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A/N: I guess if I had to assign this to a point in the Chuck timeline, it'd be after the whole thing with Agent Forrest, but the spoilers are slim at best. Just a drabble, guys.


Generally speaking, Chuck Bartowski considered himself to be a pretty reasonable guy. After all, anyone who could live his life and come out sane had to be able to roll with the punches a little. But this...this... injustice...was above and beyond.

"General, I'm not asking much here." He implored the woman on the screen before him. "Just a few days off. A little R&R would do us both some good."

General Diane Beckman peered at Chuck as though he were a particularly unintelligent insect. "Mr. Bartowski, the national security of the United States doesn't get put on hold so you can go on vacation."

Leaning back in her chair, she took off her glasses and continued. "Furthermore, the nature of Agent Walker and your... relationship... is already cause for concern in some circles. It would not help matters to have the two of you disappear to some hotel in Northern California for a week."

Just behind him, Sarah blushed lightly. Clearing her throat, she stepped forward and addressed the General herself. "General, Chuck's sister and her fiancée are going to San Francisco to visit some friends and invited both of us to come along. I believe it would be best for our cover if we..."

"Are you really going to feed me that 'Best for our cover' line, Agent Walker?"

Sarah blushed again, but didn't continue.

Shaking his head angrily, Chuck turned back to the screen. "Alright, General. You wanna play hardball? I can do that."

Beckman actually looked mildly offended. "Excuse me, Mr. Bartowski?"

"Oh, you heard me." The nerd fired back. "I think it'd be in your best interests to grant us the time off."

Casey, who up until this moment had been watching the exchange in amused silence, took this as a cue to intervene. "Bartowski, I think you'd better secure your mouth before it gets you in trouble."

Chuck, however, ignored the much larger NSA agent. "I flashed on Sarah, General, and I flashed on Casey. I flashed on Carina Hansen and on Roan Montgomery."

He stepped closer to the screen, him expression calm. "Did you really think I didn't flash on you, too?"

For the first time in the conversation, a flicker of nervousness crossed the General's face. "I'm not sure what you're..."

"General, we all have secrets, and I get that." Chuck interrupted her. "But don't make the Intersect and I bring up what happened in Costa Rica in May of '88."

General Beckman's eyes widened as her face turned bright red. "I..."

"Does the intelligence community have it's own term for that, General, or does it just use 'Wardrobe Malfunction'?"

The Director of the National Security Agency sputtered for a moment, searching for a response, before looking away in embarrassment. She reached over to the video-conference controls, and the team barely heard her mutter the words before the signal cut out.

"Take as much time off as you need."


The, as they say, End.