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"DG!" The eldest Princess was frantic. How could she have lost her own sister? Just a moment earlier, she was walking through the maze of Finaqua with her, laughing and reminiscing on their childhood. She turned her head slightly to the left to see a very irate looking Mr. Cain walking through the maze towards them, suprisingly with no hat on his head. Two seconds went by before she heard an "Oh, crap." and her sister disappeared into thin air.

Cain was still walking towards her, stopping just a few feet in front of her and looking in every direction for the younger Princess.

"Which way did she go?" He ground out, staring Azkadellia down, making her feel as small as a mouse.

"You know as much as I do," She said, suprised at how small her voice sounded, "She was just here, I take it she took something valuable of yours?" She noted, looking at the top of his head where his Fedora usually was.

"Yeah," He said, still looking around for any trace of the mischeivious Princess.

"You go left, I'll go right." Turning to run the opposite direction the Tin Man came, Az mustered up all the magic she could and focused on nothing but finding her sister and yelling out her name.

DG could feel her sister's prescence getting closer, about to give her hiding spot away. She ducked out of the cupboard and darted down the large hallway towards her and her sister's bedroom, quickly deciding to run into Az's, worrying that Cain would be waiting for her in hers. She tip-toed into the secret passageway that lead into her bedroom to see if her stuffy Tin Man was waiting for her. She silently cheered as she saw no one in her room.

Satsified that she finally got away, at least for now, she went to the balcony of her bedroom to see if she could spot Cain or Azkadellia still looking for her. Distracted as she was, she payed no attention to the footfalls behind her that became louder with each step. Before she realized that she wasn't alone in the room, someone grabbed her from behind, both arms around her waist to stop her from escaping.

"Where is it?" He said each word slowly, quietly. He wasn't holding her rough, just firm enough to where he was sure she couldn't squirm out and run away again. She gulped visibly, trying to think of a way out of this very sticky situation.

"Um, have you ever noticed this great view? I mean you can see everything! The lake, the maze-"

"Where. Is it." He said again, his impatience showing in his voice.

"You know, funny story, you're gonna laugh, it's stupid even really.." She babbled, still at a loss on how to get out of her predicament.

She suddenly came up with an idea. If you can't beat 'em, throw 'em off guard, she thought to herself. She turned herself to face him, confusing him and causing him to loosen his grip and slide his hands to the small of her back.

She leaned up to his ear and whispered, "You know, Wyatt, you look much sexier without the hat."

That did it, he completely let go of her and took at least two strides away from her, giving her a chance to escape. She ran back out to the edge of the balcony and clapped her hands together, leaving a very flustered and confused Tin Man in her room by himself.

He growled in frustration as he headed towards the door, only to be stopped suddenly by his hat flying towards him. He grabbed it before it flew past him, and looked back in the direction the hat came from.

DG was standing in the doorway, holding her hands up in surrender.

"I give. You got your precious hat back, how about a truce?" She said, moving forward as she spoke.

"Fine, but you do something like this again, I will make sure you don't get off this easy." He said with a smirk.

Once Az found them they were in the kitchen having a midnight snack.

"You scared me! Why did you just disappear? And why did you steal Mr. Cain's hat in the first place?" She interrogated her younger sister. She had been looking for DG all day, and here she was eating sweets with her Tin Man, the man she was running from when her younger sister disappeared.

"You shouldn't block your bond with me either, I don't care who or what you're trying to hide from." She muttered, sitting down and stealing the pastry the younger Princess was about to pop into her mouth.

"Hey!" DG protested, recieving only a shrug from her older sister.

"We buried the hatchet, Princess," Cain said, "But if she does it again, I'd be happy to hear how you think it would be best to punish her." He smirked at DG from across the table while taking another cake.

"Hmph. I'd be happy to, Mr. Cain." Azkadellia stated, looking every bit the part of royalty that she was.

"Great! My sister and my bodyguard are conspiring against me!" She threw up her hands dramatically.

DG was just about to get up to go to her room when one of the Queen's advisors came to the entrance of the kitchen area.

"The Queen wishes for an audience with Princess DG and her bodyguard as soon as possible." He stated formally.

"Yay me! I swear Cain, if this is another playdate with the nearest Duke, I'll hang you by your bootstraps."

"I'm as clueless as you are, Princess," He said, "But we need to get going. Highness." He addressed Azkadellia and tipped his hat on his way out.

"Goodbye, Mr. Cain. Um, Deeg?" She stopped her younger sister on her way out, confused as to why she wasn't invited to go see her mother too.

"Don't worry Az, I don't think it's anything big, she's probably just trying to set me up with a royal again." Her statement still didn't make the eldest Princess feel any better.

"I'll tell you everything as soon as we get out of there, okay?" She gave her sister a reassuring smile, she seemed to visibly relax at her little sister's statement.


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