Well, this is the preview. Of this story. Finally.

Dedicated to Janie (paper parasols)

Fairy Tale 童話

"(( PREVIEW ))"

Shiki had no clue why he remembered that out of the blue, what with the uncomfortable position he was in, and the aforementioned sharing his body with his damned "Father."

"Damned? Such vulgar words from my adorable son. I must say, you flatter me." Rido chuckled, amused, but Shiki ignored him coldly. It was already bad enough that he had to see his Father, but now, he had to actually listen to him. If Rima saw him in this state, she'd probably smack him in the head and scold him silently, fire in her eyes. Thankfully however, Rima was not here, and hopefully, he wouldn't be seeing her anytime soon.

"So possessive…You haven't once mentioned any other person since I took over your body, and I can feel your feelings, too, so I know for a fact that you're smitten. When do I get my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law?"

He would have blushed a bit at Rido's words, but the mere thought of his Rima being anywhere near the pureblood…The mere thought absolutely frightened him. "Stay away from Rima!" Shiki growled, his hands clenching into fists.


"So you don't deny the fact that you're smitten?" The fallen Kuran questioned slyly, a cunning smirk apparent in his voice.

Shiki paused, hesitant. "Rima's…special…to me."


Now, more than ever, Shiki wished that happy endings weren't so impossible. The vampire world was in utter chaos, and the war hasn't even begun. Rather than a fairytale, it was like a person's worst nightmare, the ultimate horror movie. Rido was plotting to murder his cousins, the Kurans, take absolute control of the vampire world, make the Council the governing power, annihilate all the pro-Monarchy vampires (which just happened to include all the Night Class and Rima minus Takuma), then unleash horror to all humans.

No one was going to be skipping in a flower-filled meadow humming some cheerful tune along with butterflies and birds fluttering around in gay merriment anytime soon.

Okay. So that's the preview. Sort of. Ha. I'll shut up now.


((.-* vampire knight © matsuri hino *-.))

((.-* fairy tale 童話 © michael wong *-.))