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~Chapter One – A father's love~

Sitting in a jail cell, a pleasure no woman of the elite class should ever have to endure. Elizabeth was trying to force herself to ignore the feel of the freezing rock she sat on. The frigid, hard object was penetrating her every sense, and it was too much for her to deal with.

It was difficult to ignore, especially when she felt this huge lump in her throat that was constantly threatening to rise further. She wasn't a fool, she knew what it was. She swallowed her tears repeatedly, but eventually, the lump had risen so high that she could always taste salt in her mouth.

She missed Will. This was her wedding night, and instead of being able to be with him in the way every married couple should be, she was sitting in squalor with a horde of convicts in the next cell reaching out for her and whistling, treating her like a dog.

It was too degrading.

After what felt like an eternity of invisible tears, hidden sobs, and thoughts that featured death and destruction to her and Will, especially Will, she found herself going into a near catatonic stance. The men became silent, the cold became warmth, and the rock lost its hard feel. All that kept Elizabeth from drifting into a seemingly impossible slumber was the thought that Will was searching for Jack.

She remembered, the last time she ever saw him, that that would be that. Captain Jack Sparrow would remain a person who had popped in to their lives and then promptly disappeared. He was a figure who united them, whether he meant to or not, and he was an adventure.

All she had wanted since she was a little girl was the chance to experience an adventure, to experience piracy. Life on the high seas, a life of freedom and social equality; it seemed perfect.

Of course, Elizabeth had always forgotten that the books she had read these stories in had romanticized everything. A life on the seas was not perfection. It was grisly, dirty and not a life to be endured for a length of time, especially for a woman raised to be a duchess.

Feeling her hair become matted with sea-water, salt and sand had been too much. Having to put up with being gawked at by a bunch of men, being touched in all manner of inappropriateness, forced to hold her needs until the night fell so that the men would not stare at her as she forced her body into a position so that she wouldn't fall off the ship.

It had been the adventure she needed. It had made her blood pump and her heart pound. When it was over, when she was back in Port Royal, it was a joy to have her hair made up by another woman, being bathed and dressed every morning by her two maids, she found herself enjoying it more, appreciating it.

And then Will declared his love for her, saved Jack and kissed her as the days afternoon light changed, the sky becoming pink and gold. It was one of the most amazing and romantic moments to ever occur to her.

And it was all because of Jack.

And now, here she was in a jail cell on her wedding night, whilst Will was off at sea somewhere. And again, it was all because of Jack.

Elizabeth had half a mind to ring his neck the next time she saw him.

The sound of rattling keys in the cell door broke into her mind, and when she looked up the door was wide open and her father was standing before her, his cloaks flowing around his knees.

"Come quickly." His voice ordered. Elizabeth was too smart to question him; there was a wide open gate before her and her father telling her to come along.

"Shh, I'll tell you everything in the coach." He spoke as he led her down the hallway.

Elizabeth looked at him curious. "Everything? What do you mean everything?"

Her father looked at her, his eyes grave and sad. "I have arranged passage for you, back to England."

Elizabeth didn't need to hear the remainder of his statement to know that she was having no part of his plan.

"No! Will has gone to find Jack!" She whispered hoarsely.

Her father rolled his eyes, pulling her too him and forcing her to continue on down the hall. "Now is not the time for innocence, Beckett has one pardon only, and that is guaranteed for Jack Sparrow. Of all the sights, please do not force me to endure the sight of my daughter walking to the gallows."

At this statement Elizabeth felt nothing but guilt rise. All he wanted was to guarantee her safety; he had desired it ever since her mother died when she was 6.

"If he succeeds, I shall ensure that Will gets a fair trial." It was the mention of her new husband that jarred her thoughts, and reinstated her anger.

"A fair trial for Will ends in a hanging." Elizabeth spat, feeling anger course through her.

"Then there is nothing left for you here." Her father responded sadly.

A few moments later the carriage lurched into motion, and with it, absolute panic. Her father wanted her to return to England, to a life and a society so formal and restricted that she would never be able to breathe. At the same time Will was somewhere at sea searching for Jack.

At sea, Jack, Tortuga, that's where Will was going to start.

When the carriage eventually stopped moving and her father left her alone, she offered him a silent farewell, then with the stealth of a fox, escaped the carriage, refusing to look back, clenching her jaw, determined not to consider the possibility that this would be the last time she would ever see him, she ran.


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