for the girls to go back. He knew they didn't want to be discovered, and that they had planned something if they were there. He just hoped that it wasn't a plan of revenged for what had happened two years before.