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Chapter 3: Ninja meets Samurai

"This is gonna be so great!" The blond-haired, hyper active, knuckle-headed ninja, said as he leaped for joy. "I can't wait for the camp to start!" Naruto said, giggling happily.

Neji, the cool and realistic member of the Hyuga clan chuckled to himself. So energetic..."I figured as much," he said, as he crossed his arms.

Naruto and his friends had been sent to the Golden Summer Camp for vacation, as a mission. The leaders of the villages Hidden in the Leaves, and sand/wind heard about the notice, and decided to send some younger teams to see how it went. Naruto, his team, the other rookies, their friends from the land hidden in the sand, and their friend Haku from the land hidden in the mist, were all at this new summer camp to enjoy it together.

"We are pleased you could come, Haku," Rock Lee, the passionate, *Tai-Jutsu expert said.

Haku smiled,

"I'm glad I could come too."

"I still can't believe he's a guy," Shikamaru, the calm, yet sluggish ninja whispered to his best friend, Choji Akimichi. "He has such a pretty face, it's feminine."

"I know..." Choji answered while eating some of his chips from a bag he brought. Choji was always eating, and this time wasn't any different.

He has more charm than most of the girls here... Shikamaru thought to himself, looking around.

Haku chuckled,

"I get that a lot..." He said, then changed the subject out of worry. "...I just hope Zabuza can cope without me by his side..."

Sakura, the girl with long, pink hair shivered remembering the demon of the mist, Zabuza. Her, Naruto, Sasuke, and their Sensei, Kakashi Hatake, had fought against Haku and Zabuza when they were enemies. It was a very grueling battle. Sasuke, Haku, AND Zabuza almost died. Kakashi-Sensei almost took Zabuza out, but hit Haku instead. Haku left Sasuke alive, but he almost died too! At the end, everyone ended up making it out okay. (dont fight with me on this...-.-')

"So...are you guys okay with our Hokage?" Sakura asked Haku, confused.

Haku scratched his head.

"It's...complicated. As long as we end up doing alright, i guess..."


Sasuke looked up as he rested against the tree when he heard Zabuza might be at the camp as well.

"You mean Zabuza's at this camp too?!" Naruto asked, not believing it. (ACK! OH NOES! XD)

"Yes. Right over there. Near the camp's dinning hall." Haku said, gesturing.

Everyone looked over toward the dinning hall. The feared demon of the mist was sitting on one of the benches, holding his Guillotine sword close to him. He looked up, realizing people were looking at him, and smiled when he saw Haku. Haku waved. Then, someone walked up to Zabuza. He wore a green vest and had Silver hair.

Naruto's team figured out who the Jonin was right away.

"Kakashi-Sensei's here too?! I thought there wouldn't be any Jonin here!"

Apparently, Sakura was wrong, for Kakashi Hatake, a Jonin, was talking to Zabuza. Although they appeared to be smiling at each other, a weird aura was surrounding them.

I guess they haven't forgotten about the fight... Sakura sighed. WE made up already, how come they didn't?

Nearby Zabuza and Kakashi, a white puff ball with long rabbit ears and a red jewel in the middle of his forehead cowered behind a thin man in a long white cloak with short, blond hair.

"That aura is scary!" It said as it burrowed into the man's coat. The man laughed.

"It's okay Mokona. They should be wise enough to not fight in the open. Right Kuro-Poo?"

A dark figure loomed over the blond-haired man with fury in his eyes, as he gripped his sword.

"Stop calling me that, wizard! It's Kurogane!"

"Kuro-Poo! Kuro-Poo!" Mokona taunted.

"You're gonna get it, Pork Bun!" He said as he tried to grab the furry white creature. Mokona hid behind the man with the white cloak.

"Fai! He's after me again!" It cried as it cowered.

"Kuro-Rin, You know better than to do that to Mokona." Fai said as he smiled innocently.

"...Whatever." Kurogane sighed, looking away.

"We have some real weirdos here..." Kankuro, the naive and aggressive fourteen/fifteen year old said.

Everyone couldn't help but agree.

"I still can't believe Kakashi beat me here..." Said someone from behind Rock Lee.

Everyone turned around to see Gai-Sensei, the tense and teary, rival of Kakashi's. Gai and Rock Lee have the same bow haircut, and the same outfit. Only, Gai-Sensei has A (Jonin/Chunin) vest, and Rock Lee doesn't. Gai is also the Sensei of Rock Lee, Tenten, and Neji Hyuga.

"Gai-Sensei!" Rock Lee cried as he gave him a big hug. "I am very happy to see you!"

"What are you and Kakashi doing here?" Sakura asked him. "I thought we were the only ones coming!"

Gai stopped hugging Lee,

"Kakashi and I volunteered to watch you all over the summer. To make sure you don't get into any trouble." Actually, we're here to keep a close tab on Zabuza and Haku... He glanced over at Haku who was taking his hair out of its bun, letting it flow freely.

Whoa...His hair looks so soft... Sakura thought as Haku's hair glistened in the sunlight.

"Sakura. You should put your hair up during the summer. Just like Ms. Ino. That way, it won't be in your way when it gets so hot." Haku said, smiling at Sakura.

"Oh!...I guess you're right!" I never thought of that! Maybe Sasuke will even like my hair up! Cha! Sakura squealed.

What is she thinking about? Ino thought, as she frowned at Sakura.

"I'll put it up for you, if you want." Haku smiled.

"Oh..." She looked over at Ino, who encouraged her. "Sure," Sakura said as she handed Haku her hair ribbon. He took the ribbon and tied it low on her head. Sakura adjusted her headband.

"How do I look?" She asked.

"I like it. You look nice."

Haku and Sakura exchanged smiles.

"Hey, Is your hair easy to manage Haku?" Sakura asked him out of curiosity. Haku smiled.

"It's gotten better... Though I should put it into a ponytail too... I haven't done that in a while..." Haku glanced over at Zabuza to see if he was looking. "Would anyone care to put my hair up?" He looked at the guys and smiled.

No way... He's so...girlish! Kankuro thought. I'm not touching that!

Temari went up to Haku. "I'll put your hair up for you," She said as she took Haku's elastic. That way, we won't be here all day waiting for one of the guys to do it.

Everyone was quiet as she gathered his hair together. Shikamaru shifted uncomfortably. Why do I feel this way? She's just putting his hair up...Don't tell me... He looked at Temari. I like her? No way... Shikamaru thought in denial.

"Goodness! Your hair is softer than mine!" Temari said, surprised. Shikamaru came back into reality.

"Oh, really?" Haku said as he chuckled. He glanced over at Zabuza, who was watching Temari put his hair up. Haku turned toward Temari. "Thank you for putting my hair up for me." He told her as he smiled.

"You're welcome!" Temari smiled back with a tomboyish smile.

"I think I'm going to go show Zabuza, now." Haku smiled.

"Have fun!" Temari told him as she laughed. Haku smiled, then with a wave, walked over to Zabuza. When he reached Zabuza, Zabuza looked up and saw Haku, and chuckled. Haku ran his fingers through his ponytail, and they both began to talk.

I swear... Everything about him says girl. Shikamaru thought, frowning at Haku.

"Now listen. Neji. Tenten. Everyone. Your youth is in full bloom already. Make sure you use it effectively this summer," Gai-Sensei said as he gave everyone a thumbs up, while smiling.

"Yes! Neji! Tenten! To our youth!" Rock Lee said to his fellow teammates, also giving them a thumbs up, and smiling.

"I get it," Neji said, sighing impatiently. "I'm really getting tired of all this youth business..." He said to himself. Tenten giggled when Gai-Sensei frowned.

"And make sure you treat the leaders of this camp like Sensei. Even if they're quite young." Gai explained.

"Yes sir!" Rock Lee saluted his Sensei.

"But don't forget to have some fun." Kakashi said as he approached the group, while reading his Make-Out Paradise book. Kakashi was always reading this perverted book, and this time wasn't any different.

"Kakashi-Sensei!" Naruto and Sakura called out in unison.

Sasuke stood up.

"What's this about you beating Gai-Sensei here? You're never on time." Sasuke said, questioning his Sensei.

"Now, now..." Kakashi said. "I can be on time when I want to..." He glanced over at Gai and chuckled.

"What was that suppose to mean?" Gai asked Kakashi.

"Oh, nothing..." Kakashi said in return.

Ugh...There he goes with that cool act again... I can't stand it. Gai thought, inspecting Kakashi.

"Oh! I know you all will be a bit excited about this, but I heard from a little bird that there will be a fighting tournament held here." Kakashi said, matter-o-factly. That caught everyone's attention. Even Gaara of the Sand looked up on that comment.

"YES! That means I'll be able to fight Sasuke, Haku, Neji, Kiba, AND Rock Lee again!" Naruto said, jumping up and down with glee.

"Maybe..." Kakashi said as he flipped a page in his book.

"Whatever Naruto...You won't be able to fight anyone after your match with me and Akamaru!" the active and short-tempered Kiba said to Naruto. "Right, Akamaru?" His dog, Akamaru, barked in agreement as he poked his head out of his masters' coat. Kiba rubbed his best friend's head. "Cause I ain't holdin' Back!"

"K-Kiba...I think everyone has a good chance of winning, don't you?" Hinata, the shy and introverted *Kunoichi said as she glanced over at Naruto. She blushed when he looked at her.

"Uh...yeah...I guess so..." Kiba replied. There she goes with that blushing again... He thought to himself. She looks so cute...

"Oh, that's right! Kakashi-Sensei!" Sakura said as she turned toward her Sensei. Kakashi looked up.

"Ino and I met these three people while we were looking around the camp. There was this one guy that kept hitting on us, even though he was at least ten years older than us! It was really freaky!" Sakura said as she and Ino shivered when they remembered Mugen.

"Is that right?" Kakashi said, returning to his book. Sakura sighed. Sensei... Must you always read that book?

"Ugh...I'm so hungry, I can barely walk..."

Everyone looked over to see three people walking with their heads down.

"Hey! That's Jin, Sakura!" Ino pointed to the one with glasses.

Jin looked up.

"You're right!" Sakura squealed.

How do these girls...Know about a guy like that? Kakashi thought, eying Jin's sword. I'm afraid to ask...

He's so... cute! Thought Temari and Tenten at the same time. They looked at each other and giggled.

"If Haku's beautiful, this guy is good lookin'." Temari whispered to Tenten. Tenten couldn't help but agree.

"The drag queen said the dining room doesn't open until Sana and the team start the introduction to the camp." The girl whined. Though he was really cute...

"Aw, Stop your bitchin'. We're hungry too." The crazy looking guy said as all of their stomachs growled.

"Sensei! That was the guy we were just talking about!" Sakura said, pointing to Mugen.

"Is that right..." Kakashi said, looking at the weird character in front of him.

Fuu and Mugen stopped and looked over at the ninja, who were watching them. Then they noticed Choji's chips. Choji stopped munching as they stared at him.

"Hey, kid..." Mugen said as he gripped his sword. "How bad do you want those?"

Choji started munching faster, out of fear.

"Mugen! We might be starving, but we will not take a kid's food!" Fuu said as she hit Mugen on the head.

"He doesn't know the meaning of restraint. (Even when it comes to children.)" Jin said.

"Kiss my ass." Mugen said as he flipped off Jin. They both went into a fighting stance and gripped their swords.

"Come on guys! Not here!" Fuu desperately said, trying to calm them down.

Their youth left him a long time ago... Gai sighed and frowned as he looked at Mugen and Jin.

"Anyway..." Fuu turned toward Choji after she calmed Mugen and Jin down "Do you...Have any more?" Everyone looked at Choji.

"Hey man...what're you gonna do? They look pretty hungry..." Shikamaru whispered to Choji.

"I'd say he'd better give it to them." Sasuke said. Then they can leave before those guys do something stupid... Sasuke said under his breath.

"Sasuke!" Ino said with a sparkle in her eyes "That was so cool!"

I wish she would stop doing that... Sasuke thought as he frowned.

Sasuke? Fuu looked at Sasuke. This was the guy who stole both of these girl's heart... Fuu thought as she looked at Sasuke. I admit, he is really cute... She thought as she gazed at the pretty Uchiha.

Ino glared at Fuu,

"You have two guys, Sasuke's mine!"

"Back off Ino!" Sakura told her, clenching her fist.

Fuu got angry.

"These two..." She said as she pointed toward Mugen and Jin. "Are completely worthless! They're suppose to be my bodyguards, and so far I was almost sold, killed..." Fuu went on as she counted on her fingers, and everyone's eyes got bigger as she continued with her list.

Mugen wasn't paying any attention. He was too busy looking at Choji, while Sakura and Ino glared at each other. Jin watched everyone helplessly.

Fuu sighed. "Never mind..." She said, holding her head low.

Gai began crying,

"I know how it's like to be ignored when you're trying to talk to someone!" he sobbed, resting his arm on Fuu's shoulders, trying to hold back his tears with his arm.

"Uh..." Fuu said, shifting away slightly.

"Huh? Where you saying something?" Kakashi said, looking up from his book.

"SEE?!" Gai sobbed.

Neji and Tenten sighed as Rock Lee joined his Sensei, hugging him.

"We don't know them..." They both said in unison.

Eww... Fuu thought with a grossed-out face.

"May I have your attention please."

Everyone looked toward the stage where Sana stood at the podium, and Makoto, Derick, Hikara, and Setsuko sat on the chairs behind her.

"Finally!" Mugen said as he stopped looking at Choji. Whew...Choji thought as he sighed a sigh of relief.

"The Golden Summer Camp has now...Started."

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