Dark Impossible Love

Chapter - 22

It was dark all around her, she knew someone was with her and could only see glimpses. She didn't know what todo, she had never been so out of control… what had cause it. Was her sister okay? Had she hurt her? No… she couldn't hurt her sister. Not even if she was so out of control… she would be the only one she would never hurt. Then who was with her… who was it that she hadn't hurt? Was it someone she knew would help her… someone that would die before something wrong happened to her?

"Sister be okay," she said softly.

Zero came out to the clearing Rosalie at his side. There in the clearing stood Kisa, alone… something was off and he knew it but he didn't know what was it.

"Rose?" Kisa said softly.

"You left me… you left me alone," Rosalie said to Kisa as she went up to her.

"No sister I didn't left you… I would never leave you. I'm here in your heart," Kisa said softly. Zero looked towards the night building and saw his twin brother. He was the only one he could sense.

"Kisa, never leave like that again," Rosalie said softly. Kisa look at her eyes… they were lighting a little. Kisa looked passed Rosalie and watched as Zero looked around, before looking at the night building.

"Are you two one?" Kisa asked Rosalie softly. Rosalie lost conscious then, falling to the ground. Zero turned to look at them then… Kisa looked behind her and nodded. Kaname went out and took Rosalie in his arms.

"No!" Zero exclaimed going to them but they had moved too fast. Ichigo was in their place.

"Calm down Zero, you must complete the ritual. You read her side of the ritual is time for you to accept her or let her go," Ichigo said. Zero turned to look at him in questioning, but before he said a word he lost total control. "Zero, think about Rosalie."

"You have taken her from me. Why have you done that? I thought I could trust you," Zero said in a cold tone. He suddenly heard several heart beats around him… not human hearts but vampire hearts.

Rosalie opened her eyes and looked around, the first one she saw was her sister.

"Hey," Kisa said softly with a small smile.

"Where are we?" Rosalie asked confuse.

"We are in Cross Academy, I came back yesterday night and you arrived a moment ago," Kisa answered her smile growing slightly. Rosalie looked around once again, to find Kaname, Yuki looking out the window, and Hunter Cross at her right.

"What has happened?" Rosalie asked… but before anyone answered she heard Yuki gasp. She was by the window at once. She look towards the courtyard, where she saw Zero and Ichigo fighting, while the rest of the vampires made sure neither would go any farther than the outskirts of the trees.

"Rosalie, you are the only one that can stop him," Kaname said then. Rosalie turned to look at him in question. Then she suddenly smile, her eyes the light colors that hadn't been seen in a week.

"I know you will protect her, now excuse me," Rosalie said becoming thin air. She was outside in front of Ichigo stopping Zero from attacking. "Go inside Yuki is waiting for you. I will deal with this," Rosalie said in a calm tone. Ichigo nodded in hesitation and went inside his eyes never leaving Zero nor Rosalie.

Zero stared at her not moving far from her, nor nearing her. Rosalie was smiling all the while. Zero was in front of her then grabbing her hand, Rosalie's smile never disappearing.

"Under the Moon and Sun I declare myself the one to stop your demon. The one that will calm it, so you won't have to worry about getting out of control.

Under the Moon and Sun I declare myself your other half to help you in what you need. The one that will be in your every thought from now on.

Under the Moon and Sun I declare myself the one to be with you for all eternity."

Zero stared at Rosalie, fighting for control against his demon. Rosalie still smiling warmly at him. Not moving away from him knowing it would only be worst if she did.

"I accept you as the light of the darkness my demon has walk in, to be the one to calm it in the worst times.

I accept you as my other half to help me in my needs as well as yours. The one that will be in my every thought always.

I accept you to be the one to be with me for all eternity." Zero finally managed to say. Rosalie looked at the sky for a moment before she looking at Zero only to meet his lips.

Rosalie kissed him back, not stopping herself. Zero put a hand behind her head and one around her waist pulling her closer. Rosalie put her arms around his neck as she pulled herself up to him. Claps were suddenly heard and the two of them separate to look around. They had totally forgotten about the whole school, Rosalie look towards the door of the night building to find Kisa and the others walking out.

"I think this really is a Dark Impossible Love," Zero said in Rosalie's ear making her turn to look at him.

"What do you mean?" Rosalie asked softly in confusion.

"No one should be so hard to become one… we went through more than what we should had gone," Zero said smiling.

"Tell me then how is it impossible?" Rosalie demand her eyes going to the dark colors in annoyance making Zero chuckle.

"Its impossible, because you are my love. You are impossible to understand sometimes… so I call you my dark impossible love," Zero said kissing Rosalie on the forehead.

"Oh," was all Rosalie was able to say when the others reach her.

"It's time to go to Hunter Touga before he goes completely crazy in the room of nothingness," Kisa said with a smile. Rosalie eyes went back to the light colors in confusion once again. "It was him that killed our parents Rose."

"I see," Rosalie said taking Zero's hand and pulling him towards the night building. All the vampires and Hunter Cross walked down the stairs and down a passage until they reach a black door. Rosalie opened the door to find Hunter Touga walking in circles in the same spot. "Hello Hunter Touga," Rosalie said coldly.

"Rose… you came back," Hunter Touga said running up to her. Zero put her behind him at once. "He locked me up Rose… he blames me for something I didn't do."

"You know its right… I saw you," Kisa said softly making Hunter Touga look at her. He was about to attack her but Rosalie had him against the wall gripping his throat before he could do anything.

"You will never touch her, I won't kill you because that is not who I am. I don't kill humans, I kill Level E vampires. You will live, but not out of this room… you deserve nothing more than nothing," Rosalie said throwing him back into the room. She closed it and locked it before she turned to the others, her eyes the light colors. "Let's go make the day class forget."

"I'm right behind you," Kisa said with a smile when she got out of her shock. Rosalie grabbed Zero's hand and all left at once, never hearing Hunter Touga screams of despair.

Rosalie opened the door of the day building with Zero at her side. She began to whispered words that no one was able to hear. A light suddenly surround them, and Rosalie left with Zero, as Hunter Cross entered. Both walked to the courtyard, until they were under her room. Rosalie looked up and smile slightly.

"Let's see how far we can jump upwards," Rosalie suggested. Zero nodded and both jumped up reaching the roof. "That's impressive."

"I love you, Rosalie," Zero said with a smile. Rosalie look at him and smile before they kissed. Someone cleared their throat making them separate.

"Kisa!" Rosalie said surprise.

"Let's sing," Kisa suggested holding two guitars one in each hand. Rosalie nodded and took the dark blue guitar and went to sit next to Zero. "I'll follow," Kisa said when Rosalie look at her. The older girl nodded and began to play a melody… a new melody to both girls.

"When I thought I lost myself, I found you near… when I thought that there was nothing to hope for you brought it back to me." Rosalie began to sing.

"You became my light, my hope… my little angel," Zero sang surprising the two girls who stopped playing for a moment before they continue as if nothing had interrupted them.

"You my other half… the one that will give me another sense of life," Rosalie sang with a smile.

"The one to tame this demon inside me… the one I'll protect with my soul," Zero sang looking at Rosalie's eyes. The melody continue for a moment, neither sing. "You my other half."

Rosalie and Zero went down to the terrace when Kisa and Kaname left. They walk inside and locked the doors after closing the window. Rosalie turned to look at Zero then, she walked to her bed and found her notebook there.

"I read the words on the back… I didn't know they were your ritual words," Zero said hugging her from behind.

"Did you open it?" Rosalie asked softly.

"No, I only read the back," Zero answered. Rosalie let it fall to the floor and turn to look at Zero. She look up at him and kissed his jaw in gratitude.

"I'm afraid Zero," Rosalie said as she put her head against Zero's chest.

"Of what love?" Zero asked worry.

"That this is just a dream… that tomorrow you won't be here. That I would wake up in the private academy I was in," Rosalie said softly.

"That won't happen… this is not a dream. We are together and I won't let you go," Zero said and tighten his embrace on her. They stayed like that for a while, neither said a word, nor made an attempt to move away. Zero moved back a little making Rosalie look up at him, Zero lean down and kissed her on the lips.

Rosalie kissed back with the same tenderness he was kissing her. Zero walked backwards then making her fall on to the bed breaking the kiss. Rosalie moved backwards on the bed followed by Zero. Once both were in the middle of the bed Zero kissed her again, Rosalie reach up putting her arms around Zero pulling him down.

"I love you, Rose," Zero said when both separate for air.

"I love you too, Zero," Rosalie said with a small smile. Zero roll to his side and pull Rosalie closer to him, fitting her in his body.

"Sleep my Rose, sleep that you will be in my every thought," Zero said softly. Rosalie closed her eyes, listening to Zero's heart beat before she fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Kisa and Kaname entered her room, and lie down on the bed after they locked the door and closed the window. Kisa had her head on Kaname's chest, both were silent. Kaname suddenly begin to stroke her hair.

"I hope that my sister and Zero don't separate," Kisa said softly.

"I think… no wait I know Zero won't permit that to happen. He has been away from her too long… and he has been looking for her. Trying to find her so they can become one," Kaname said with a smile. Kisa smiled then and looked up at him, kissing his jaw before she lay her head back on his chest. "Sleep my Kisa, sleep that you are the only one that is in my every thought." Kisa closed her eyes listening to Kaname's heart before she fell into a dreamless sleep.

Zero stood from the bed slowly not wanting to wake Rosalie, he walked to the window opened it and jumped down to the courtyard and walked to the wall that separated the small forest from the day class. He jumped up and stood there looking passed the school grounds, as the air blow in his face. He felt someone at his side and look to see who it was.

"Kaname," he greeted softly.

"Zero," Kaname greeted in the same way. Both stayed silent, neither talked nor moved.

"I was here patrolling a month ago, when Yuki shot Kisa by accident. I had seen it, so I jumped down and ran to see what had happened. Rosalie came out of the trees telling Kisa that she hated her doing that… Kisa sat up then saying she was sorry. I was shocked… Rosalie had brought back the hope that I had been looking for when I saw her. She had looked at me with indifference that night… her eyes dark," Zero said suddenly pointing at the spot he had seen his other half.

"I wasn't able to move for a moment… and when I was able to think. I came back here thinking I had just imagine the whole thing. Until Kisa entered the class the next day… that's when I knew that I hadn't imagine anything. When I began to patrol the night class and saw Rosalie I didn't know how to act around her so I began to treat her like I treated every night student." Zero look towards Rosalie's window. The light was off, just like he had left it, a smile on his face.

"I'm glad you two are together now," Kaname said smiling as well.

"Yes me too… I just hope that nothing goes wrong again," Zero said. He then turned towards the trees sensing Level E vampires nearing Rosalie's room. "I think we have a job to do my friend."

"Lets do it," Kaname said and both jump down from the wall and ran towards the Level E vampires to kill them before they reach either of their halves room. Once they were done they went back to their halves, Zero entered the room to find Rosalie still sleeping. He took a quick shower in the bathroom and went back to lie next to Rosalie. Making sure he never woke her up from her sleep.

Six Months Later

Rosalie was walking to the garden of her home with Kisa at her side. They had agreed to visit their parents home every summer and they knew they did the right thing. Zero and Kaname were inside talking in the study. Rosalie and Kisa came to a stop under the apple tree were they had put two stones in memory of their parents. They both kneel in front of them.

"Father, mother we are back," Kisa said with a small smile.

"We came to tell you that we are happy, that the men that we became one with are good vampires. They respect us and always ask for our opinion in some of the things they don't seemed to agree on," Rosalie said her eyes the light blue with blackish specks shining all the while. Kisa smiled remembering the last time where they had each taken part on their halves and ended doing something different.

"We miss you two, we wish you had been here for the small ceremony that old crazy Hunter Cross made us," Kisa said with a small laugh making Rosalie smile slightly before it disappeared as she talked in a serious tone.

"I swear that Hunter Touga won't hurt anyone again. That I will protect Kisa with the same power I have taken care of her." Kisa looked at her sister and found she was smiling like if she was remembering something from the past. Rosalie looked at her then and both smiled at each other in silence before both stood and began to walk back to the main house. Neither seeing two small white flowers blooming at once.

As both girls entered their parents home they found Kaname and Zero waiting for them in the middle of the ball room. Rosalie and Kisa walked up to them as a melody began to play, both couples began to dance under the full moon. Both happy with how things had turned out… even when they still faced challenges they would never face them alone again. They had someone to rely on now, someone that the four creatures knew were in front of them.