There I was, alone in the dark forest. Barely any light was shining through the trees. Owe, just bumped into one. Where the hell am I? I saw an opening and ran towards it. But it was suddenly blocked by a tall shadowy figure. Next thing I knew, two big pair of very warm arms wrapped around me. Of course I kinda figured it was a guy by how strong and how big his muscles felt. And he smelled good too.

"Em, I'm so glad I found u!"Excitement and a sound of relief were heard in his voice. "What? What r u talking about? Who are y-?" But I was cut off, for a warm pair of lips crashed onto mine. At first I wanted it to end, but I felt myself give in. He stopped and I had the chance to ask, "Who are you?" I felt the sun's bright light find a way through the mess of trees above. And as I looked to the person in front of me…

"Ugh," I moaned as I heard my stupid "Shake It" by Metro Station ringtone go off. I looked at the clock to find the big red #'s saying, 5:45am. Who the hell would be calling at this time?

"Hello?" I managed to answer. "WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!" My eardrums were nearly blown away by the sound. "Embry, WHAT THE HELL? Did you have to yell into the phone so DAMN LOUD? I was sleeping you know?!"I yelled at him. "I know. That's why I did it. Em, you've been late to school for almost a week. So now, I'm gonna be your wakeup call!" he said with satisfaction. "Alright" said another voice. "O yeah, and so is Quil" He added. "Whatever" I replied.

"Yeah so get up and get all pretty or whatever you need to do so we can get going!" he commanded. "What do you mean 'so we can get going'?" I asked. "O I forgot to mention that in an hour we're goin to pick you up."



"But-" he cut me off.

"No! Now hurry up! Get going!" he demanded. "UGH! FINE! BYE!" I replied. "Don't forget, an HOUR" he said all mesmerizing. "OK, BYE!" I hung up.

I spent 15 minutes deciding on what to wear. I put on some gray jeans, a blue "PEACE" short-sleeve shirt w/ a black vest, and shiny black flats. Oh yeah, I looked hot! But first, let me straighten my hair cuz it gets a mind of its own when I wash it the night before. So that'll probably take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Before I knew it, I'm hopping down the stairs to fetch myself some cereal. Reese's Puffs! YUMMM! My mom came down the stairs.

"Wow! I'm surprised to see you up this early. I usually have to wake you up." She said as she walked by me."Yeah I know, but Embry decided to be my wakeup call this morning," I put a spoonful of my cereal into my mouth and swallowed, "and many more to come." "O I see!" she replied. "Yep" I smiled.

Next thing we heard was the loud honk of a truck. "O well that's probably Embry and Quil. I'll see you when I get back from school."I told her. "O ok. Have a nice day! I love you, honey!" she said. "I love you too." I gave her a kiss on the cheek, grabbed my backpack, and was out the door.

There was more honking as I approached the truck. I opened the truck door. "I'm here! GOSH! You can stop honking, you're gonna wake up the neighborhood!" I laughed as I got in the front seat. He laughed and gave me a hug. Then I was attacked from behind by Quil. He gave me a big hug and I gave it back too.


"Yeah?" I replied.

"Where's your jacket? It's 20 degrees right now!"Quil asked.

"It's back there," I pointed my finger in the direction of my house. He slapped the back of my head. "Owe". "That's what you get for being dumb" he smirked. "Hey it's her problem if she wants to freeze to death" Embry joked. "Thank You!" I said in appreciation. "Besides I never get cold. I'm 'cold-blooded'" I laughed. "Whatever," they said in unison.

Ten minutes later and we're already at the school. Embry parked the truck in the lot farthest from the school entrance. I rolled my eyes. "What?" he asked. "Nothing" I replied. "Hey, I like my baby to be safe," he reassured me. "O-K" I laughed.

"O yeah, now that I remember", I punched him, "That's for yelling in my ear this morning." "Owe!" he rubbed his arm and laughed. "It was for your own good Em." "My own good?! That's Bull-sh-"I was swept off my feet. Literally.

"Hey, put me down, Quil!" I laughed. He spun around a few times making me dizzy. "Quil, I'm being serious, PUT ME DOWN!" He moved me so that I was now sitting on his shoulders. He just laughed. People were staring but I didn't care. Quil and Embry are awesome and besides, I've known them since 1st grade.

I felt myself loose balance and next thing I knew, I was falling forward. I closed my eyes ready for the impact. Gladly, before I hit the ground, a pair of warm arms caught me falling mid-air. I opened my eyes to find, my "rescuer", Jacob Black.