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Miki's POV

'Hmmm. Should I put out the purple flowers or the pink ones? Or should I put some of the blues WITH purple ones? I am so not good at floral.' Miki thought to herself sighing.

"!" She heard a loud scream from the door way. She jumped.

Miki got off the dining room table and ran to the door seeing a panting exhausted Matsuri lying in the doorway.

"Matsuri! WTF happened? Why are you back from school so early? TELL ME!" Miki screamed her eyes concerned.

"They came back." Matsuri deadpanned. Miki's eyes widened quickly she pulled Matsuri into the car.

"Matsuri, you will be staying at one of your friend's house until I find a safe place where your dad won't get to you." Miki said more serious than she had ever been.

"Can I stay at Naruto's house?" she asked desperately, "I know he wouldn't expect me to be at his house."

"Fine, just try to stay as inconspicuous as possible." Miki said hurriedly pulling into Naruto's apartment parking lot

"How'd you know where-" Matsuri started to say.

"I make it my business to know ALL your friends Matsu-chan. Now you know his room number's 782." She said hurriedly while shoving her out of the car. "Now GO!" Once Matsuri was out with her emergency bundle of belongings Miki slammed the door and pulled out of the driveway Matsuri waved knowing it might be a long time before she would see Miki again.

Matsuri's POV

'Okay, here we go.' I pulled out the key Naruto had given her smiling at the memory.


"Hey Matsu-chan! I got a surprise for you!" she heard Naruto excited voice for behind her. She turned around.

"What is it Naruto?" she asked him patiently.

"Close your eyes!" he whined, "It's a surprise!" Matsuri rolled her eyes but closed them and outstretched her hand. She felt something cold, small and light drop into her outstretched hand. She opened her eyes and stared down at a silver shiny key.

"It's a key to my house. You know how I don't have any relatives, so sometimes I get lonely. So I gave you a key you can come over any time!" Naruto said triumphantly. Matsuri smiled at him.

"Thanks, Naruto I really appreciate this." She told him warmly. He smiled back at her.

"Don't mention it! We're best friends! We can tell each other anything!" Naruto said happily.

End Flashback

I quickly walked toward the plain brick building and ran up the stairs. I pulled out the key, stuck in the lock and turned it. I heard the satisfying click. I dropped the key back into her emergency bag where it had sat for a month, and pulled open the heavy wood door. I walked into the simple apartment home.

'Wow, no wonder Naruto gets lonely. This is a fairly big room for an apartment.' I thought to myself.

Authoress' POV

"Hey Matsuri, I thought you would be here." Naruto said strolling into his house with all my friends following him. He had a sad slightly angry look on his face. She also noticed the absence of –chan at the end. She felt a pang of guilt hit her chest. Hard.

"… Matsuri…why didn't you tell me?" Naruto asked shaking with anger, his head pointing downwards.

"Naruto…I'm sorry." Matsuri pleaded pitifully. Naruto's head snapped up and Matsuri was surprised to see all the pain in his eyes. Matsuri gulped she knew she had cut him. Deep.

"Why would you keep this a secret from us." He said turning away sadly.

"You seriously disappointed us Matsuri" Kiba said sadly. She looked back at him and saw all the hurt and sadness. She looked at everyone and saw the same emotions, even Gaara. Matsuri gulped and knew what she had to do suddenly. She glided across the room at a speed that surprised everyone in the room. She was sitting on the floor hugging Naruto… and she was crying.

"I'm so sorry Naruto. I didn't know this would cause you guys so much sadness…I also didn't think you would understand." Matsuri looked at Naruto "If anyone found out or even got the slightest suspicion, my father, Mr. Oshiro would find out and bring me back…and I couldn't let that happen." Matsuri said getting up "So I ask you guys' forgiveness, but you can't judge me until you know what happened to me." Matsuri said looking each one of them in the eye.

"Then tell us what happened to you." Matsuri jumped at hearing the sullen red-head speak for the first time since they found her in the house.

"Yeah Matsuri, tell us." Naruto said getting off the floor with the most serious look he had ever had. The brunette nodded and began her story.


"Oh Matsuri…I'm so sorry you had to go through that." Temari said teary, hugging Matsuri.

"Yeah? Well, so am I." Matsuri said stonily.

"Don't worry Matsu-chan." Naruto said, "You can stay at my place for as long as you need to!" Matsuri smiled back at her 2nd favorite blonde, glad she had made up with him.

"Thanks, Naruto." Matsuri said warmly. He smiled back at her. Oh how she loved that smile.


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