Zandermon: here`s another short that just struck my fancy, it shows the creation of the digital hazard and is... well, i think its pretty cool.

Birth of Hazard: by Zandermon

The low static hum of multiple computers filled the small dark room. Each piece of equipment the latest and most advanced of It`s kind. Many of the machines had been customised for enhanced results by the owner. A man sat in an old ragged swivel chair that had not been replaced for many years. The man was the average `over the top computer nerd with no life` but with the bad luck of having a sick sense of humour.

The pentagon had been after the middle aged balding nerd for over five years... but they would never find him hear. Known to his few friends [and only over secure internet connections] as hacker, the man had complete control over many mainframes. The telegraph, times, and the advertiser had all labelled him as `the most dangerous cyber terrorist ever to live` but he preferred the term `practical joker` if any good medical doctor got the chance to examine him he would be deemed to have some severe mental illness.

He had laughed when the papers delivered the results of his last virus, two hundred and thirty people in critical condition had died when his program `leach` had drained an overly busy hospital of It`s power. Now hacker worked on his greatest achievement, the combined abilities of all one hundred fifty of his viruses, plus the work of millions of other hackers which he had loaded from the net.

The virus would be indestructible, protected from all vaccinations available, able to reproduce and spread, able to learn from mistakes and evolve. Hazard would be the first virus to actually be alive, and what could be better than that, the man laughed, Hazard had been programmed to destroy and absorb whatever it could, this made it was the internet equivalent of a homicidal cannibal. But his creation was not yet complete, at only 99% completion he would have no control over the virus, it would obey only itself, and for It`s own purposes.

Hacker would have had no problem releasing the virus as it was if it was needed but he had seen his favourite movie one to many times. `Terminal error` showed the creator eventually killed by his creation in a plane collision, hopefuly his `Digital Hazard` could be that destructive.

A siren sounded and hacker lunged for his security screen, it showed over fifty pentagon agents, armed to the teeth bombing the titanium door he had installed in the ground floor of the warehouse. He swore and rushed to his main terminal "Guess I`ll have to release you now, my beauty. Typing lines of code at top speed, Hacker prepared the hazard for injection to the net.

His equipment ran on a separate supply of power from the rest of the building which allowed it all to remain operational when the invaders cut the power to the building. A dialogue box popped up on the main screen. 10%... 20%...30%. "Come on... faster, faster" he mumbled. 60%... 70%...80%... The bar hit one hundred percent just as the door was broken form its hinges "roam free my beauty..." he turned to face the intruders, and was filled with twenty pounds of lead.

On the now blood covered screen, two words flashed as the hazard set of to do is diabolical work "I`m free"

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