me: i know bad time to end the last chapter

piper: and your telling ME THIS WHY!

Aerrow backs away slowly me runs away fastly

Piper: you get back HERE chases after me

demon piper: Hahahahahaha

"You dont want me?" she asked confused and hurt. Aerrow was very confused now. piper had started crying.

and he didn't know what to do. So he asked," Piper what is wrong?!" alarm and confushion clouded his voice."I honestly dont know what came

over me!" piper almost shouted.

"piper honey, I thought you didn't want to have sex 'till you got married!'aerrow said you could tell he was nervous. He had a lot recently been thinking of marring Piper. Sadly the idea of marrige to piper was repulsive she thought that she was to young to settle loved Aerrow with all her heart but she wasn't ready for just wasn't. So Aerrow used that to his advantage.

"Here piper I'll have sex with you on one you have to go through with it first."he said in a voice that made piper a smile that made her heart stop.

At that moment she felt like agreeing to any thing. but she was catious and instead of doing what she wanted to and yelling,"YES, what ever you

want," she calmly said," I might go throughwit it; but that depends on what the one condition is that you are asking." she had never said any

thing so calmly in her life . but looks are allways deciving. Inside she was freaking out 'OMG whats he going to ask me to do' was just one of the

many things going through her head.

"Piper before i ask you have to promise not to laug hor hurt my ego in any way known." Aerrow asked and then he took a REALLY deep breath

before contuining," Piper will...*inhale**exhale* youmarryme." the last part came out insuch a rush that piper didn't catch any thing but

the word marrige. piper was a nervous wreak she had to put up a good show. "honey I love you with all my heart; but im not ready for marriage.

and it seems you are not ready to lose your Virginity"piper said making shure to Really enounciate the last word. Her plan was to first find out

weither or not he had lost it, and from the way he was being really nervous some thing told her he had...

GG1000: what cha think?

dp: *really nervous* you threw around the s-e-x word alot *obvoiusly uncomfortable

gg1000:oh you mean this word sex sex sexsexsexsex dp: *runs away screaming*