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Zack was glaring hard at the intruder covering as much as Cody's body as possible from there wondering gaze, Cody eye's watered as he gripped Zack shirt. In front of them was someone they weren't expecting, someone who was just about as confused as the next person. Esteban dropped the bags in complete in utter shock..

A few minutes before he entered the room

Carey was struggling carrying all the groceries she brought into the building while she was ready to take a breather she saw Arwin making his way to her, Carey bit her bottom lip in frustration deciding now was the best time to make a break for that elevator right when she decided to go for it Esteban saw her and she looked tired. "Let me help you" Carey felt her bags being pulled away from her " No no it's fine Esteban I got it" Right when she said that Arwin was right next to her sizing up Esteban "I need to talk to Carey..Alone" Carey frowned and pouted hoping Esteban would get the hint but surely enough he did not. Esteban waved at the two and went to go put the stuff in her apartment he yelled to her "Keys!" Carey tossed them at him forfeiting.

Apparently Arwin wanted to show Carey his new invintention for a long time, and finally worked up the courage to do so. Esteban went into the elevator dancing slightly to the music as he waited for it to come to a stop, when he finally reached the room he heard some odd noises..Esteban was going to knock but curiousity got the better of him and he ended up unlocking the door in shock his eye's widen and he dropped everything he had in his hand.

Esteban POV

Either the two brother's were wrestling very sensually, or the brother's were doing very unbrotherly like things. Esteban didn't know what to think..or say or anything at that point, as soon as soon as he caught Zack's glare he felt his life on the line. Zack was covering Cody's body like no one else was meant to see it, like it was something meant for his eyes only. Esteban had a feeling that whatever was happening in this room was meant to stay in this room, but his mouth he wanted to say something to them anyone! something he had to he could just stay silent! That was until Cody's eyes caught his attention the abused swollen lips, the big doey watery eyes if Cody wasn't tucked away under Zack Esteban might've also been in the same position if he had those kind of looks.

Esteban gulped and with that sudden movement he heard Carey's voice in the hallway echoing. "H-hide quickly!" Esteban whispered, he saw Zack sit up pulling Cody close to his chest covering him still, Cody gripped his shirt tighter both keeping there eyes on Esteban. Zack checked over Cody quickly, an Cody nodded moving with Zack into there bedroom and then there was the only noise that let Esteban know that he signed a silent contract, that he entered something that was everything but right. The sound of the bedroom was that noise that allowed Esteban to release a shaky breath and fan himself.

No one's POV

Carey came into the apartment and smelled something she knew what the smell was but prayed in embarrassment Esteban didn't know but from the way he was acting he knew what it was, She figure Zack was releasing some inner problems and just finished up. She hopped Esteban wouldn't bring up the odder of her son doing teenage looked a Carey and nodded courtly "I'm sorry I dropped your groceries" Esteban starting picking it up and putting it on the table, while Carey laughed awkwardly "No problem and thank you sometimes Arwin just doesn't know when to quit" Carey awkwardly sprayed the room with the perfume she kept in her purse. Estban faked smiled "No no it's my job I should be leaving my uncle is bring the chicken's over, and you know how chickens hate to be fried" Carey's eyes widen at his statement and nodded as Esteban made a speedy exit.

Carey yelled out to her two son's "Hey! I'm home did you two behave." It was quiet for a second, until Zack came out of the room he was in his basket ball shorts and tee-shirt "Be good? What else is there to do besides being good?" Zack scoffed while plopping down on the couch. Zack eyed the bedroom, while listening to his mother talk about he wouldn't be locked in the room if he just did what he was supposed to. "Where is you're brother?" Zack glared at his mom without realizing it before looking to the side to the room he nodded to it "He's in there" Carey frowned "Doing what?"

Cody came out in sweatpants that hung a bit off him and a long white shirt, Carey eyed her son " Uh? PJ party?" Cody stuttered "N-no we were going to watch movies will you b-be joining us?" Carey sighed and reached for Cody's head to pet him only to hear an extremely loud dry cough. "Zack are you okay?" Zack was watching the two and for some reason just had the urge to disrupt there moment "Yes i'm good just thirsty." Carey went to the kitchen to get Zack some water "I would Cody but you know I have to sing for the new restaurant the tipton opened up down the street I hear I'm getting paid twice as much" Carey grinned at Cody while handing Zack the water. "That must not be a lot at all then" Zack muttered only to be fawped upside the head by Carey, he choked on his water while Cody flinched at the physical abuse. "H-hey you could of drown him"

Carey looked at the two oddly "Right..why are you wearing Zack's sweats?" Cody laughed awkwardly "They are actually very comfy, plus there the only things not dirty that he owns. I'm thinking of getting myself some"

"R-right oh man I'm about to be late" Carey rubbed on some redlipstick, grabbed her heels, purse and dress " I'll be back shortly try to be good I'll have Madey check up on you two every so often."

As the door slammed shut Zack smirked getting up standing behind Cody, he rubbed Cody's shoulder sensually while kissing on his now bare neck loving the idea of Cody in all his clothes he was slightly bigger than Cody "Wow that was close on-..Cody?" Cody moved Zack's hand away sighing and moving to put the groceries up "Cody whats wrong?" Zack turned Cody around so his butt was against the counter "Zack stop..we got caught again..what if Esteban tells? What if mom finds out?" Cody pushed Zack tiredly, Zack grabbed his wrist pulling him back into his chest backing him up against the refrigerator "What is it you want me to do Cody? we can't stop I thought we figured this out already." Cody eye's water " Yes but we have to be smarter." Zack sighed. "What does feeling's having anything to do with thought?" Cody now was agitated and pushed Zack away angrily "That's whats wrong with you! You give no thought into this I can't lose you!."

Zack pushed Cody up against the refrigerator his eyes hardening "Than stop pushing me away and accept this!" Cody frustratedly scratched his hair and pointed at Zack "This isn't right" Zack hit the refrigerator right next to Cody's head out of anger " Here we go again! Not right, us being wrong, I want you but I don't stop being fucking light switch!" Cody's eyes watered and he looked away from Zack his fist clenched, Zack rested his forehead against Cody's temple and let out a shakey breath " I'm so-" "Just stop.." Zack's eyes widen, Cody's voice sounded so distant..Zack placed a hand on Cody's help placing another on the top he punched still keeping his forehead placed against the templed, Cody sighed "It's my fault.." Zack eye's watered as a familier numbing pain was appearing in his chest 'Don't you dare quit on me..' "I wasn't clear enough.." Zack looked at Cody confused at what he was saying, Cody looked at Zack, and all that numbing pain vanished just as quickly as it came, the held everything but hate..everything but anger "When I said this isn't right..what I meant was us hiding"

That caught Zack off guard and he started at Cody "What?" Cody kissed Zack softly only to be devoured by his brother..thats right..the boy who will always devour him, conquer him make him just to break him..this boy that's everything but enemy and friend..a lover an my brother. Zack pulled back panting and looked Cody deep in the eyes sighing, Cody smiled rubbing Zack's cheek with his thumb "Please..Let's play it cool just for a little while.." Zack grabbed Cody's hand leaving small kisses on it. "You know I'll always protect you." Cody laughed softly, while Zack smirked "Zack..I also want to protect you.."

Cody flinched slightly as he felt a bruise appearing on his hip and his wrist that his brother was now holding "Movie..lets watch a movie." Cody looked at Zack, and Zack lifted him, Cody wrapped his legs around Zack's waist laughing slightly, Zack plopped him down hitting the light switch, while Cody pulled the blanket out when Zack sat down on the cough Cody wrapped themselve's up in the blanket. Zack wanted a scary movie while Cody wanted a comedy in the end the both decided on eight legged freaks which offered both of them what they wanted.

Cody rubbed his thumb against Zack now bruised knuckles 'Why must you fight everyone all the time..' Cody looked up at Zack tiredly while Zack was laughing at a scene slowly dozing off, Zack felt Cody getting heavier and scooted underneath him holding him close, Zack started leaving small desperate kisses all over his head, and shoulder 'You don't need to protect me I'm not going anywhere.'

Later that night

Madey came to check up on the two and saw the TV light was still on, as she went to turn the tv off she saw Cody wrapped up in sleeping form of Zack, Cody looked beyond happy..while Zack seemed at peace with himself. Madey smiled at the two and frowned ' You two go a bumpy road ahead of you..' she reached down to pet Zack's head only to feel a harsh grip on her wrist, to her surprise the hand gripping her was Cody's, Cody was still asleep but manage to grab her hand before her hand made contact with Zack's head, Zack snuggled into Cody' shoulder muttering soft 'mines' and 'I love yous'. Madey pried the sleeping hand off her, and saw red marks into her wrist showing his nails dug into her. Cody rolled over and buried his head under Zack's head, Zack kissed Cody's forehead tiredly falling back to sleep with Cody safe and tucked underneath him.

Madey quicky turned the TV off, and walked to the front door she heard Zack, her eye's widen a bit at what she heard him mumble but it was not out of surprise but out of happiness, though she would admit they were two young and still had some stuff to work out well a lot of stuff she knew he meant it when he sleep talked and said "Cody marry me.."

As Madey made her way out into the hallway she looked at her wrist not a bit concerned..' Would Zack marry for love? Or just to keep Cody?' Madey shook her head of all the thoughts a left it just as that.

Man I hope I didn't divert to far from the path but I just wasn't ready for the mom to find out, please tell me what you think I hope my writing is getting better, and yes I'll update but kinda like when I feel like it type of moment yeah know? I'm not really sure what was supposed to happen so right now I'm figuring out where I want it to end up now.

I kinda want to have more of high-school drama, than the hotel drama right now so I might end up sending them back to school not sure, but hotel drama will be happening especially now that big mouth esteban knows? and was he checking out Cody? Zack will not be liking that, that's for sure.

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