Siren's Song

I'm so glad people like this! Second Chapter coming up! This is going to be a kind of hanging out mixed with action story.

"It's okay, these are pain killers. They'll help your head." Donatello encourages, holding a glass of water mixed with Disperol towards me. His warm brown eyes meet my own and he smiles, gently pushing the glass towards me.

Trusting him, I take it with both hands and gulp down the contents. Yuck! Donny chuckles at my scrunched up face. He takes the empty cup from me, and replaces it with a glass of water. I swallow it in relief, glad to get that horrible taste out my mouth.

"Hey Paige!" A cheerful voice calls, and I am once again swallowed by Mikey's warm feelings. I can't help but grin as I run towards him, my dirty feet pounding the cement floor. I clamber up beside the orange wearing turtle. I've always been small for my age.

Mikey takes a big sniff and holds his beak, as if he has smelled something rotten.

"You need a bath." He jokes. His comment hurts, but I'm not surprised, I probably do.

"That's one of the reasons I'm calling April. After all, we can't give her a bath." Donny calls over the TV.

"Good idea. Ask April if she can get some clothes for Paige, too." Leonardo puts in. I jump, and twist round to see him standing in a doorway. I hadn't heard him enter.

Leonardo looks at me, and I drop my head. I suddenly feel guilty – although I don't know what for.

"We'll pay April back." Leo adds, turning to face Donatello again. Donny nods, then presses some buttons on a small, green machine – which is appropriately shaped like a shell – and starts talking into it. A phone. I stare at the interesting gadget before Mikey pulls me away from my thoughts.

"How old are you anyway?" He asks, blue eyes eager.

"I'm nine...My birthday is the 17th of October." I answer in a quiet voice, waiting for the 'aren't you a little small' jibe. Surprisingly, it doesn't come.

"Cool," is all Mikey says. He turns his attention to the TV, turning the volume up. I glance at what's on. Warner Brothers Cartoons, Bugs Bunny. My favourite! I settle down beside Mikey, watching the program as intently as he is. I hardly notice the exchange between Leonardo and Donatello.

"Where's Raph?" Leo asks in a sharp voice.

"His room, where else?" Donny replies in an offhand tone. I guess he's finished talking to April.

A few hours later, the large doors – which Donny told me were a lift to the surface – open up to reveal two strangers.

A muscular man with blue hair, and a pale woman with red hair and bright green eyes. The woman is carrying two bags. Maybe this is April.

"Hi guys." The woman says walking towards us. The man follows her lead.

"I have clothes," She lifts one of the bags up, "and shampoo, conditioner and soap." She lifts the other bag.

I peek my head over the sofa.

"Who's that?" The man asks, confusion radiating from him. He gets into a fighting stance.

The woman whacks him with a bag.

"That's Paige, be nice." She looks at me and gives an apologetic smile.

"Ignore Casey. He insisted he came along." She tells me. Donatello and Leo make their way up to them.

"Hi April. Hi Casey." Donny greets them both warmly. So she is April.

"Sorry to bother you April, but Paige could really do with a bath." Leonardo apologises. I duck my head in shame. April notices.

She strolls up to me. Brushing my hair away from my face, she studies me. After a moment April smiles again. She wishes to comfort me, knowing what it's like to be intimidated my Leonardo.

"No problem. After we get you cleaned up, you'll be pretty as a picture." She encourages me.