Chapter Nine

After the Cullens exited, Elizabeth stopped hiccoughing and lifted her head off my shoulder.
"I'm sorry mama, I just don't like Edward. I am trying. I know he's my daddy but I don't want to call him that," she said.

"That's all right, honey. Alice says that he wants to be with us. But he needs to prove it first. Until then, you don't have to like him," I explained gently.

"Bells?" Charlie asked from his bedroom. "Aren't you guys heading to La Push?"
"Yeah, dad. I just need to get Lizzie ready to go. Are you going to accompany us or join us later?" I asked curiosly.

"You guys are going to discuss wedding plans and -mythicy things aren't you?" he asked somewhat disgusted. Charlie d things finery as much as things mythical and , or as he says, -mythicy.

"Yes dad. You are going to have to face that part of the universe sooner or later. Hopefully sooner," I teased him.

"No thanks. That's your thing not mine. But have fun," Charlie said.

Leaving Charlie to sit and watch whatever game was happening to be on T.V. Jacob followed me and Elizabeth out.

"You know Bella, you acted like you had forgotten that I was even in the room. Am I really that invisible, or are you just all gaga eyed for Edward?" Jacob teased.

"Ha ha, very funny Jacob. Actually I was hoping that if I acted like you weren't there you'd actually disappear," I teased right back.

"Not fair Bells," Jacob grimaced. "You're supposed to be defending me, not making me feel bad."

I wanna see everybody!" Elizabeth shouted, throwing her arms wide.

Laughing, I handed Elizabeth to Jake so he could put her in her carseat. We headed out as soon as everybody was settled. The drive was kinda long and Elizabeth hadn't gotten her nap, I know it was only a matter of time till she crashed. Sure enought, twenty minutes out, and she was fast asleep.

The whole drive lasted like 45 minutes with my driving. To this day, I absolutely driving fast.

As we pulled up to Emily and Sam's house, Seth, Jared, and Quil carrying Claire, ran out to meet us.

"Shh," I cautioned as they approached my truck. "Lizzie's sleeping and I don't want her to wake up yet, she missed out on her nap this afternoon."

Claire grinned and held her arms out to me. Before I reached for her, I went to get Elizabeth out of her carseat but Jake had already beat me to it. With my daughter taken care of, I saw no reason to deny Claire her wish.

I plucked Claire from Quil's arms who made a face and playfully reached out as if to take her from me. She squealed and shook her head no. He pouted but she just poked his jutting lower lip and laughed happily. She enjoyed this little game.

Jared and Seth just shook their heads at our silliness and followed Jake and Elizabeth into the house. Laughing, we followed them and were greated by Emily's smiling, ruined face. Claire held out her arms to Emily so I transfered her over. Emily kissed Claire's cheek.

"It's great to see you again, Bella. I am so glad that you're going to be helping with wedding details. Sam and I just want family, friends, and a small service. Neither of us has the money or the want of a big fancy ceremony," Emily greeted me warmly and in a rush, her words sort of flowed together slightly, due to her excitement I'm sure.

"It's good to see you too. I'm just glad that I can be of help. I hope that the Cullens being back won't upset things or make them harder. Hopefully it'll lead to Sam being home sooner and/or for longer," I reassured her.d

"The Cullens are back!" Emily gasped. "How come no one tells me these things?"

"I'm sorry, I thought that Jake and told you. He had said that he was telling everybody." I glared at him.

"At least you know now," Seth piped up.

Emily and I both turned our glares to him causing his enthusiasm to die a little in his eyes. I few moments later and he was grinning at us once again, his good nature restored.

Emily laughed and shook her head, "sometimes you amaze Seth Clearwater."

"Now shoo, us girls have wedding plans to finalize," Emily said, waving her arms to shoo the boys out the door. They laughed and loped out of the way of her waving arms.

Jake set my daughter down on the couch in the small living room and followd the guys out the door.

I helped Emily: pick out the colors, figure out the seating arrangement, the receptiong, and outline out the invitations. The whole process took us a good three hours. While we worked, Elizabeth and Claire played together happily on the floor. They drew pictures for Jake and Quil and played in some of our supplies, mainly the paper and ribbons. After I had finished with Emily, the girls were both hungry and tired. I fell to entertaining them while Emily prepared some food for all the hungry people that would be swamping her house in a few minutes, mainly starving werewolves.

After the hungry werewolves arrived, we dug into Emily's amazing cooking. Two hours later after the food had vanished and the house was once again cleaned, Elizabeth and I took our leave. I still had Angela's party to help out with.

AN: Sorry that it's so short. I don't know much about planning weddings so I decided against writing that part. But as I was writing I realized a few things: one, I had totally forgotten that Jake was in the room. Due to my lack of attention he became sort of an invisible ghost. And at the end, it's only in the afternoon. I almost made it night then I remembered from earlier that Bella was supposed to help out at Angela's party today. I'm kinda stuck and my neck hurts from writing, so I'm gonne have to make the whole party thing part of the next chapter. Sorry for causing an inconvenience and waiting so long to update then make the updates short. I promise that I will make the next chapter longer. Thanks for sticking with me, Fyre.