Origins of a Pirate

Chapter 22

Hector Barbossa had never been a pious man. Whenever he prayed, it was in vain, the words simply uttered to please those around him. Church was never an option for the young sailor, having been born and raised as a merchant.

But today, on this blasted cloudy day, he felt as if he really meant it.

They were going to die, and it was best if he pushed some of his many sins out of the way before meeting Davy Jones.

Jack was a good captain to be sure… Hector could tell from the start that the man knew what he was doing- no matter how he appeared. Yet even the most talented captain of this vessel could possibly overcome the challenges that they were now facing.

From the looks of it (from what little Hector could see from his kneeling position) the Black Pearl was currently preparing for battle with the entire damn navy. 3 ships to one. This would get interesting…


A sharp kick from behind interrupted the first mates thoughts.


Hector turned around, rather miffed. His dreadlocked superior stood behind him, dressed as grandly as ever

"Oi! Come then! You're the first mate! I can't do everything by me self around here! The crew needs orders! You have work to do! So put on that hat! Wipe that glazed look off that face! And by god's sake shave off that beard, you look like an awkward Yeti!"

"What are you blabbering about you overgrown chimpanzee?"

Jack smiled, exposing his newly placed golden teeth.

"Ah… there's the Hector I've grown to hate, come then. WE MUST FIGHT… to escape!"

"What are you planning Jack?"

The captain smiled deviously. They had work to do.


It was dark. Oh so very dark.

The silent waters surrounding his three war ships were eerie, almost haunting, as if warning of something to come.

There was something wrong, he was sure of it. The offending ship hadn't fired a single shot… although being riddled with bullets itself. It was so strange… was the Black Pearl deserted?

How could they have abandoned the ship so quickly with a crew of over twenty men on board? Surely this must be a trap. After all, Cutler knew that in general pirates would not give up their ships so easily and submit themselves to the gallows. After all the seas were their home, the ship their house. They spent every waking moment of their days on the sea, dreaming murder and women and…

"Ello… mate"

Cutler spun around to find himself face to face with the pirate he hated the most.

Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow.

"Good day… Bastard."

Jack smiled, "Now now, let's not get mouthy. It's not polite."

Cut lunged at his opponent, raging with anger. How dare this cretin address him as if he were a simple child, a little brother?

Fortunately (for the pirate anyways) Jack was able to retaliate with an even faster sword. Although seemingly drunk, he was a superior fighter, quick on his feet and extraordinarily lucky.

As Cut lunged again, Jack sprang backwards, quickly climbing up the ships rigging- firmly out of reach of Cut's sword

"So," Cut wheezed, out of breath from the rigorous battle, "Are you planning to give up?"

"Ha! Son, there's something you need to know! I'm Jack Sparrow!" Jack pushed himself from his safe position back on to the main deck, dodging his brothers swipes "Captain Jack Sparrow!"

"Oh" Cut struggled to keep up with his energetic opponent, "so you're a Captain now. Well… that… will be cause for even… more celebration when I lead you to your noose…"

Jack smirked, lunging again, "Ta. Well I best be on me way, it seems my crew has defeated your other two ships. Good tidings to you, mate"

Cut turned around only to see his other two ships quickly sinking towards Davy Jone's Locker

The pirate sprung up the rigging and swung over towards his ship. As he sailed away into the distance towards freedom he turned back to those that he had defeated. Namely Cut.


Ha Ha well an interesting battle that was.

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