Axel pushed Roxas into the wall "Gotcha Blondie" he smirked against his neck. Roxas could only sigh it had been a few weeks since he had discovered he was attracted to his redheaded friend. I t difficult just to look at him nonetheless talk to him. Especially when he was this tantalizingly close…

Axel's gloved hand caressed the fair skin of his cheek " why have you been so distant from me," he breathed " something on your mind?" Oh god I can't stand this! I can feel his breath upon my lips..

Roxas struggled to preserve what little self control he possessive to not tackle him right here, rape him, and make him his. But then Axel would hate him…

"Nothing!" Roxas retorted. The pace of Axel's hand was maddening. If he just leaned forward a few inches closer he could close the distant between them…

It seemed like Axel was thinking along the same lines. "I think I know what's troubling you." he purred. Cupping the blonde's cheek and pulling him closer together. "Yeah?" Roxas questioned dazed by the sensations that sparked in his body. Soon their lips crashed together.

Self Control: 0 Hormones: 1

Roxas wrapped his arms around Axels' neck roughly forcing Axel's lips open. The redhead froze in shock but soon took advantage by letting his tongue inside the younger's mouth.

Roxas moaned into his partners mouth sensually letting his hands wander the others body. Teasingly he groped Axel' s butt.

"Ahh!" Axel squeaked "no groping horny man." Roxas laughed " takes one to know one."

Okay here's another yaoi oneshot! My first one seemed to go very well ^^ thank you everyone who favorite and reviewed my work ^_^ I hope this fic gets your horny even though Axel didn't get to second base. Lol R&R