(this is actually a fic for allll my favorite anime characters. they are all in a summer camp lead by my O.c.
anime included so far: Samurai Champloo, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Gin Tama, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2, Rurouni Kenshin, Black cat, Ouran High School Host Club, uh...and more. -.-')

Chapter 1: The Champloos

"This is so stupid. Why do we have to be at a summer camp? I'd rather lay on my ass all day than spending time listening to some bullshit about the outdoors," The unrefined, and arrogant Mugen complained as he picked his nose.

Fuu, the sixteen year old girl Mugen had sworn to protect until she found her 'samurai that smelled of sunflowers' looked disgusted. "I thought you really wanted to go! When I read the notice to you, you were acting all excited about it!"

Mugen scoffed. "I only wanted to go because it said something about a fighting tournament, led by three girls, with free food, and a party that allowed drinking." He got up from the ground he was laying on and gripped the sword on his back. "And I want to finally wanna be able to kill this pretty boy!" He said to Jin, Fuu's other body guard.

Unlike Mugen, Jin is a reserved and disciplined samurai. He is very strong, but lacks a reason to fight, other than for Fuu. Mugen, on the other hand, doesn't believe you need a reason to kill someone.

People stopped talking when they overheard what Mugen said, and waited anxiously for the fight to start.

Jin sighed as he looked around and saw the many people watching them. "Please stop causing a scene," he said as he pushed his glasses further on his face. "We'll fight later...And don't call me a pretty boy."

"Whoa! Look at him Sakura! Isn't he cute lookin'?"

Jin and Mugen both turned their heads toward the voice.

"Huh?" Mugen said.

A long, blonde-haired, blue eyed young girl looked at them with a sparkle in her eyes. She had her hair in a ponytail, and a set of hoop earrings in her ears. She also had three earrings on one of the flaps on the front of her outfit.

I wonder if she's talkin' about me... Mugen thought to himself. A goofy look spread across his face.

The other girl with pink hair smirked at her friend. "So...you've finally given up on Sasuke?...Ino?" she said as she crossed her arms in satisfaction. Her long, pink hair was down to the middle of her back, and she had green eyes.

"What?! I just said he was cute! Not as cute as Sasuke, of course! I thought you would know that, Sakura!" The girls glared at each other.

As Jin looked at the girls, he noticed they had some sort of headband with the same insignia on them. The pink haired girl had hers on her hair, used like a ribbon, with the blond haired girl had hers around her waist. I wonder what those mean? Jin thought."I think I get it..."

Everyone looked at Mugen.

"You don't know who to choose. Me...or Jin..." He flexed his muscles a little bit to show off.

"What the..." Fuu said as she looked at Mugen questionably. Trying to seduce young girls! How low! She rolled up her kimono sleeves.

"We'll settle this and see who can beat who!" Mugen grabbed the sword on his back and started pulling it out, when he got hit on the head with a hand. He fell to the ground, knocked out cold.

Author's Notes:

For some reason, the beginning's not turnin into a fanfic format... so tried to fix it...if it worked out the way i wanted it to be... -.-'

Sasuke's so freakin'...argh! He makes me sooo mad! Nobody likes him but Ino and Sakura, and all the other girls in Naruto!...*grumblex2*...and all the Naruto fan girls in my school...*sigh* I'm I the only one who has good taste left?! *giggle* IDK...but the answer sure scares me... XD (oh! btw, my opinion has changed once i started on the second arc. the uh...Shipuden one. ^o^ me likeys him now! :D That comment was made right after Sasuke left. -.-' Just to clear things up.)

I didn't use the right tense when I was describing Jin! oh noes...-.-' *ahem* anyways...moving on...

I liked Sakura better with long hair, so her hair's long. Technically, her hair would've been short in this part...hmm...but yeah...

I swear! It's like I forgot everything about Samurai Champloo! I don't remember their antics, or how well they would deal with a certain situation... oh well... THAT JUST MEANS I NEED TO WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES ALLLL OVER AGAIN! HA HA HA! YAAAAAAAY CHAMPLOOOOO! o

Hope you read the next chapter! it includes the intro of my O.c! ^o^ with Samurai Champloo! :D

I don't own Mugen or Jin...TT-TT. OR Fuu, Ino, an Sakura...AND DEFINITELY NOT SASUKE! *Blah!* Shinichiro Watanabe, Matsaru Gotsubo and Masashi Kishimoto-sensei do.