was tie,So iam doing both storys ZackxCody,and JackSparrowxWilliam later on in life,But this here is going to be my finest dont know how or but its going to be good.

Cody was just waking up to the smell he didnt like morning breath.,and not your run of the mill morning breath it wasZack's of course, regretted big time watching that scary movie last night,and on top of that sleeping with Zack in fear the monster might come and get him.

Zack was dead asleep,and Cody sub-conciously rubbed his hair out of Zack's face,Cody looked disgustedly at his hand'what the heck' Cody's eyes drifted back on to Zack's sleeping state then sat up alittle looking over at the clock''1:10" 'What the heck why did i wake up to early?'Cody groaned, then looked under the covers and saw Zack's hardon up against his soon to form one.

''Eww gross''Cody thought about it carefully'Why am i getting so heated..well i understand iam sixteen he's sixteen but..were brothers? isnt there word for this um..erm..incest?will we havnt dont anything yet''Cody then focused on that word he said'yet'.

Zack moved slightly his hard on brushing against Cody's now full erection''ugh no''Cody tried to scoot away but the bed was small he whispered trying to wake Zack up''Zack..Zack'' Zack groaned grinneding against Cody again''Ugh Cody..louder''Cody eyes widden biting back a moan'what the hell is he dreaming about'Cody tried to roll over but his erection was killing him.

Zack gripped Cody's waist in his sleep and grinned more,Cody was weakly trying to remove Zack's iron grip'Ugh why is he so strong this is a sin..not only incest but GAY ugh no..what if mom hears him or worst ME iam the innocent one'Cody's eyes clenched tightly trying not to moan.'ugh it feels so good.'.

Zack all of a sudden stopped and hands rested on Cody's waist,Cody felt the heat stop and groaned silently in his mind'Wait why? did he stop hold on didnt i want him to stop' Uggh so frustrating,Cody squirmed and decided to take things into his own hands and decided to say he was cought in the moment.

Cody slid Zack's hands into his pj's and let his erection brush against Zack's palms ,Zack gripped it roughly but not painfully,''Uuhh''Cody thrusted slowly in and out of Zacks warm hands.'So..so good..better then me doing it..' Cody didnt want to wake Zack but he wanted more of this feeling he thrusted faster in and out of Zack's hands.

Zack had woken up that night when Cody was moaning his name ,Zack peeked out and saw Cody moaning his name and his hands in cody's pants'Ugh damn this better then my dreams iama about to explode'Zack forgetting he was suppose to pretend he was a sleep started clunching and unclunching his hands.

Cody moaned more quiter when he started to here his mother sturr'almost time for her to go to work uuh'.Cody thrusted feeling Zack's hands clunch and unclunch''Oooh my god Zack m-more''

Zack spoke huskly''God Cody you sound so hot''Cody gripped Zack's shoulder thrusting more..

then stopped.

''Z-zack?''Cody stopped looking at him with a frighten look,Zack was still hard and didnt want to talk about it pulled Cody closer grabbing his erection hard and pulling it up and down rubbing the slit of his erection with his thumb cody was going crazy gripping Zack's shoulders''Ugh uh nee Zack uh i i ''Zack knew what he was about to do and went slower and Cody cummed all on his pj' and in Zacks hands.

Zack lifted his hand cleaned his hand off with a towel on the messy side of his room . Cody blushed and looked at Zack with his blue eyes''We s-shouldnt have done that.''

Zack smiled of course we should have,''Cody for a year know i loved you..and will always love you..''Cody blushed and nodded''I I love you to Zack..''Cody forgot about barbra that night and just when Zack was about to sleep when there mom left.

Intill Cody kissed his lips,Zack smiled and kissed him back grabbing Cody's ass''You should have nightmares more offten.''

Cody pouted''School is going to be fun''

Zack rolled his eyes''You seeing barbra is going to be fun''Cody had a terrified look on his face and with that Zack smiled kissed cody on the forhead and went to sleep holding a stunned Cody.

Ohh yah! I decided to start this story out diffrently then what I had plan,because..Hey I never do things according to plan just look at the rest of my storys.

Well nexts chapter will be interesting

Preview:School starts and ooh look Barbra wants to talk to cooody! will he dump her or no not yet.