Greetings. The television, that vessel which keeps me communicated with the wide world beyond my flat recently showed me this really awesome film. You may have heard of it, Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl. Any way, watching it reminded me of this story that I attempted to write a few years ago – I never posted it so don't attempt to search for it. Any way, I think I now may have discovered the ability to write it.

Title: A Marriage Interrupted

Rating: T (for now)

Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean. I am merely borrowing the characters for my own purposes and shall return them once I've done….please don't sue!

Summary: Will and Elizabeth spend a blissful five minutes married, before the arrival of Cutler Becket and the East India Trading Company. This is a basic re-write of Dead Man's Chest and At World's End.


For many, there comes a time in their lives when they realise that all that is required to change the entire course of their life is a single moment. For some, it may be meeting someone, for others it may be an event, the death of a friend for example. For Elizabeth Swann, it was the arrival of Lord Cutler Becket and the East India Trading Company in Port Royal.

Since then, she had thought every day of what would have happened if he had never arrived. It was quite easy; she and Will would have spent two months secluded from the world enjoying nothing and no one else's company but their own. It was a thought that warmed her entire body, but it was only internal, for the warming of her insides only made her outsides freeze.

She tried to remember exactly what it was that had happened, but it had proven to be difficult as the events were a complete blur. She and Will were happy, they were getting married, and they were going to spend the rest of their lives together. Had they actually gotten married, or had she just imagined that part? She looked to her left hand and saw the gold ring on her third finger. No, that part she had not imagined.

She smiled to herself as a tear spilled down her cheek. She kissed the gold band and felt more tears rise.

So they were married, he had kissed her lips tenderly for the briefest of moments, offered her his arm and escorted her along the aisle of the outdoors church. Clouds had covered the sky in a thick and dark cover, that for many would be an ominous sign, but Elizabeth didn't notice. Will was attached to her arm and was now, and would be forever, her husband.

They had led the congregation indoors, to the awaiting spread of food and drink; their first meal as a married couple, the formal celebration of two families uniting forever. However they were only in the process of sitting down when the front doors burst open and two officers in a naval uniform that was uncommon in Port Royal entered, closely followed by more.

Every single guest stopped and stared at the officers as they walked through the room, and four walked straight for the newly-wed couple. Questions of 'what's going on', 'what do you want', and 'who are you' came from both, and rumbled through the guests as Will was placed in shackles, and Elizabeth was restrained shouting denials of anything Will had done to earn this treatment.

After a few minutes, once Will was shackled completely, the two officers who had been holding Elizabeth back released her as she rushed to Will.

"Why is this happening?" She asked breathlessly, clutching his hands.

"I don't know." Will responded quietly, wanting nothing more than to brush the few stray strands of hair that had blown onto her face from the wind outside.

A clamour sounded from the doorway leading to the church where two of the officers were now standing – in fact they were now standing at every exit and every corner. Will and Elizabeth looked to the noise to see her father trying to enter the room but being held back.

"What's going on here?" He demanded towards the open doorway leading to the street. Neither Will nor Elizabeth had noticed the man standing, looking out as rain began to fall in its typical Caribbean torrent. "Stand your men down at once!" He shouted again.

Will and Elizabeth looked back at each other, both knowing that this was their life-defining moment. Elizabeth could feel tears rising.

"Governor Weatherby Swann it's been too long." An unfamiliar voice spoke from the doorway, causing both Will and Elizabeth to look up.

"Cutler Beckett?" Her father's surprised voice was the last thing Elizabeth could truly remember with any clarity before the blur began. It involved her being arrested, she and Will being separated, finding out Will had to find Jack and her escaping Port Royal.

Now she sat in the back room of a shack, lit by a solitary candle, surrounded by snoring sailors. It didn't help that in the next room sat two men, one her husband, and the other, the man who had spent two weeks terrorising her existence, and who she thought was dead. To make matters worse, her husband had been staring at her with cold, blank eyes ignoring her every word since she had boarded the long boat earlier that afternoon.

It was too painful to bear. So instead it forced her to think about every single action she had made in the past few weeks, trying to determine what it was that had seemingly destroyed her life.


Author's warning: I have a shameful track-record when it comes to updating. Be advised that whilst I may appear to forget about a story, I haven't. So whilst updates may be slow, they will come.

Also: be advised that this prologue's contents may change in the future.

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