Nessie's Point of View

I knew I probably shouldn't, but I had to see….

I slowly lifted my arm from my fathers and his eyes snapped open. He stared blankly at the ceiling, nothing but his left eye twitching so often.

"Daddy?" I whispered then his eyes darted to me.

At first I thought I had messed up, failed, and he was back under Vera's control. But when Dad's eyes met mine, he sat up and pulled me into a hug, careful of my outstretched hands to my aunt and uncle.

"Ness, oh god I'm so sorry!" He cried into my shoulder.

"I-it's okay. I'm fine," I said while pulling back. "So it's really you?" I asked as tears poked at the edge of my lids.

Dad nodded. "Yeah Nessie it's really me. Y-you broke it somehow. I don't know how you did it but you broke her spell over me." He smiled and pulled me into another hug.

"Do you think it worked for them?" I nodded towards Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose.

Dad sighed. "It's possible, since it worked with me. But we don't know their connection for before this all happened. We'll talk to Carlisle but for now will you be able to keep them like this?"

I nodded.

"Great," Dad said getting to his feet and listening to the conversation going on in the next room. He turned back to me. "What are you showing them anyways?"

"The day before they decided to leave us. The picnic, it was the best day."

Dad chuckled then gave me a reassuring smile before heading towards the living room. "Stay put and I'll fill you in."

I nodded and continued to flow my aunt and uncle with the wonderful memories of that day.

Edward's Point of View

Oh god how good it felt to be back. I had a killer headache but my mind was so much clearer. When Vera had control of me, it was like a whole other person was inside of me and controlling my body. And every time I wanted to protest, attack her, or stop hurting my family, I just couldn't. But somehow my daughter used her gift and any of Vera's influence was gone.

I knocked before entering the living room, keeping my eyes locked on my wife. But when she looked at me, her big eyes widened in horror and in an instant she was standing next to Esme behind Carlisle.

I held up my hands quickly. They had to know it was me. The real me. "Please, Vera tested it and it worked. It's really me. Vera's thing on me is gone." I explained.

Everyone looked me over skeptically.

"Nessie?!" Bella yelled over Carlisle's shoulder.

Bella's voice died away when Alice ran to me. "It's him! I promise!" And gave me a huge hug.

"Thanks. Now want to fill me in on the plan?"

Everyone seemed to relax and Bella came to my side, trying to hide her hesitation. But I noticed. But I couldn't blame her, could I? She saw me throw our daughter through a window!

"Well plan one, epic failure." Jasper explained.

"But we did get Rose and Em back." Esme pointed out.

"Yeah I told Ness to stay with them, just in case it doesn't work as well on them." I said.

Carlisle nodded. "Okay then, Alice just explained her vision. Vera was smiling and had a chocolate lab, did you say?"

"Well maybe she won," Bella said sadly.

"I don't think I can see the future beyond my passing." Alice snapped unabashed.

Bella shrugged.

"Well I just don't see how it all fits." Esme said.

"It may seem weird, because most visions happen on their own no matter what, and if ever we usually want to stop my visions from coming true, but I think we need to get a chocolate lab."

I gave Alice a questioning look.

"Seriously. If Vera is this happy when she's around a dog, maybe we could distract her with one and then get the jump on her."

"But she said she cannot be killed." Jasper added.

"Then she'll have to fail." Carlisle had his thinking face on. "We distract her and eventually her time will run out. Like she said, if she fails then she's done."

"But we don't know how much time she has." I said.

Alice gasped and then smiled. "Tonight. The volturi are coming tonight." Then her face twisted. "Or not…I'm getting two different out comes! What's wrong?!"

"We haven't made our decision yet of what we're going to do." I concluded.

"We'll get the dog and distract her." Carlisle decided and Alice smiled with a nod.

"I'll go and try to find the dog." I headed for the door.

"I'm coming too so you get the right one." Alice chimed in.

"Edward!" Bella pulled on my arm and I turned to face her, cradling her face.

"I'm sorry." Her cheeks blubbered. "And be careful."

And we were off.

Vera's Point of View

Only a half an hour before they come for me, I thought as I started running back to the Cullen's house. I drank a few children in their beds so I should be good to go. Nothing will make me fail. Nothing.

I ran right into the house and glared at the six members of the vampire family. Missing: my 'mother and father' and wonderful 'cousin'.

"You're almost out of time Vera." Edward stated and I was taken back a little.

Somehow his daughter broke my powers. Man that made me mad.

"This won't take long." I smiled and took a step forward when I heard a little wine and something barge into my leg.

"What the?!" I growled, ready to attack what ever was interrupting me but then I stopped.

A chocolate lab, identical to my childhood dog that once saved me life, Mia, stood staring up at me with wide gold eyes. My heart melted.

I got on my knees and petted the dog. Memories flooded back to me, good and bad.

"Mia," I whispered into the dog's fur and the dog waged her tail even harder.

I wide grin broke through my face but then I looked up around me. At first I expected to see my father commanding me to 'take that pesky mutt outside!" but what I saw scared me.

Surrounding me, stood all the remaining six Cullen's locked arms and trapping me.

My heart plummeted and I stood, letting the dog sit next to me licking my hand.

"You think this is funny?" I snarled then slashed at Edward's face but suddenly the dog barked and jumped out at me, biting hard on my forearm. Surprisingly the dog's teeth broke through the skin and I cried in pain as I fell victim to that attack.

I looked up scared to the family but only saw little guilt in Esme's face and she saw the tears fall down my nine year old face.

I heard a rumble and could sense the volturi's presence.

I looked up to Carlisle/ "Why?" I cried.

Carlisle didn't answer but Aro did.

"You failed once again Alivia and this time was your last time."

"But-" I wanted to protest. Scream at them and explain how difficult it was to fight against the Cullen's. but for some reason I already thought they knew.

Aro whispered one word in an unknown language and poof. I was gone.

Nessie's Point of View

Both Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett awoke with a startling gasp and my touch left theirs as they jumped up. I slowly began to back up but then they smiled.

"It's okay Nessie. It's us." Rosalie confirmed and Emmett nodded before turning to his wife.

"V-vera, she's. She's gone." Uncle Emmett whispered.

Rosalie nodded. "I don't feel as bad as I though I would. She was a daughter, but she was playing us the entire time."

Uncle Emmett nodded in agreement before grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet.

We walked into the living room to find Carlisle closing the door on someone.

"Is it done? Are we safe?" I asked him.

"She failed. We're safe." Carlisle smiled for the first time in a long time.

"But what about Jasper?" Alice asked.

"Vera was lying. She used her powers and tried to take control of him but when it only made him kind of sick, she made up that lie so she wouldn't seem weak. You do feel better now don't you Jasper?"

"Peachy," Jasper said before giving Alice a wet kiss.

Esme giggled and then turned to Rose and Em. "How are you two?"

"We're fine. Don't worry about us. It's almost like we've been under her spell since we first found her." Emmett explained.

"And, oh, we'd like to come home. And stay this time." Rose half asked and my whole family nodded before smiling.


(16 yrs later)

I was throwing the ball to our new chocolate lab, Kelly, when the black sports car pulled up. I didn't really pay much attention at first, until my dad came to my side and told me to come inside. I gathered the toys and ushered Kelly inside.

As I came in the back, who ever our visitor was knocked on the door. Everyone had already gathered in the living room and Carlisle went to answer the door.

Behind the door stood a teenager, had to be at least 15. She had dark golden hair cut professionally down her jaw line. She smiled to Carlisle but my wonderful hearing wasn't picking up any of the conversation.

I know everyone was tense, as was I, to who it was. Carlisle started arguing harshly to the girl and the girl's face fell for a moment, until Carlisle finally led her to the living room. Carlisle stood next to Esme's side while the girl stood in the middle of the living room as if to instruct a class.

"I can tell that most of you are confused. Well except Edward and Alice probably." The girl tried making a joke but no one seemed to be amused.

"My name is Alicia, aka Vera" She explained and suddenly everyone growled and went to charge at the girl.

Carlisle jumped in front of everyone. "Don't! She's just a human!"

"She was just a human when she tried killing us all!" Alice snarled at the flinching girl only feet away.

"Give her a moment to explain. This time she's really just human." Carlisle made everyone else sit down and Vera, or Alivia, started.

"I don't deserve to be forgiven for anything that I have done to you." She began.

"You got that right." My mom snapped.

"But I do give you my thanks. When I failed for the last time, I was killed. Literally done. And when I realized that you had trapped me, I was happy. I didn't like being a killer. I was happy being human. And now I am one again. I was reborn, one last time. This time there were no vampires, no powers. Just me. My mind was still intact, unfortunately but I was thankful to grow up normal. That's all I ever dreamed of."

"All we dreamed of was to go on with our lives normal and you didn't help us out much." Emmett said to his once-daughter.

"I know." Alicia stated simply. "And I don't disserve anything from you. But you do have my apology,"

Rosalie huffed in annoyance.

Alivia continued, "And my greatest gratitude. Thanks for not giving up on your family." The girl looked almost to the point of tears and then rushed towards the exit.

I had one more question and I ran after her, catching her at the door when she seemed to break down crying.

"You said that when you failed, you're done. So who gave you another life back here, human?" I asked.

The girl shrugged and before dashing to her car said, "You know of the evil of this world Reneesme. But there is good and I only know of one person who would forgive me for this. God gave me this second chance and I promise you I won't mess this one up."


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