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Outside the cockpit Anakin was trying to get the boy to talk

"So what happened to your planet?" Anakin asked but the boy made no sign that he had even heard Anakin.

"Nice try Skyguy...he needs someone his own age to talk too" Ahsoka said, grinning at Anakin, as if to say "You're so old!"

"What's your name" Ahsoka asked slowly, hoping that the boy would reply.

"You're both wasting your time... he won't answer, he rarely speaks and what he said earlier was the most I've heard him say" Thomson said, shaking his head at the two Jedi who were attempting to make the boy talk.

"Dennis" The statement was quick and barely audible.

"Huh?" Ahsoka was evidently confused.

"My name is Dennis" Dennis said slowly and louder this time.

"My name's Ahsoka Tano" Ahsoka smiles and offered her hand to Dennis who took and shook it.

"And I'm Anakin Skywalker other wise known as the hero with no fear" boasted Anakin "I take it you've heard of me?" Anakin smiled as if he was asking a rhetorical question.

"No" Dennis replied bluntly. Anakin's smile faltered.

"But..but.." Anakin looked defeated and was about to say something till Obi-Wan and Rex started to exit the cockpit.

"Okay, everyone, let's head back to the shuttle" Rex said as he motioned the clones to follow them.

"We need to stop by the cargo bay on our way back" Thomson said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Why?" Obi-Wan asked, irritation creeping in his voice "When we found you, you couldn't wait to leave" He added.

"I just remembered something I need from there" Thomson said as he made his way to the cargo bay.

"Well, seeing as it's on the way back to the shuttle I don't see why not" Obi-Wan sighed as he gestured for the others to follow Thomson. They arrived at the bay only to find boxes and boxes off different, odd items.

"What is all this?" Anakin asked as he stepped in to examine the bay. "It's all so…primitive" He said, walking over to one of the boxes and examining the contents

"It's all from my home planet" Dennis explained as he walked over to a box, unslung a backpack from his back and began rifling through some of the boxes occasionally picking out an item and placing it in the pack

"Get what you need, Thomson and then we must leave." Rex said with an urgent voice.

"Look at all this stuff!" Ahsoka said excitedly, wandering between the rows of boxes. She turned as she heard a wet, ripping sound much like the one she had heard from the message back at the ship.

"Hello? Is someone there?" She said while walking towards a corner she saw a man, who was holding something, with his back to her. She noticed a red stain on the man's shoulder and immediately figured out what it is: blood.

"Sir, are you alright?" She asked, trying to sound as professional as she can while walking closer to the man who started to moan.

"Sir, can you hear me?" She asked, with palpable fear and concern in her voice. The man just moaned and turned around. Ahsoka gasped and paled. The man was chewing on what seems to be the remains of an arm. Ahsoka looked at the man but couldn't figure out which species he belonged to. The man had no pupils, his eyes where two pale white orbs. He had a chunk torn out of his cheek, exposing his mouth, giving him a bloody grin. There where chunks torn out all over his body, as if he was decomposing. All of a sudden, he dropped the arm which hit the ground with a wet thud. He moaned, raised his arms and began to shuffle his way towards her. Ahsoka began to back away from the man until she backed in to one of the many stacks of boxes

"Oh force" Ahsoka said.

Meanwhile, back with the rest of the team; Anakin was looking through some of the boxes, Obi-Wan was examining an item he had found in one of the boxes, Rex and the clones where keeping watch, and the two rescued survivors had wandered off somewhere in the cargo bay

"We should bring these back to the Republic, I'm sure that the scientists would like to examine all of these. Some are pretty fragile so be careful." Obi-Wan motioned for the clones to pick up some of the boxes when all of a sudden there was a scream from the direction Ahsoka had wondered off to.

"Ahsoka!" Anakin shouted as he, Obi-Wan, Rex and the clones ran off to Ahsoka's direction.

Ahsoka meanwhile, was about to get her face eaten by the man.

"Oh force" Ahsoka uttered under her breath. The man was just about to sink his teeth into her neck until one of the boxes from the top of the pile fell on top of the him, pinning him.

"Well that was lucky" She breathed a sigh of pure relief. She was about to go back to the other when something landed next to the box and the struggling thing beneath it she ignited her lightsaber, forgotten in her encounter with the now pinned man and pointed it at the figure. She switched it off when she realized who it was.

"Dennis" She looked at him in surprise. "Was that you?" Dennis didn't reply he simply drew a sword from his back and then plunged it into the head of the man, much to Ahsoka's shock

"Dennis there was no need for that the man was hurt" Ahsoka was bordering hysterical now.

"He was a zombie" Dennis said as he pulled the sword from the man's head.

"A what?" Ahsoka asked loudly just as when Anakin, Obi-Wan, Rex and the clones came running round the corner

"What happened?" Obi-Wan asked as he looked around to assess the situation.

"This man attacked me and then Dennis pushed a box onto the man and killed him" Ahsoka explained but upon hearing this, Rex and the clones pointed their weapons at Dennis.

"Drop the weapon!" Rex said as Dennis backed away from the group.

"What's going on?" Thomson asked loudly as he walked towards the group.

"Dennis killed a man" Anakin said accusingly while looking at Dennis.

"He was already dead" Dennis said, trying to reason with the group.

"Impossible!" Snorted Anakin. "No one walks around when they're dead!" He continued, as if stating the obvious.

"Check the body" Dennis said smugly. Rex bent down and examined the body

"This man's been dead for several days if the amount of decomposition is any thing to go by sir" Rex reported.

"But he was walking and trying to attack me a minute a go" Ahsoka said exasperatedly and kicked the dead body.

"He was dead and had been for some time" Was all the Dennis said.

"It's true" Thomson confirmed, and Dennis smiled smugly. "These things they attack you and eat you then you become one of them" There was a moan from behind. Thomson's face paled.

"Oh kriffing hell!" He screamed as the newly arrived zombie leaped at him and began to chew on him. Rex and the clones aimed their weapons at the man.

"Sir let go of him now or we will open fire" Rex said in a neutral voice.

The man didn't respond and just kept biting Thomson

"Fire!" Rex ordered loudly. He and the clones began blasting the man who was knocked off Thomson. One of the clones walked over to Thomson and carried him towards the group. There was another moan and much of the team's frustration, the man stood back up and started to move towards the group, moaning with arms outstretched.

"What? That's impossible! He should be dead from all those blaster shots!" Rex said as he shook his head.. Dennis grabbed one of the blasters Rex had found on the floor of the cockpit and shot the man in the head. The man's head exploded in a shower of gore.

"You have to shoot them in the head" Dennis said nonchalantly. There was a chorus of moans from nearby "Shit, that blast attracted more of them. We need to go. Now." He said as they ran, beckoning everyone to follow him.

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