My Child.

Rosalie's Point of View

It had been a strange past couple of months. Emmett and I moved away from our family to try to start a life of our own. We know we can never have a family like Carlisle has made but we just wanted to be together and have some privacy. We always had to disappear when we graduated and only some of them had to finish high school. So Emmett and I decided to test this life. Of course we still had to be "young", going to collage or working at a gas station or something but it was a small price to pay for privacy.

We had bought a small yet still extravagant house in the woods. The place was like Forks was but the life seemed more sociable and more suitable for our lifestyle. Over the past couple of months, our past family had given us the space we requested but it still felt strange. Emmett was working on a master's degree on the technical grammar of the human muscle system and oddly enough, he enjoyed the day classes as I worked. Yes, I am working. Trust me, it surprised me too. Carlisle offered to pay for our rent but we can only take too much from him right? We decided to only ask for money for a last resort.

So now I have a job as a secretary at a law office- something I didn't enjoy but a job is a job and money is money, no matter how much pain is inflicted upon myself from this torture of a job. My boss is an ignorant man with a family that he rarely sees. It disgusts me on how little he thinks of his family. He doesn't realize on how many people-especially me- dream to have kids, to have a loved one. I love Emmett for all eternity, but my boss's wonderful children are so lucky to be given a chance at life and their poor father is shadowed on their purpose of life. He doesn't realize what he has and the wasteful nights he spends "late at the office" makes me want to rip his head of-literally. But I relax and deal with it, ignoring my natural instincts.

So now I'm on my way back to our house. That felt really good to say. Even with this vampire life, I was still enjoying it as I would if I were human. Maybe not exactly, but this life is better then it would have been if Royce hadn't- I shuddered. I hated thinking back to my life before Carlisle, before Emmett, before my family. I sighed as I pushed the bad memories out with the good and got to the small house. It rested along a creek and was as open and bright as the on in Fork's did. It was like a mini life of Carlisle's even though I didn't feel like Esme. She was too kind. I hated to leave her but she react just as any mother would. She was upset, of course. But we can't stay away forever. We would return in a few years. It's not like there's time to waste when you have all of it till the end of time.

I sensed Emmett in the living room waiting patiently for me to come home. I was so glad he stopped the "act". The first day on our own, I returned home to a husband wearing a suit and tie reading the newspaper. He said that since we can't have a normal life, we should fake it. I loved how much he wanted to give me everything. I used to think I didn't deserve him but just the way Emmett tells me that we both deserve each other.

I entered the house and was at his side in an instant. He sighed as he smiled at me and pulled me to the couch and I sat on his lap. "How are you today babe?" he asked and kissed me ever so gently. I went and started to kiss his neck.

"I'm fine hun. How was your day?" I replied between breaks from kissing his neck. He even had large muscles there. I smiled everyday as I thought about how lucky I was to have his soul and his body forever.

"Alright." He chuckled. I backed my lips away from him and looked at him.

"What's so funny?" I asked, but continued to smile.

"Nothing," he said, but I could tell he was hiding something from me.

"Tell me please?" I asked, flirting. The best thing about Emmett was that he was still overtaken by my seductive words.

"It's nothing important I just-"he started but went back into his thoughts.

I put his face in my hands and made him look at me. "What?" I asked. I was eagerly curious. I wasn't used to not knowing his secrets. Edward has always been there to ruin Emmett's surprises but I enjoyed them all the same.

"I just thought we could go hunting. I have the strangest craving for bear and your kisses just rose the animal in me I guess" he chuckled again and it echoed louder this time through the small house.

"I enrage the animal in you?" I looked at him and smiled. What a turn on, I though to myself. Then again, there was the good part for not having Edward know our every thought. Poor Edward, enduring every thing our minds thought of when were together.

Emmett laughed now and his voice almost shook the house, then he rose and pulled me along behind him. We ran through the forest and he searched for his bear. I looked for a much smaller prey for me to feed on- Emmett was the only bear I enjoyed.

"I got one!" he yelled at me. I smelled it too. Just a few miles up ahead but I smelled my meal just a few miles in the other direction.

"You go ahead; I'll just catch this deer!" I said to him. I let his hand slip from mine and he darted after his meal. I smiled to him then darted the other way.

I caught up to the deer and began my quick chase. It darted between two trees once it noticed my not so friendly approach but I quickly caught him and drained it.

I was satisfied and laughed to myself. I didn't know when I actually thought I could have a normal life but now it was obvious that my life with children and grandchildren was never going to happen. And as with my feed today, I was pleased. My life couldn't be normal so why not deal with it. I've felt like I have been almost faking my happiness until now. I knew that wasn't true, cause I was always happy when I was with my old family. Even when Bella caused complications but now she was apart of this family too. As well as she had her own family with Renesemee.

I sighed and tried to put all the bad parts of my life, oh there are so many, and only think about the good ones.

I started to go and find Emmett but something caught me off guard. I knew that there were sometimes humans in the woods but their blood seemed weird. It was spilled blood.

Had Emmett- no I couldn't bring myself to even think that he had killed someone. We had worked so hard for this life. I went towards the blood and was glad to see that Emmett was no where near the area. I was almost angry with myself for even thinking he would do that. I knew I wanted to find him but I also needed to know where the mess was coming from. I quickly made it to the scene.

There was a couple lying on the grass. They had been murdered. They were stabbed and it was clearly not done by a vampire. This was an actual crime scene. I couldn't help but cover my mouth and gasp as I got a better look at the couple. They were very young, about the ages Carlisle and Esme when they were changed. The couple was lying on the grass, holding hands. They surely fought from they're attacker. I clenched my jaw. Why couldn't I stop this? I should have been able to hear them scream or something. But I knew there was nothing I could do. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911. The least I could to was help them try to find who did it. I couldn't smell any other sense but the couple's so who ever did it was long gone.

I told the police the coordinates and was about to head back to find Emmett but a sudden cry broke from the forest. It was a baby. With out even thinking about it, I darted towards the sound. The babies smell was weak but I was surprised that I had missed it.

I got to the toddler quickly. She was hiding behind a tree crying her eyes out. She couldn't have been older then two and I recognized her hair quickly. She must have been the daughter of the murdered couple. How did this child escape? – I wandered but I didn't ever really care. I picked the child up and she embraced me in a hug. She didn't even hesitate to press her warm chest against my cold one. I almost gasped on how much the crying affected me. I almost felt like crying with her. She lost everything and despite her age, she could have just witnessed her parent's murder. I caressed her and was now shushing her. I knew Emmett would be upset but mostly confused but I held on to the child tighter and ran back to the house. I now officially am considering her my child.

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