I let that sink in for a couple of seconds. "What? Embry? Wait, whoa whoa whoa. Stop." I made Jake stop and turn around to face me. "With who?" I asked sternly.

He raised his eyebrows. "Huh?"

"Who has Embry imprinted on?" I repeated. He looked at me like I was crazy.

"Um. Bells. You just saw it." He said.

"Saw what?"


"Doing what?"


"Oh. On who?"


"Sorry." Jake rolled his eyes. "But...it just...it can't be. It just...can't." I said. I took his hand into mine and started leading him to our log. "It doesn't make any sense..."

"Why not?" We sat down and I put my head on y knee. 'Doesn't make sense, doesn't make sense...Not Angela...Doesn't make sense...' I thought to myself. "Bells?"

"Does she have to know?"


"Does...Does Angie have to know about Embry imprinting? Does she have to know about...about werewolves?"

Jake looked surprised and looked out towards the ocean. After a few minutes of silence he shrugged. "I guess. She kinda has the right to know. She's linked to Embry in an incredibly...deep and unbreakable way now. She has the right to know why she feels so drawn to him now."

"Doesn't make sense..." I couldn't put my finger on it, but something...something I just didn't like.

"What's wrong with it Bells?"

"Something doesn't feel right about it. I don't know what but...I just don't like the fact that Embry imprinted on one of my best friends."

"She is going to become very obsessed with him for the first couple of...weeks. But that'll pass. Kinda. She'll still be her. It's just that now she's going to act like an infatuated little school girl every once and awhile." He smirked. "Embry too.'Cept that with him, it wont pass so quickly. It's going to be Angela 24/7 with him for a very long time, starting now." He laughed. I smiled.

"I'm not upset that Ange's going to be in love...I think..I think it's.." I suddenly realised just what I was affraid of. "I'm scared of her finding out about this world."

Jacob's eyebrows shot up so high, they almost launched themselves of his head. "Um. What? Wait. You...I don't really understand. Care to elaborate?" He said curiously.

"I know, I know, I know." I said quickly, throwing my head into my hands. "I. Am. So. Selfish. Wanting to keep Angela in the dark about something like this...But Jake, I can't help it! The thought of Angela finding out about the supernatural world. Maybe I'm just afraid of how she'll react..."

Jake smiled and took my hand. "Hey. That's okay. I felt the same way when I was about to tell you. And Embry is going to feel it too, when he has to tell her. Angela will be fine with it though, I'm sure. It might come as a shock at first, but she'll adjust to the fact that life as she knows it will never be the same."

I rolled my eyes. "Exaggerate much?"

"A little." We laughed. A few moments of silence passed.


"I'm not sure. Soon though." He understood me. I wanted to know when Angela would become aware of our world.

"Can I be there when you tell her?" I asked.

"Well, I'm not sure if I'm even going to be there. Embry might want to tell her on his own."

I nodded. "Okay." Then I sighed. I stood up and reached out a hand to help Jake get up. He took it, but didn't really need it.

"Want to go back to the barbecue?" He asked.

"I want to ask Embry something."

He nodded and we slowly made our way back, dangerously close to the shore line. I was tempted to let the icy cold water tickle my feet, but decided against it. The last thing I wanted right now was a cold, and with my luck, no doubt I'd get one. I yawned. I was kind of drowsy. 'I wonder if Angela can spend the night at my house?' I thought. Angie...I couldn't believe how much had just changed for her. This morning she woke up, fresh from a break-up with her year long boyfriend and now boom. She would never have to worry about that again. The day Embry wouldn't want Angie anymore would be the hell freezes over. Nope, she and Embry were set for life. Not in the money way, just in that sense that they will never be lacking love. They would grow up, get a pretty nice little house in La Push and have 2 to 3 little werewolve-I mean kids.

I found Embry and Angela sitting by the bonfire when we got back to the party. They seemed very cozy, and deep in conversation, so I decided not to bother them. I didn't even want to try. I had a feeling taking one away from the other would be very difficult.

~*~*~ New Love ~*~*~

Telling a dream from a nightmare is incredibly difficult for me. At least, it has been for awhile. My nightmares started out horrifying enough to make me scream, but never enough to wake me up. No, I'd have to live through the whole thing over and over...Well, lately my nightmares start out in a pleasant enough way. I'm happy, somewhere with Angela, talking to Jake, sometimes I'm even down by Emily's, helping her around the house. But that fades quickly enough. Then he appears. His haunting last words...His cold detached expression.

"I don't want you to come with me."

"You don't belong in this world."

"It'll be as if I never existed."

And I am plunged once again into the dark abyss. It happens less frequently now, but when it does happen, the sorrow washes over my new found happyness like icy cold water on a very hot day in Phoenix. I can see myself, lying on the cold hard forest ground, lost in my thoughts. My face, blank and emotionless drives a stake through my heart. Why am I so pathetic? Why did I let myself believe that everything would somehow go back to normal? His brother tried to kill met dammit. Of course our relationship could never be the same. Even an idiot could have told me that. Well, why didn't they? Why didn't any one tell me that he was going to do that? Alice...she was like my sister. The best friend I ever had. And yet she didn't seem to find any reason to tell me her brother was about to break my heart. She didn't even say goodbye to me. What were her last words to me? I couldn't even remember...

Angela would have warned me, wouldn't she?

Angela...She would have said goodbye, right?

And Jake...Jake would never be so cold as to say that he didn't love me. I mean...He's my best guy friend. If he ever got tired of me...no...what would he do? He and I have nothing but a strong friendship going. Nothing like what I had with Edward. Not at all. But still...

The thought of my life without him...it terrifies...no, it petrifies me. Of his leaving me the way Edward did. Of him saying he no longer wanted me. Of saying he was tired of me.

"Bella, I would never hurt you."

I could see his smiling face looking down on me...so happy to see me. So pure and honest. He was smiling my smile, not the packs. I began to lift myself off the forest floor to smile back at him, but I froze when I saw him. He was back. He was still perfect...but now there was a flaw. What...wait what?

"Bella." His voice was still velvet and smooth. To smooth. To perf-

"Bella?" Edward and I turned to see who had spoken, but Jake wouldn't take his eyes off me. 'No..' I thought. "Bella?" Angela's timid voice rang again as she slowly made her way towards us. Her face broke into a smile. "Bella!"

Jake bent down to my eye level and smiled his still beautiful smile. Angela reached us and did the same. They both reached out their hands, offering me a hand up. I took it and laughed, happy to have my friends with me.

I heard a small growl com from Edwards corner. 'No...' I thought once again. Please please no. I looked back over and almost screamed.

Edward and Jasper both stood there now. Jasper crouched down in that way. The way he had the night he attacked me. Edward reacted, but only slightly. He was too late. It happened to fast. It all happened too fast.

He launched himself towards us, a growl escaping his bared lips, vicious and dangerous. Jake was barely able to hide me behind me, but I wasn't Jaspers target.

"ANGELA!" I yelled, horrified.

"No!" Jake started to tremble and launched himself towards Jasper, still unphased.

"No!" Not Jacob too. I couldn't lose him too.

The horrifying, bloodcurdling screams came from Angela. The terrifying and intimidating snarls came from Jacob, who still wouldn't phase.

"Let go of her! Don't touch him! Go away! GO AWAY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Then I felt an icy cold hand rest on my shoulder. I whipped around. "Get away from me!" I yelled at Edward.

"I thought you wanted me to come back? I thought you wanted me back in your life..." He said, his voice dripping with dissapointment and hurt.

"I did. I do. I...I want you. No, wait, no, I...I...No!" I shook my head in disbelief. Why couldn't I think straight?! "I...I want...I don't want you!" I yelled. And just like that it all stopped. Angela stopped screaming and became still. Jacob backed off of Jasper, cradling his savage wounds. They were bloody and severe. Jasper did that to him. Jasper did that to my Jacob.

"It took you too long. It is too late. It took you too long. This is your fault." The smug voice came from Jasper

"No..." I prayed that didn't mean what I thought it meant. "No!" I ran towards Angela. Please please don't let her be...

He was right. It was too late. Angela...

Her eyes were lifeless. Glazed over and blank.

Her body hung limp. She was paler than anyone I had ever seen. Even paler than her attacker.

I could see her wounds. A crescent shaped wound, at the base of her neck. Red still, but there was no blood. No blood. She was..she was..

"No!" I bent down and carefully picked up her lifeless body into my arms. "Please...Please...No...Angela...Angela!" I began to shake her but it was no use. She was now in a deep dark sleep she could never wake up from. My sobs came wildly and I wept freely. "Angela, no please..no...no...ANGELA!" She was dead. "ANGELA!"

~*~*~ New Love ~*~*~

I woke with a jolt. Gasping for air in a cold sweat. 'It was just a nightmare, it was just a nightmare..." I though over and over again. Angela was alright. She was asleep, at home...in her room. Safe. And Jacob. Jacob was probably in his bed too. Or out on patrol, with the pack. Both of them were safe. I tried t convince myself of this, but the pictures in my mind were still very very fresh. I rolled my knees up to my chest and buried my face into them. It had been awhile since I had a nightmare about the Culllen's. I had finally been getting a good night sleep.

"Bella, we're leaving."

"My world is not for you."

"I don't want you to come with me."

"You're not good for me, Bella."

"Stop!" I cried, "Stop saying that! Stop, stop, stop!", I begged. Lately I've been thinking, 'I was so pathetic.' Ugh. Please. Who am I kidding?

I am pathetic.

~*~*~ New Love ~*~*~

Eventually I got up the nerve to ask Embry if we could talk. I promised it would be real quick and that we would be back in a snap and he finally gave in. So I led him into the trees for some privacy. I didn't need the whole world knowing about what I was about to ask.

"So, what's up Bella?"

"Nothing. I just, well, I wanted to ask you something. A favor."


"It's about Angela." The moment I said her name his eyes sparkled like gems. Jacob was right. Embry was already in love with his imprint, and it had only been about a half hour.

"What about her?"

"So you've imprinted on her?"

He frowned. Maybe it was my tone? I was being kind of accusatory.

"You know what imprinting is?"

"Yeah. Jake told me awhile back. So did you?"

"Yes." I sighed.

"You know, she jusr broke up with her boyfriend?"

"She did?" He sounded happy?

"Lucky you." I said, my eyebrows raised. "Listen...About the whole werewolf thing..." I could see his muscles tense. He was nervous. "Do you have to tell her?" There was short pause and he nodded. No surprise there. But the second he nodded, something did surprise me.



"Me. I want to tell her-" He cut me off.

"I have to tell her, Bella. She needs to hear this kind of thing from me. When the time comes though, right now I'm not much more than a stranger to her. Sorry but-"

"I know. I get that, but that's not what I was talking about."

"Then what?"

He was right to be confused. The thought had just occured to me, but it was strong.

"The Cullens. I need to tell her about the Cullens. It has to be me."