Smoldering Thoughts: Sifting through the memories 1/?
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PLEASE send comments. This is my first story of this nature. I know there isn't a real childrens ward at the VA, but in my version, there is. Please bare in mind that this is a fun story and that I am in no way, I mean well...just read it! (please?!)

This is the sequel to Melly and CrazyKid: The 2 youngest patients/Terrors


Mission accepted. Save Melly commencing.

CK woke up 2 hours later. She yawned and got out of bed. Murdock and Face were still gone, and CK was glad for that as she pulled herself together for what she had to do. Pulling on her Jansport backpack, she gave the room one last look, sighed, and ran out. As she ran blinded by thoughts down the hall, CK kept telling herself she'd be okay, that things would all pan out. CK was so busy talking to herself mentally that she didn't see the person walking down the hall ahead of her. CK ran right into her, and fell down, startled out of her thoughts.

The lady stood there and watched CK as she shook her head. "Are you okay?" she looked down at CK and asked. CK held her head a second and looked up. "I fine. Why doncha look where you goin?" CK asked rudely as she stood back up. "You ran into me!" The lady replied. CK scowled, mumbling somthing under her breath. "DID NOT!" CK replied aloud. The lady was shocked. "Rude, aren't we?" She asked. CK smiled proudly. "Yes Me is, Oh, an cool wings." CK said as she pushed her way by and ran off.

The unknown butterfly winged lady just watched as CK ran down the hall and disappeared. "And there better not be any dirt on my cape or else!" She yelled after CK. CK never heard her.

Sky stood by the janitor's closet waiting, with a small backpack on. She had a huge flashlight in her hands, clicking the power on and off in her face when CK ran over to her. "C'mon." CK said leading Sky back the hall and into the hide spot where the lap top was. "WOWIE! how'd you do dis?" Sky asked as CK shoved the laptop's lid closed and pulled out the battery charger's cord from the outlet and shoved it into her backpack. Shoving the laptop in too, CK got up and went back over to Sky. She hadn't heard the comments about the special room CK and Melly had made in over 3 days time. "Us gotta get outta here. I gots a map, an I gots a copy of it on my hard disk." CK said pointing to her temple. Sky giggled.

"Hard dwive? dat funny." Sky replied as she gave CK a nod and followed her back out into the hall. CK lead her to the front of the VA, now only lighted by the security, or burguler lights. It was fairly dark, and when CK and Sky made it to the front desk and hid, Sky clicked her flashlight on and stared at it a few seconds. As Sky hugged her flashlight, CK pulled out her laptop and plugged it into the desk computer. Seconds later, hacking prevailed and a light beep made Sky smiled at the door codes working and she looked at Sky. "C'mon. Door's open." CK said grabbing Sky's hand. Sky quietly followed behind CK, as they opened the door, went out and ran through the darkness hand in hand.

Murdock, meanwhile, came back and saw CK was gone. He sighed and shook his head, plopping down on his bed. He took off his blue hat and said, "CK when will you listen to me? When it's too late? I know mom and dad messed you up, but god CK, you're not doing a bad job of doing that to me!" Murdock's consience told him his chances of seeing CK again were at the moment, slim and none. And that really hurt, it hurt alot.

Face walked in a few minutes later, and found Murdock with a glazed look on his face. Thinking it was just a moment of 'panic' Murdock sometimes had, and telling Murdock he was there and that he wasn't alone, he helped Murdock lay down. Face didn't know what was wrong, but soon the whole VA would.

BUT it would already be too late.

CK was having to drag Sky behind her as Sky's fear of the dark over came her. CK soon clicked on the flashlight, and a few seconds of seeing it, Sky came back to life as the dark faded away. Sky ran with CK again, and they were soon 2 blocks away from the stopped and saw a cab coming. Seeing her hail it, Sky nearly lost it.

"A cab?! CK, are you nuts?" Sky asked as the cab stopped, CK opened the door and shoved Sky in. "Yes, I is Sky. Duh. Mr, we needs the airport." CK said to the driver as she climbed in and closed the door. He nodded and drove them off. "You never telled me where we was goin, CK." Sky said. "I'll splain when we get our plane, otay?" CK said in a whisper. Sky reluctlently nodded.

25 minutes later, the cab pulled over at the front doors of the airport and CK paid him, as they got out. He drove off and CK noticed a look from Sky. She ignored it and walked inside, and got their tickets, she saw that look again. "What?" CK asked as they walked towards the gate for their plane. CK showed the lady at the gate their tickets and she allowed them to go on down the walkway to the plane. Sky was quiet, but giving CK that scolwing look until they found their seats.

"ooh! window! dibs! dibs!" CK yelled, climbing into the window seat.
"Where didja get the money, CK?" Sky finally asked. CK gave her an evil grin.
"Stoled it from grampa's wallet. Where elsed?" CK replied recalling the day before.
Sky gasped. "Dat's bad CK!" Sky said and CK giggled proudly.
"Me knows it!" CK replied.

Minutes later the plane took off, and CK smiled. Sky swallowed, she'd never flown before, so CK held her hand. Once they were up in the air, Sky went to playing her Pokemon' games on her Gameboy, while CK pulled out her laptop and sent a special message to her computer at the VA. She hacked into her own computer, and stuck a blinking message on her desktop. Afterwards, she put the laptop away and pulled out her Cd player. Putting her headset on, CK took out her Gameboy and played Pokemon with Sky. An hour after playing, Sky fell asleep, still holding her Gameboy. CK smiled and gently took the toy and saved her game, and then turned it off and put it into Sky's backpack. Sighing, CK cranked up the volume on her Everclear cd. She wasn't the least bit tired, and she felt like what her song was saying. All F***ed up.

BA trudged dow the hall towards W-47, regretting having to do rounds on this hall at all. He sighed and opened the door, utterly shocked that all the lights were out, and everything dark except for the blinking of what he thought was a screen saver on CK's monitor. BA did a double scan of the room, and saw why it didn't look right. CK's bed was empty, she wasn't on the computer, and nothing even remotely weird or prankiness had happened all day. He gasped and ran for Hannibal's room, where he'd gone to sleep. BA took a deep breath and opened Hannibal's door. He walked over to Hannibal's bed and shook his shoulder. Hannibal woke with a start. "What now, sargeant?" Hannibal asked. Ba told him, and cursing, Hannibal got up and trudged down the hall to W-47 with BA.

Hannibal opened the door and slaped the light on. Face sat straight up in bed, startled by the sudden light shining in his eyes. Murdock just lay there, that same glazed look on his face. He hadn't blinked since Face had helped him to bed. "What is it, Colonel?" Face asked, as he stole a glance at Murdock. Face yawned sleepily. "CK is missing Lt. Know anything about it?" Hannibal asked, and Face was about to reply when nurse White ran over. "Hannibal, Sky is missing. We've looked everywhere." She replied Hannibal looked at the sleepy LT, and then to BA.

"Well, it looks like we've got two missing Va'ers. BA, call Worf at the NY VA, and tell him what's up. He can keep an eye out, I have a feeling that's where CK is headed." Hannibal said BA nodded as he walked off to make the call. "New York? Colonel? How would a 4 year old get to New York?" Face asked yawning again. "She's CrazyKid Murdock, that's how. Get some sleep LT, you'll need it for the trip tomorrow." Hannibal said and Face didn't argue, he went to lay back down when he caught on to the trip part.

"Uh, trip?" Face asked.
"Yeah. A flight to New York, you and me." Hannibal said and Murdock suddenly sat up.
"I gotta go with him, colonel. CK's my sister, my responibility. I told her to knock this stuff off. Now she's gotta deal with me." Murdock said and Hannibal nodded.
"Face, you and Murdock leave at 7am. Use the company plane, and Murdock, fly careful. Don't let worry or fear cloud you, okay?" Hannibal said to Murdock, knowing both emotions were running HM into a frenzy.

Murdock nodded and lay back down. Hannibal left and Face slammed his face into his pillow. He hated mornings, and 7am was going to come bright and early.



Smoldering Thoughts: Sifting Through The Memories