Sylar: Don't you have a shugo chara fan fic?

Candy:Ah...about that...I don't really know when I'll actually get around to that -_-'

Claire: Come on! You're just as a lame as him -glares at Sylar-

Sylar: Aww, is little cheerleader-

Candy: (to readers) See, I'm the insane kind of girl whose favorite couples are always the people who argue and might never get off the ground D:

Claire and Sylar: I will never sink down to loving him/her

Candy: FORTUNATELY...theres fanfiction where sylaire exists! roll summary

Summary: Kidnapping romance stories are always the same. It's like an unspoken rule. The girl gets kidnapped and then her boyfriend rescues her. So...why is Claire falling for Sylar when she knows Rob is coming for her? (Rob is my OC and I own nothing but him)

Sylar's location

Sylar paced through his apartment as he reviewed what had happened in the last few nights. He'd stolen the power of reading emotions and he didn't even know the girls name. And he couldn't control it.

It sucked basically.

It was interesting at first; he loved the way he could see exactly how attractive he was to the prey. Before he killed them. And then it hit him full force; the fear they felt, the sadness, the anger. The guilt.

At first he thought it was from the victims. Guilt from leaving maybe. Or that their own lives had been as pathetic as they were. But no. It was all him.

And it sucked. Again. It wasn't very convenient to empathize with someone you were murdering; even Sylar couldn't handle it.

So what was he supposed to do? If he didn't kill it would be like birds not flying. If he did kill he'd always be he'd just killed someone. Just great, he thought. I have to learn how the fish learned how to crawl out of the water and breath air.

He stops. Who's to say the fish never had any help? No, he'd have his help. He'd find the one person he knew could help him.

Claire's location

"...And I was like: NO WAY and she was like: YES WAY and..." Claire mentally groaned. Maybe (definitely) she couldn't just go back to her old life after everything that had happened. She'd always hung out with girls like Chloe but she just seemed like a ditz.

Probably because she was one.(a/n: no offence to any chloes out there)

"That' way Chloe," Claire said as she forced a smile onto her face. Chloe frowned.

"You're not paying attention! Oh my God, please, please, please, tell me that you're not thinking about Rob again. I don't want to know what you two do in the middle of the night!" Chloe shrieked. "Did you...OMG you did! Tell me everything!"

"I thought you didn't want to know," Claire remarked dryly. Chloe looked hurt. Claire sighed, feeling guilty. "We haven't done anything and...I don't know if I'll even stay with Rob," Claire said, eyes shining with honesty.

"Wait, but he's like...forever I thought," Claire shrugged.

"I think maybe it was just a fling. He doesn't seem to like me all that much anyways." Chloe looked confused. No surprise.

"But you're like...eighteen! You only have like...two more years!"

"Until what?"

"Till it all goes down hill! Figure, looks, ...everything." Claire feels a bit sad. Knowing she'll be alone forever, living out her life looking like she's twenty at most. And the only people to share her fate are Peter, Sylar, and Adam (a/n: I am making Adam alive again because he is awesome, so there!) Which was just...great. No girls and two villains.

"Whatever, I can't reason with you." Chloe said. Claire rolls her eyes.

"Listen...I gotta go home, 'kay? I'll see you on Monday." Claire walks home, knowing that she doesn't want to see Chloe again.

She slams the door shut as she walks into her house. "I'm home." she grunts. She's greeted by silence. "Hello? Mom? Dad? Lyle?"

The silence presses on her like a blanket, and it weighs her down.

"Hello Claire," a man's voice says. "I need your help." Sylar knocks her out and drags her into the car.

Claire: You son of a bitch, you knocked me out!

Sylar: Blame the author! I'm going soft! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Claire and Candy: You're ruining your image. Shut up.

-Sylar shuts up-

Claire: So...this is a love story?

Candy: Yep.

Claire: Between me and uhm...Rob

-Sylar looks up, jealousy very plainly evident-

Candy: (noticing Sylar's glare) No! I mean...secret.

-Sylar slightly calms down-

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