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We were on my class's archaeology dig. To graduate, we needed to go on one dig for course credit. This year's dig was in Mexico, which didn't really excite me; I would have preferred going to Spain, or maybe Jordan. But I needed credit, so studying the Aztecs and their temples was the only way I could graduate early and unravel the clue my father had given me; the clue to the Templar Treasure.

We arrived at the hotel we were staying at to find out that our hotel had been double-booked. A university from Maryland would be joining us on our dig, and there had been a mix up at which hotel each university was staying at. Eventually everything was settled, and we made our way down the street, towards the other hotel.

The first two days were generally boring, with the exception of my roommate, Matt, getting loudly turned down by a girl from the Maryland University. We went over the rules of the site, how to catalogue, a quick overview of how to treat the objects, etc. By the third day we were able to start excavating.

The bar my friends brought me to the second night we were staying there, didn't surprise me at all – it was exactly like them to like a run-down, sketchy bar that was hidden in some alley. We were celebrating my birthday, which I had been quite content to ignore. Unfortunately, Henry had overheard my mother calling me that morning, as he walked into my room, and decided that "the boys" were going to take me out for celebratory drink.

I didn't know that night would change my life.

The lights were dim in the bar, but that wasn't the reason I stayed seated at the table we had found. I nursed a double shot of bitter-tasting rum in my hands, wondering how long it would be before I could leave. Henry, George and Matt were already showing signs of drunkenness; they had left me at the table alone. Henry was ordering a couple shots for himself, and the girls on either side of him. Matt was dancing with a lovely girl (not) to the music that was playing, which was loud enough to annoy me. George had apparently gotten lost on his way back to our table from getting us another bottle of rum. He stood at the bar, arguing with someone over some sort of sports game.

I sighed, before taking a sip of my drink. I didn't want to be there. We were finally going to start to do some excavating tomorrow, and I didn't want to be hung-over for it.

The sudden slam of a half-empty bottle of Jose Cuervo on the sticky table top startled me out of my thoughts. I looked up, and saw a blonde who was working her way up to drunk, take a seat across from me in the booth. I recognized her as one of the students from the other university on the trip. Her hair was curly and long, all the way down her back, but it was her eyes that got me. They had mischief tattooed in them – I could never turn down a troublemaker.

"So," her voice had a British lilt to it, and if it hadn't have been for her eyes already doing so, she would have drawn me in right then. "I've been sitting over there –" she pointed to the bar, where a pack of girls were surrounding George now, "and you were looking awfully lonely." She took another swig of tequila, straight from the bottle, and it brought a smile to my lips.

"Well I'm thankful you noticed," I answered her, matching her by downing the rest of my rum.

Her pretty lips parted in a troublesome smile, and I could feel my stomach stir. I was anxious to know her. "I'm Emily," she replied, leaning back and taking another drink from the bottle. Her eyes were glued to me, as she leaned back and swallowed the tequila, her blonde curls tumbling down her shoulders.

"Patrick," I breathed, my heart stopping. She offered me the bottle, which I took. I was never one for tequila, but I took a shot anyway. I passed the bottle back to her.

As the hours moved on, Emily slid closer to me in the booth, while we bantered playfully. Her hand lightly rested on my arm when she was speaking, and she leaned in close when she whispered that George and her friend Lily were leaving the bar together. I turned, and watched who I now know was Lily walk out the bar leaning all over George. I smiled, and turned back to Emily, who was now so close I could feel her breath on my lips. My eyes stared at her pink lips, watching them until she quickly sealed my own in a searing kiss.

A few moments later, we were following Lily and George's footsteps. I stood up out of the booth, allowing Emily to slide out after me. I grabbed my coat off the rusty hanger beside where we were sitting, and when I turned around, Emily caught me by surprise again. She stretched, her hands high above her head, with her shirt riding up to show a bit of her stomach. My breath hitched in my throat, again, before she relaxed and gave me a wink. I offered her my coat – she only wore her t-shirt and jeans – which she took.

We were about to walk out the door, when Emily, who was drunker than I was, stumbled. I caught her quickly, and she gave me a cheeky smile in return. I decided then that it would probably be best if I just walked her back to her hotel room, and then go back to mine. But there was something about this girl... I could just leave my name and number... and maybe a quick note –

"What are you doing?" A man's voice brought my thoughts away from Emily, to the world around me. I turned around, and saw Nick Dunn, one of the guys in my archaeology lecture. I sat beside him, and we seemed to get along pretty well. Until tonight, of course.

"What do you mean?" I asked, frowning.

Nick gestured towards Emily, who was fumbling with my coat that was far too big for her. "I've been working her over all night, until you showed up. She's mine."

I shook my head, sure that I wasn't hearing correctly. "Pardon?"

Nick stepped forward, looking very menacing to me. I had never been in a fight in my life. "I said, I'm the one that's going home with her."

Emily must have heard that, because I could hear her voice coming from behind me, "Excuse me!?" She tried to step in front of me, but my hand stopped her from getting too close to Nick.

"Nick, she's too drunk to go home with anyone."

"What the hell are you doing then Gates?"

I sighed, knowing how that must look. "I'm just going to walk her to her hotel. She can't go out there by herself – especially when she's drunk."

Nick came closer to me, and my hand pushed Emily farther behind me. "I think you want to go back to your booth, Gates. Leave the girl with me."

I stood my ground. "No. Nick, you're obviously drunk, Emily's drunk. Hell, I'm a little drunk too. Let's just leave it."

Nick raised his fist to me, but I ducked. Luckily, I was right in assuming he was drunk, because he stumbled after missing my head. I responsively punched him in the chin, immediately regretting it after I had. My hand was throbbing, and that look in Nick's eyes that had made me nervous before, was now terrifying me. He was about to throw another punch at me, when Henry and Matt leapt on him, pinning him to the ground.

"Go Patrick!" Henry laughed at Nick, who was struggling angrily.

I pushed Emily out the door, into the cool night air. I had a smile on my face when I turned to her, but the words died in my throat, when I saw her glaring at me. "I can handle myself you know."

I frowned, "Yes... I never said you couldn't?"

"I could have handled Nick."

I sighed. "You're drunk, I was just trying to look out for you."

"I'm not the kind of girl that needs protecting!" Her voice rose, and her eyes flared up. "I don't need a knight in shining armour to rescue me. I can rescue myself."

"Yes, I'm sure you at – how much do you weigh? A hundred and fifteen pounds? – could have taken Nick, whose arms probably weight fifty pounds each." I was getting angry – I just helped this girl, and now she was yelling at me for doing it?

"Not everything needs to be solved with violence!"

"Did you not see the look in his eye?" My voice was rising to match hers. "The one that said, 'violence is the way I'm going to solve this problem'? If it weren't for my friends and I, who knows what he would have done!"

"He would have done nothing, because if it had come down to it, I could have used my defence classes!"

I raised my eyebrow at her.

"God, I cannot believe I was going to have sex with you!" she threw her hands up in the air frustratedly, as she began to walk away from me, down the alley and towards the street.

I followed her. "I wasn't going to sleep with you. I was going to walk you back to the hotel, and then leave. You're too drunk to making any decisions."

Emily whirled around to face me, her finger poking me in the chest. I placed my hand on her elbow to steady her. "I am not drunk – I can hold my alcohol thank you very much!" I noticed that her accent became more apparent the angrier she got.

I raised my eyebrow again. "Yes, that's why you're stumbling over air."

She let out a frustrated growl, and turned away from me. "Stop following me!" she called, when she noticed that I had turned the corner with her.

"You're drunk, and I'm not going to let you get yourself killed, or in some other kind of trouble, just because you're too stubborn to ask for help." I replied, still following her.

I followed her to her hotel, arguing the entire way. When we got to the door I walked her up the stairs to the building, still arguing with her as the night concierge shook his head at us. I followed her right up to her hotel room, intent on making sure that she stayed in there. She got her key out, and I waited while she fumbled with the lock, leaning beside the doorframe. Suddenly, Emily pulled me by my shirt, and spun me to pin her between her and the door to the room. Her hands wrapped around my neck, bringing me in for a heated kiss, which I gladly returned. 'Sudden' seemed to have been her motto for life by the way that night was going.

Somehow she got her door open, and just as it fell open, I was brought back to the world around me again. I helped her up from falling with the door. Her hand that was still in my own, pulled me to follow her in. I shook my head, and squeezed her hand. "You're still too drunk."

Emily rolled her eyes. "You are gallant to a fault." She moved closer to me, and grabbed a pen that was inside my jacket she was still wearing. Pulling my arm towards her, she proceeded to write her phone number on the inside of my elbow. She let go, and put the pen back in my jacket pocket. Her hand was placed on my chest, as she smiled at me. "Call me tomorrow, so I can give you your jacket back."

"You could just give it back now..." I asked, not taking the hint.

"Where's the fun in that?" She gave me another kiss, before turning and shutting the door.

I smiled, and turned around. There was definitely something about that girl...